Make Money Selling EXPIRED CALENDARS! Reselling on Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist

you guys has gone i got a quick look at
pier to make you some money reall easy uh… you wouldn’t believe it but all
calendars they can sell for some pretty good money and uh… i got some here for ten cents
apiece their brand new sealed and of course
there william wegman poppies calendars so uh… become a special there’s a market for me out there but believe it or not you uh… you can
even so use once puzzles are not like beat up i mean if they’re in good condition check this out the whole new sealed ten
centerpiece when we get ten bucks apiece on monday little obvious together forty books shipped something like that
such a sweet score for forty cents invested yet two dozen four the uh… two thousand two i don’t five jettisoned three so pretty good you know uh… kinda
surprising but you never know so thanks for watching and by coming to


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