What’s up guys Simon Jordan here co-founder of life CEOs, and in today’s video I’m gonna be showing you how to make money while you sleep with affiliate marketing? All right guys so as always if you’re new to this channel And you’d like to learn how to make money online and build a profitable online business Then don’t forget to give us a big like subscribe and tap that little bell icon So you don’t miss any more videos from us in the future now making money while you sleep is also usually refer to as Passive income so income that you earn while you’re not actually working This is why affiliate marketing is so so attractive And if you fully grasp and understand what I’m gonna be showing you today You’ll be well on your way to making thousands of dollars a month online while you do things that you actually enjoy like sleeping now the first step to making money while you sleep is actually having a Product an affiliate product that you can go and promote now I’ve spoken in previous videos about affiliate networks that you can join for free to start promoting products from and networks like Amazon like Clickbank Commission Junction They’re all a good place to go and start I’ve also shown you some great methods about how to go about promoting your affiliate links on social networks like Facebook Instagram and Twitter while these methods I showed you are fine, and they work. Well. They’re worth what’s called active methods so they require you to hustle on twitter Hustle on facebook hustle on instagram you’re sending messages creating content, and you know Conversations with people in order to make any money, then what we’re doing here is different We don’t want that we don’t want to trade our time for money. You can do that in a nine-to-five You know or you can do that at home? But this is not what this is about we want to generate passive income we want to be able to generate income While we sleep so right now. I’m gonna show you the exact blueprint You need to follow in order to create this okay? so I’m gonna show you exactly how to go about start starting to create a Passive income online in order to do that. I’m gonna have to jump onto my computer right now and Start drawing some nifty rhymes with my five-year-old level drive skills Okay, guys, so here. We are inside my nifty doodle doodle machine I am going to try and explain exactly how you can go about Making money while you sleep okay passive income with affiliate marketing that is what it’s all about okay? So no matter what level you’re at you might be just getting started you might have never tried affiliate marketing before whatever What I’m gonna. Show you now is how? Anybody who makes any money with affiliate marketing? consistently Is using okay? This is what we’re using I know there are four core pillars to this This method that I’m going to show you okay, so the first one is Your product okay obviously, so I’m going to do my best to write product in here, okay so product Look at that joint. I’m writing with a mess and the second is traffic okay traffic is Its people okay, so it’s people that you are that you want to see your affiliate link to see your product and You need traffic in order to make sales okay, obviously okay now the third is Sales funnel all right we need a sales funnel to automate this process Alright, this the sales funnel is what does all the selling and telling for you so that you can do other things like sleep? Or go on holidays or whatever it is that you like to do rather than? Grinding your ass off on Instagram or Facebook or whatever it may be and what you’re trying to get traffic to make sales, okay? And the third thing and were the most important well They’re all important, but this is quite important if you want to start making tens of thousands of dollars Everyone is an email autoresponder right so I’m just gonna put in a or here for autoresponder alright These are the four elements necessary in order to fully automate your affiliate marketing and your income Rat your revenue right so how to make money while you sleep how to earn passive income This is it you need a product you need traffic. You need a sales funnel and You need an email autoresponder, okay? Now the product as I mentioned before you can get from Amazon affiliates. You can get it from Clickbank You can get it from commission junction you can get it from a whole host of other affiliate networks But all products are not created equal, so Ideally what you want is a high ticket product, okay? And you want your product to be in one of three Niches now most people say when you hear them talking about product They say hey you know you need to promote what you’re passionate about you need to you need to find what you’re passionate about whether you know if You’re if you’re into yoga. You need to promote yoga products so you can be passionate about it, but that’s not true I don’t agree with that at all because if I were to make a million dollars with Floral arrangement books then I would start to get pretty passionate about floral arrangement books pretty down quickly Okay, so you want to go where the money is okay? You want to go where the money is and the money is in health wealth and relationships, okay? Health wealth relationship so any products that help people Become better improve themselves level up you know so health products that help them live longer look better Lose weight gain muscle these kind of products do really really well Wealth products products that help people build an online business for example make thousands of dollars online and get rich You know these products do really well also Relationships relationship products that help people to find a mate. You know kind of get good at dating You know get more sex you know those products. They do really really well, okay, so health plus wealth close Relationships these are the products that do really well. I personally promote products in the wealth Category okay, and obviously you know that because what I do is I help people are money online I help people I teach people how to build Online business, okay, so that’s where I am I sell products I have promote products that help people to do that okay Because that’s what I use to do it myself now traffic. This is obviously the single most thing that Everybody needs to get in to make their business work to generate revenue Okay, no traffic can come in two forms it can be free traffic I’m just gonna put an F for free and It can be paid all right Paid now the differences between the two are that free traffic is gonna require a lot of time in order to Generate and paid traffic is gonna require money all right But in my opinion By far the best method in generating traffic is paid okay paid traffic if you can master Facebook Ads Google Ads YouTube in stream ads or any other kind of advertising if you can master one platform of Advertising you can essentially print money okay, because you can get to a point and paid advertising Let’s say in facebook ads where you know if you spend one dollar on ads you’re gonna get five dollars back Okay, so and then all you have to do is scale up from there scale up. Okay if I invest $1,000 I’m gonna make 5,000 dollars back Okay And essentially in simplest form that is paid advertising free advertising Are things like YouTube Instagram Facebook Twitter all right people? I’ve taught on this channel before how for example to build viral Instagram accounts okay? viral Instagram accounts can generate thousands and thousands and thousands of free leads every single day, right But it takes a lot of time it takes a lot of effort And it takes a lot of dedication to get that and some people You know they’re just they just kind of get it. They’re not, but so if I was to recommend anything I would recommend getting good at paid traffic, okay And we will talk about paid traffic in later videos and when I get around to making them But for now, I just want you to get this This formula down. I product traffic and next is sales Funnels all right sales funnels like I said are how we go about Automating this okay, so we got the traffic and then we want to direct that traffic to a sales funnel okay So we don’t want to just send them a raw affiliate link from that’s a Clickbank or wherever it is, whatever Product we’re trying to promote. We don’t to send them that link we want to send them a link to a sales fellow And there’s a whole lot of reasons why we want to do that Primarily because we want to get their email and I’ll explain why that’s important in a minute But also because we most people will not buy the product you’re promoting the first time They see it all right so a sales funnel And it does all the selling and telling for you right so you can be asleep You can be on holiday you can be out with the kids you can be whatever out clubbing whatever it is You’re doing and your sales funnel is constantly there working for you They’re selling and telling selling and telling the traffic’s moving through your funnel And I’ll show you what a funnel looks like so the first stage the first part of your sales funnel is Gonna be what’s called a landing page and that landing page is gonna lead to usually a bridge page not essential But I would do recommend it and after a bridge page you’re gonna come to the sales page and after the sales page You’ll usually have a checkout page, and then a thank-you page right, so we’ll just say a t-4 thank-you page And then I’m gonna show you right so the first step is probably the most important because this is what’s going to Capture your lead so your traffic is gonna go into your sales funnel That’s gonna go in your landing page and then they’re gonna decide whether or not they’re gonna enter their email and Give it to you and then move through the rest of the funnel. I’ll show you example of this right This is a sales funnel. Okay whoop get out of the way Let’s go back This is a sales funnel alright, so you can see this funnel this this landing page is very simple No flock sheep bells or whistles no videos or anything a landing page has to be simple And it has to be simple simply because you don’t want to distract Your leads right you want your leads to actually do what you want them to do And that’s click the button right now. This is promoting a wealth product Okay, so a product that teaches people how to start earning from five hundred to three thousand dollars per week today All right sounds interesting, so they’re gonna click here, and they’re gonna enter their email, right This is actually really easy and to set up, but if you’re not tech savvy it can be difficult But if you stick around to the end of the video, I’m gonna show you a really simple Process to take care of all of this all of what I’m showing right now, so they’re gonna enter their email That email is then going to go into your autoresponder more on that later, and then once they enter their email it’s gonna take them to the next page of your funnel right and this is a Video of me explaining the product explained is showing income proof etc etc This is what’s called a bridge page. So not only is it explaining about the product, but it’s also Introducing me to them. Okay. It’s also showing that I’m a real person that You know that? You know it helped build a relationship with your needs It helps you lead and like I said the important thing to know is that this is happening Automatically 24 hours a day right all that all that you like I’m not doing anything right I could be doing anything else I want To do and my sales file is constantly working It’s constantly moving the traffic through this process right so they’re gonna watch the video. It’s gonna explain about the product It’s gonna show them income proof. It’s gonna show them how everything works, and then they’re gonna go Yeah, okay, let’s get started and then once they click. Let’s get started It’s gonna take them to the sales page alright The sales page is gonna introduce the actual company that I’m promoting alright in this case it happens to be This product here, and then they’ll watch this sales video. They might go and then the next part They’ll go and they’ll click through to the the checkout page alright where they can make a purchase alright, and that’s it That’s the sales funnel and the sales fall is working all the time like I said 24 hours a day So I don’t have to right, so I don’t have to hustle on Facebook. I don’t have to hustle on Instagram I don’t have to contact people or go to You know meet people or introduce them or talk about it this does it for me alright And so the sales funnel is kind of what automates the sales process For you alright, so now let’s go back over to our page here and this is what I just Express describe to you the sales funnel and me page bridge page sales page and the Thank You page or checkout page alright and the important thing to note is remember that the email went into the landing page and That means the email goes into my autoresponder alright And the autoresponder as soon as that email goes in the autoresponder is loaded with Pre-written emails that send go out automatically right so in the sales funnel Let’s be honest 90% of the people of the Traffic that go into this sales funnel are not gonna buy it they’re just not gonna buy it because people need You know between six seven eight exposures to something before they actually feel comfortable making a decision and taking up the wallet I’m buying it all right so the sales funnel although it does a great job Introducing them taking them through the steps to make it purchase the majority of these people are not going to do it So the email that we get from the landing page Goes into our autoresponder, and then the autoresponder starts to work it sends an email immediately saying hey Thanks for subscribing it seen the product. It’s great. Here’s some tips. Here’s some tricks. Here’s some helpful Useful valuable information and stick around I’m gonna write you another email again, and then the autoresponder is gonna Send an email the next day And the next day and the next day and the next day building up the exposure to your products the exposure to yourself branding yourself Building Authority building a relationship, and that’s why the email autoresponder is really where all the money is like I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the expression. You’re the money is in your list well That’s where it comes from the email lists that you own is basically can be kind of you can calculate your wealth from how big your email list is okay, so the emails are collected in here and the autoresponder starts following up and Automatically for you all right, so as you can see all you need is your product If you the traffic is the tricky part alright because there is work involved here right you’re not gonna make money on autopay autopilot straightaway You’re gonna have to Master one of two things or get good at one of two things that is free traffic which is gonna Take your time or paid traffic which is gonna cost you money But like I said if you get good at paid traffic, then you don’t mind spending at one dollar to make five dollars, right? that’s what it’s all about so then like I said the sales funnel, it’s automatically taking on your traffic through Introducing your products the sales the the telling everything else okay? So you don’t have to do that and then the email autoresponder is automatic put all your leads all the time, right? 24/7 this is done automatically so you’re constantly making money just by generating traffic alright And the process is automated so this is I know this may sound confusing I don’t know if I’m doing a fantastic Job of explaining and explaining it all I know if you’re if you’re new to this this is gonna be completely confusing But feel free to ask me questions in the comments below. I will answer them absolutely no problem. I will help you along but what if I were to tell you that there is a much much easier way of doing all this now when I started out and Maybe five years ago now did I have to build all this myself, right? I had to research all the products try products that were good products that were bad cheap products expensive products I had to figure out what worked what sold Traffic I had to figure out and you know the best ways of generating free traffic are to figure out how to do paid traffic Sales funnels and I was a musician I could I Sucked the tech I sucked at all this sort of stuff And I had to figure out how to build sales funnels how to build landing pages how to write copy You know how to write sales pages all this stuff emails I haven’t got a clue and had to figure out how to how to write those emails with you emails converted You know how to hit the inbox all this stuff. I have to figure out on my own, but now Things have moved along right today. It’s 2018 Affiliate marketing has come a long way and such that I have something here that I’m going to show with you That is going to mean anybody can do this. This is all done for you. Okay, all this is done for you You have a product you have a sales funnel you have an email autoresponder Emails are done for you The sales funnels are built for you the product is amazing and they teach you how to get free traffic and how to do paid ads exactly the same way they do And this is a four million dollar a year at well It’s gonna be even more than that but so far since it opened in March last year it is gross four million dollars, okay? And there are people in this company who are brand new who are making thousands of dollars a month and that company is legendary Marklar all right and the reason I’m showing this to you is because if you’re new This is where you want to start. This is where you want to start You’ve got your core steps as soon as you go in here. Oh, and by the way I should also mention it does cost $30 a month, okay, but Trust me. It’s money well-spent because if you were gonna do this on your own you would be spending what well you could get a free crappy product, but you would be spending you know whatever $100 a month on sales funnels and Software that you would have to build yourself, you’d be spending about $50 a month on email software And you’d have to write the emails yourself, and you’d have to figure out how to do all this you look I don’t even have to sell it to you. This is a no-brainer right. There’s $30. It’s like a university of Marketing right and they do everything for you sales funnels are done for you emails are done for you all you have to do is Get the traffic into your funnels all right They have core steps as soon as you join up you complete all those core steps And you have your own coach as you can see here phone number email everything else. I mean guys. This is just so Great, this is so great especially if you’re just starting out. Oh my god I wish I had this when I started and so you got your course that you go through them all the training When you go in you have training on Facebook ass training on lead generation training on on Instagram on YouTube on Facebook I mean all the free traffic strategies you could want and not only that but you have all the paid Traffic strategies you could want all this training from from millionaire marketers like these guys are amazing. Okay, the good the stuff They’re teaching is top-notch so if you cannot make it work with this system You’re never gonna make it work in my opinion all right, and if you’re just starting out This is the perfect product to get started with because you can actually earn money in this while you’re learning It’s really a no brainer So if you’ve got any more questions on legendary marketer or any of the stuff that we’ve gone over in this video Leave it in the comments below. I hope this has been helpful. This is how you make money while you sleep? This is how you make passive income all right guys that is it for today’s video. I hope you’ve learned something here That’s a that’s useful that you can go ahead and apply and start You know really progressing with your online business and please if you enjoyed this video Don’t forget to Like don’t forget to subscribe if you’ve got any questions leave them down in the comments below And I’m happy to answer any and all comments when they get them until next time i’m simon jordan with life ceos Talk to you soon


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