Make Money On Twitch With Amazon Blacksmith Extension

Want to make more money on twitch Amazon
blacksmith is the answer for you I’m gonna show you how to use this awesome
twitch extension let’s go! Hey it’s me it’s wild coming at you from my stream support playlist where I bring you the best tips and tricks and if this is your
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point during the video if you like the products or the services that I’m
talking about I did you a favor I put a link in the description below that will
take you to everything that you need so check it out so if you’re not familiar
with twitch extensions I already did a video on that make sure you pause this
video and watch this video right up here in the top of the corner so that way you
can get caught up to speed on everything twitch extensions now if you’d like to
use Amazon blacksmith extension you actually need to do a prerequisite which
requires you to be an Amazon affiliate signing up is free it’s easy to do and I
will put a link in the description below so make sure you do that before you
access the Amazon blacksmith extension because it won’t work for you now once
you’re all signed up with Amazon and its affiliate program you’re good to go so
let’s go over the computer and I’m gonna show you how to use this extension now
that we’re over at the computer the first thing we have to do is log into
our own twitch channel from here scroll down and go to the Edit panels and
toggle on the edit if you have any open extensions you’ll notice it here in
position 1 but if you’re adding a new one or you’re doing your very first one
you’ll have to scroll to the bottom and click the plus sign to add an extension
panel make sure you click on this and go to the extension manager with that all
loaded it will show your active or installed extensions here but to
discover a new one you got to click on the discovery tab since we know what
extension we’re looking for let’s just type in blacksmith here and it’ll
populate into position one go ahead and click on this and it will show you all
the details with the page loaded up it’ll show you what it will be looking
like when it’s displayed in your twitch channel this gives you a nice easy
representation of what its gonna look like also make sure to take into account
all of the details that it has over here for what you will be making for
affiliate sales the is highly highly import so make sure you
take a moment to read it once you got everything down that you need go up to
the top right corner and click install if you’d like to add any other
extensions at this moment you can continue to browse and keep adding or
you can configure since we want this let’s go ahead and configure it to our
needs and specifications to get started with the Amazon blacksmith program like
we said before you need to be an Amazon affiliate so to log in and link your
accounts we need to click on this get started and attach all these together
it’s gonna populate a window which populated off-screen and I’ll move it
over here for you all to see but it’s gonna take in all of your information
here that you can see so this way you make sure to attach the correct account
and log in once you are signed in all you need to do is confirm the account to
link it to my twitch account with everything now linked I can go ahead and
close this window from here we can go to our next step on our Amazon blacksmith
extension now that it’s discovered my link to my Amazon affiliate account we
just have to sync it all up and get everything working together so here is
my ID code for my Amazon affiliate so we’re gonna use this selected account
now we have to create a list and what most lists are considered on on the
Amazon program are something like your stream setup or perhaps your stream gear
that people that like your channel like your quality like your content may be
interested in clicking through the products that you’re gonna be promoting
and that’s how you’ll be making a sale so I’m just gonna label mine stream gear
and I’m just gonna call it stream gear that I use to stream for our first
product that we’re gonna add we’re gonna go with a common product that a lot of
streamers like to use which is an elgato stream deck so you’re gonna want to
search that on and when you get to the product that you like all you
do is go up to the top URL and we’re gonna copy that and paste it in to the
search bar here paste that and we’re going to search it and you can see it’ll
populate up the search result and it’s as easy as just clicking add to list now
that we have it added to our list we can publish this product but feel free to
add as many or as few items that you want let’s say we just want to publish
this one product we’re gonna go down here and click publish
now all my changes have been published and now we can actually close this list
and go view it on our channel now that we’re back at the my extensions page all
we have to do is activate this and tell it where we want it to go now the unique
thing about Amazon blacksmith is you actually get many different spots that
you can set it up as you can do it as a component as an overlay or in your
panels for this tutorial here we’re just gonna do it as a panel so I’m gonna set
it to panel 1 but feel free to pick and choose whichever one you would like now
now that I have it set to panel 1 let’s go take a look at our channel that is
currently live and we can see how this looks and is being displayed now that
we’re on our channel and we scroll down we can see in our position of our panel
1 here is our Amazon blacksmith extension with the gear that we’re
recommending and here you can see the elgato stream deck so if there is a
viewer or a streamer or a regular or a subscriber that comes in and likes my
content quality or likes products that I use on my own stream I can tell them to
go down to this panel here and when they click on this and they click through and
they make a purchase on Amazon I will receive a portion of the proceeds from
this sale and this is how you can start to make a little bit of extra income on
Twitch’s platform and you would be surprised at how quickly this stacks up
the Amazon blacksmith twitch extension is one of the better extensions I found
on twitch not only does it help you organize all the products that you
promote and like to use on stream but hey it actually can make you a little
bit of extra income which is nice to make a little bit more money on Twitch
since we all know streaming cheap hey if you guys like this video and you like me
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coming up real soon take care all peace


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