Make Money Selling On Amazon As A TEEN? FBA Gameplan For Teenagers

can you sell on Amazon as a teenager or
more specifically as a minor right under the age of majority now I get a lot of
messages on Instagram on Facebook from teenagers in high school maybe were 16
years seventeen and you’re looking at your life you’re thinking shit what’s
the future hold for me right maybe you just want a side hustle or maybe you
want to build something so when you get to college you have some kind of income
passively right and I could totally relate to that because when I was 16 I
was in high school and I was looking at my life like wow this is not going to
work right the conventional path isn’t gonna work for me I can’t do this so I
jump at a high school to start a business and when I realized really
quickly was that the business world is tough it’s cutthroat and if you’re young
is a lot of extra obstacles that you need to overcome but there’s also a lot
of benefit to starting at a young age so what I’m gonna do for you today I’m
gonna lay out kind of the benefits the obstacles that there are to starting a
business and then what I think the ideal plan would be for you as a teenager so
you can start making money on Amazon while you are young welcome to my channel I’m JP Franco the
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hopefully Empire is going strong so let’s get right into kind of what I
think the benefits and advantages are for starting young because that’s
exactly what I did and if you’re watching video right now I know that’s
what you want to do – okay so the number one advantage I think young
entrepreneurs have is time right time to really learn to educate yourself on the
processes of this business model and time to experiment with different things
and learn the game without having pressures right like once you’re older
and you have more pressures to maintain a lifestyle to pay bills to survive and
do all these other things that again I don’t know a situation maybe that is
your situation as a teenager and I don’t know that but just generally as someone
in high school you have more time to go through this and less pressures to
succeed right so I know at some times it gets frustrating and you look at people
instagramming sees people on YouTube that are maybe the same age as you right
maybe they’re 18 or whether 17 whatever they have a Lamborghini and they have
all these crazy things they’ll have a crazy lifestyle but truthfully it’s not
a very relevant thing to compare yourself to right you have all the time
in the world it’s not a racial excess amount of
raising as anyone else it’s a game for yourself so don’t get pressured by all
the social media crazy stuff you see out there alright so just know you have time
and be willing to use that for the right things the next thing kind of goes off
of that I get more freedom to make mistakes right now again I don’t know
situation but if you are still lucky enough to be living at home and you
don’t have many bills you don’t have you know many commitments out there you have
more time to mess up it’s not do-or-die right now I know it feels like sometimes
if you’re gonna invest money especially if it’s a large amount of money you know
four thousand dollars maybe you haven’t me spent that money on anything your
life before and you’re gonna put out you know two three grand on an Amazon
product it feels like whoa I’m risking everything I have but really if you do
not do or die for you if you are still you know all your bills are paid you can
you’re living at home it’s really not that big of a risk and I know it may
seem like it’s easy for me to say that but really if you want entrepreneur and
you you have what it takes to make it you will bounce back even if it doesn’t
go your way now again if you follow you know the system that I teach me I’m
gonna be a throw channel throughout my programs then it
shouldn’t be a concern right you the most part you will at least make your
money back but again you can’t be afraid to risk it in the first place because
that is the only way that you’re gonna see a return and that brings me to the
last thing that I think young entrepreneurs have as an advantage and
that’s the Gir it’s right at least for me when I was starting I kind of had a
chip on my shoulder I had something to prove to people because people don’t
believe you a good old thing like hey I’m gonna start selling things on Amazon
like okay good luck with that have fun right they don’t have to think that it’s
something that it can be done and that doesn’t be successful with so I always
have that kind of grit in like hey watch me write watch me do this don’t believe
me just watch and also I had that resilience but I had that I had a higher
risk tolerance because I’ve never really lost before all I could see was the win
and again I wasn’t that much of a risk because you know I knew that I would
have a support system if I did fail so I went after it and that grit is what
really put me forward so that’s kind of like what I see as the main benefits of
starting young the upper hand the advantage that you know young marketers
have and now we’re gonna get into kind of the obstacles okay so the obstacles
for starting an Amazon FBA business as a minor so the first obstacle let see me
the hardest one to overcome is that it’s not really within the rules you start
and Amazon business now I’m gonna cover that what I mean by that is that when
you come to the ambulance services business solutions agreement okay number
one enrollment to begin the enrollment process you must complete the
registration process for one or more of the services use of the services is
limited to parties that can lawfully enter into and form contracts under
applicable law for example the elected country may not allow minors to use the
services so that means that basically whatever you the age of majority is in
your country you might not be allowed to actually start selling on Amazon and
another thing to know is that when you need to when you’re making an out on
seller account you’re going to need an actual credit card and you’re going to
need a bank account under your name and probably a business bank account if
you’re gonna be starting it as a you know an LLC and you’re not gonna be able
to be create an LLC if you are a minor either ok so what this means is you’re
gonna need help from from an adult so parent guardian or relative whatever it
is you need someone that’s going to open this town for you
and then you’re basically they’re going to be going to be their accounts rights
gonna be basically their account and then you’re gonna be running it okay
so that’s kind of how you have to form that so if you can’t get past that if
that’s just like for whatever reason you can do it no one’s willing to do it
there’s not a possibility I know that’s gonna suck and it’s kind of frustrating
and this probably not what not what you want to hear but what I suggest you do
if that’s a case and just take that time until you’re old enough to learn the
process right again come back to time being your biggest advantage there’s no
rush to do this and if you take a year two years whatever it is to learn the
game rights are networking start building connections you will be able to
kill it absolutely once you’re right to go you’re getting 100% hit the ground
running because you’re gonna have the information right and this would be a
great time to use whatever and capital you have to invest in a program right
you have capital but you can’t actually spend it on any products use that to get
the best possible learning that you can get a mentor to actually help you and
get you through the rope so that once you’re ready to go you’re absolutely
ready to go right if you actually wanna get started learning for free what you
can do go ahead click this right over here that’s my free masterclass that’s
gonna show the three main factors that allowed me to build a six-figure Amazon
business in six months as a high school dropout so it’s totally right for your
situation to learn those three things right up there and kind of get started
moving in the process all right so the next obstacle saying you got path
obstacle one right Congrats you got a seller account you got someone to help
you or however you got to set up awesome okay the next obstacle is going to be
money right so of course this is where you’re gonna need money to just run the
business you’re gonna need to get some software you’re gonna need to invest in
your products and if you want to know how much does it take you to invest I
got a video right over there how much is that gonna take to start this business
but it’s gonna be around thirty five three thousand like twenty-five hundred
to 330 five hundred dollars okay so first thing I want to if you don’t have
that is I would ask friends and family whoever maybe set up your account if you
have any friends that want to you know you can take them all in kind of as
partners or actually you have if you have a friend that the same age as you
you kind of kind of go in as partners for reals and that would be the first
thing I would do and if you can’t make it happen no one’s willing to give you
any money then the next thing I do is just save right I don’t do anything
crazy don’t go out and try to get a bank loan or whatever I would actually just
get a part-time job work whatever a minimum wage and just save up because
I’m not actually taking that long okay that’s what I did for not in this amylum
business but for my first business I worked at a movie theater right and
every month I would make like 700 bucks a month working
10-12 hours a week whatever it was and if you just save up 700 again not many
expenses I think I paid for my phone bill which are like 50 bucks a month if
you just save all your money don’t you know don’t party or don’t do anything
stupid with it then within like five months you’ll have enough money to
actually go out and launch a product so that’s what I would do if you don’t have
the money ask first no one’s going to give it to you go ahead save it up
because what you can do now in those five months is you can you learn the
process again right learn the process because you’ve got yourself I can’t set
up you don’t have to wait a few years but you’re saving up money learn the
game really dive in learn take out all the free resources that you can go
through my entire channel for free if you want to and just learn everything
okay learn everything that once again once
you have that money saved up you’re ready to go okay and the final obstacle
is not unique to young entrepreneurs it’s actually the obstacle that stops
everybody right this is all tool that stops everybody from starting and this
is fear now I touch on this earlier when I talked about grit and I talked about
you know the risk tolerance to lose me you know you saved up five months you
stayed up six months and this is all the money in the world that you have and
you’re gonna go put out into a product and it’s super scary because it feels
like what if you lose it right so first of all if you lose it you’re still
living at home you’re just working in for five months right that’s the
resilience I was talking about you just save it up again another five months you
try again and what’s kind of the benefit of that is that you lost the money on
the first round but at least you learned and you were if you actually end up
losing money I was on product you’re gonna learn a hell of a lot we’re gonna
learn a hell of a lot about the process you know everything you did wrong you’re
gonna want to do it right the first time but again if you went ahead and you join
my Amazon a cat Vampire Academy you’re probably not gonna lose money on the
first go but it’s still scary right it’s still there’s still that nagging fear
that holy smokes I might lose it all but what adds to this as a young
entrepreneur as a teenager they trying to start this is that not only do you
have your own fear but there’s a lot of fear around you right now
I felt that myself when I was starting out you got your parents you got your
friends you got your your you know your family members that are telling you like
maybe you know are you sure you’re ready to do it are you sure you know you’re
doing maybe you’re too young to do this all these different things and it’s
adding and stacking and stacking so as someone who is a young as a teenager you
need to be able to break through not just your fear but the concern of others
around you and that’s where you build that chip on your shoulder and actually
becomes your propulsion that becomes your
Vantage right so don’t worry about the fear don’t worry about the pains because
if you’re watching this video right now and you actually got to the point of the
video and you know that Amazon is what you want to do and you know that a side
hustle or an online business is what you want to do then just fuck the opinions
because you know it and that’s all that matters right if you can think you can
do it and you believe you can do it it’s really you can do it it’s not that hard
it’s not it’s really not that hard not as hard as grade 12 algebra that I can
never took because I dropped out because I couldn’t do that but Amazon is a very
simple it’s step by step the number that you need to know are very very
elementary it’s just this plus that minus this equals that which is money or
just profit right if you know the numbers you know and look for stuff it’s
really not that hard the hardest part is actually getting started in the hardest
part is being able to push through all the BS so is it possible to sell Amazon
as a teenager absolutely I have students in their economy that that I’ve done it
that are killing it right now that are 17 years old that are 18 years old that
are making money on Amazon as we speak now first step start knocking on those
obstacles okay so step one try to get a seller account and then after they don’t
step to you and you need to make some money what do you need to do go ahead
and get a part-time job and what do you do during that main time I’m gonna give
you the game plan right so the first thing you want to do I have three
different things three different videos laid out for you that will actually get
you started right now okay so the first video is my video called Amazon a tizzy
step by step for beginners okay I put it right over here I’ll put the thumbnail
right here so you know exactly which video it is and this is gonna give you
the entire blueprint literally from beginning you have no product I have no
idea to the end of you haven’t probably launched you have a you know you turn on
your PPC your ads and you’re making money so this is the entire overview of
the process it’s basically a course for free it’s an hour long video but you sit
through it you’ll know the entire you know the eagle eye bird’s eye view all
of Amazon FBA okay the next thing that you’re gonna watch is my Amazon 3-month
game plan okay link over there picture over here so
three month game plan is my step-by-step guide of how you can actually start from
you know 0 using the techniques of the first video and then it’s actually a
timeline of steps that you need to take within which we can you to take it to
actually start profiting within 90 days so you have the understanding of the
process and then now you have the blueprint with a timeline guide of how
which step to take and when to take it and then the
gonna do once you’ve done that if you haven’t already if you haven’t ordinance
first is go and join that master class I don’t know if there anymore but like in
the description as well than the free training that I talked about where I’m
gonna cover the three main things that I had to overcome the three problems that
I had to break through to actually start making money on Amazon that allowed me
to make money I make six figures within six months as again as a high school
dropout with no experience no money no background in this business so
definitely check that out next if once you’ve watch those first two videos
alright so hopefully answers your questions concerns if your parent
watching this absolutely your child can do this okay if you’re a teenager
yourself watching this absolutely you can do it and if you want more help from
me go ahead message me on Instagram I’m always willing to help younger
entrepreneurs because I have a place in my heart because I was there I lived
that life and I’m willing to always you know give you some guidance and help you
out if I can right that’s what I’m doing that that’s why I’m uploading videos
that’s why I have this whole channel is to help people that wanna get started
and are in the same shoes that I was in not too long ago alright so go ahead
feel free to reach out now again for the last time masterclass is gonna be right
over here click that one for the master class or
click that one to get started with that first week I talked about Amazon a-to-z
alright I’m Casey Franco you are an empire building that is going to kill it
this year all you’ll remember is that your empire away


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