in this video I’m going to share with
you how to make money with the click phone’s affiliate program my name is
Rachel s Lee and I’m a super affiliate dream car winner so they pay for my car
which is pretty cool and I got serious about that suppose affiliate program
about a year ago and have almost done about 100k with the affiliate program so
in this video I want to share with you what works and the landscape of it
because there’s many different ways to be an affiliate there’s like many
different ways to make money with the clip funnels affiliate program there’s
gonna continue to be new creative ways to make money with it and I do suggest
that you be creative and think outside the box and always be experimenting and
testing but I also want you to not waste time doing things that don’t work and
have a good framework because maybe you have never done any affiliate marketing
or maybe you are brand-new with this or you don’t know much about click funnels
and that’s what I’m gonna help you with in this video my channel is all about
making passive income so if you’re into that kind of stuff be sure to subscribe
to my channel and turn on the notifications and let’s get into the
details so first off it’s important to understand that there is search and
social some people are searching for click funnels or searching for a funnel
building software or searching for a landing page software or some type of
software and then there’s social media there’s people going on Facebook going
on Instagram going on YouTube chillin and then the other important thing to
understand is that there are free organic methods and also paid methods so
these tie into each other so search organic search that’s SEO search engine
optimization that’s like blog posts and articles and written
pieces of content like web pages on google or different search engines and
it’s also videos mostly YouTube so the big ones first organic search is ranking
on Google and YouTube there’s also paid search people
searching in Google or being or YouTube for clip photos or a funnel building
software or an alternative to something or a review of something or a tutorial
of something and you can use paid ads to have your video show or your website
show there’s organic social which is like hype word-of-mouth things going on
in different Facebook groups different Facebook lives different new YouTube
videos coming out and then there is social paint page social that’s people
are still on social media like Facebook or Instagram or YouTube and the content
is showing up but you’re paying for that content to show that page social so in
this video I for YouTube I mean you can could do all these things I do all four
I do lots of things I have time to do love all these things you might be
limited on time and limited on my knee and wanting to get the Foundation’s set
up so I want to focus on organic social mostly in this video using social media
to spread awareness using free methods and not necessarily about clickfunnels
you can be writing in facebook groups and making YouTube videos about
clickfunnels but what works even better is just
follows in general lead generation in general being content and putting it on
social about why businesses need a sales phone
why they need to collect leaves into email marketing and why funnels will
make them more money than a website will make them videos work very well for this
because with videos you can screen share and do tutorials and actually show many
people at once just like one video once and then it could get hundreds or
thousands of views of how to set something up so basically you can be
teaching someone something new giving value but also making money when the
person signs up for a free trial and decides to stick on click close there
are a lot of entrepreneurs that not only want to know how to get more leads or
make more sales but they want to know how to create digital products they want
to know how to make an online course they want to know how to make a
membership site they want to have a coaching business and have a group
coaching program click funnels is great for that so you can make videos showing
people how to do that and then sharing it on social media sharing it in a
Facebook group that you’re growing or a Facebook page sharing it on YouTube
sharing it with Instagram stories another way that I make affiliate
Commission’s with clip files is sharing with other people how to be an affiliate
how to do affiliate marketing but that is about only like 10% of clip-ons
users even care to know what affiliate marketing is the rest are agencies
social media marketers Facebook ad agencies web design agencies consultant
coaches Network marketers traditional businesses so this guy really is a limit
when it comes to creating content that someone wants to see if you create a
piece of content that’s too general too broad how to use clip
it’s gonna be very hard to rank and it’s gonna be more common if you do something
very specific such as how to use a an online funnel to get more real estate
leads that is a more long tail search term and that might be something very
specific that would spark interest within different real estate forums
online so the key is create content there is a lot of automation that you
can set up a lot of you just do it once and then it’s done email follow-up
facebook chat bots follow up you can start automating your traffic but you
still are gonna have to put in the work when it comes to creating content there
are different shortcuts like different faster ways to get there different
funnels that you can download but you still don’t need to watch trainings
you’re still going to need to put in some time to make money with this I do
have a duplicatable system if you want to go to the affiliate marketing
training route the link is in the description below its affiliate business
in a box it’s actually a great starting point I would say for all tip funnels
affiliates because it will set you up with a phone email and follow-up and
actually some other affiliate offers that you can make commissions from
because it’s great getting the 40% commissions from click funnels from the
high ticket products $400 commission of twelve hundred dollar commission and the
monthly recurring revenue $38 commissions every month $118
Commission’s every month that really stacks up plus when you reach 100
affiliates they send you $500 a month for your dream car if you reach 200
affiliates that are signed up with you every month you get $1,000 a month
bonus so that’s good money because the treatment I picked that wasn’t even cost
me thousand dollars a month so I take that money and reinvest back into the
business but what really really
I would say has been the most pivotal to me being pretty happy with my results as
I click photos affiliate although I am always striving to do better it is being
a part of the community being a part of a community if you try to do this alone
you will probably get burnt out I think it’s so important to surround yourself
with other clickfunnels affiliates and clickfunnels users and
people that are on the same path as you to get to the dream car or make a
certain amount of passive income so be sure to be in the clickfunnels affiliate
group like the official affiliate group and there’s other groups on Facebook and
watch the videos make friends with other affiliates I find out I know what’s
going on I know what is going on in the clickfunnels
world I know what the new offers are I know who the top affiliates are I know
who’s running Facebook Ads I know who’s running with Google Ads I know what’s
going on in YouTube because I take the time to be a part of the community and
build relationships and talk to people and make friends being a part of the
community is also going to help keep you motivated so every day you want to put
in a little more effort into your clip levels affiliate commissions so be sure
to check in the description for different links different resources if
you like this video please give it a like let me know in the comments below
and you are clip-ons affiliate or what you’re gonna try and I would also love
for you to subscribe to my channel turn on the notifications and I’ll see
you in the next video


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