Make Money with Photography Marketing DOMAIN NAME

We talked about websites in one of the
past episodes. Today we are going to stay with this topic as well. That’s right my
friends. It’s a money Monday, photography marketing. Episode no.4 My name is Zdenka Darula. I work as a
photographer for many years I’m a former model and a few other
things. Should you use your name for your website or should you use any other name such as Toronto portraits such-and-such? That’s right my friends, we are gonna be
talking about domain names. Let’s say you want to go with your name your artist
name, that was actually my case. I wasn’t interested in creating franchise. I
decided to go with my name only. If I wanted to create a large company
franchise where I would hire another photographers, then most likely I would
not go with my name. I would create something different. So make that
decision very carefully. When you are ready to publish your website, you don’t want
to use free URLs such as because Google won’t put much trust in it. You have to make that good decision right at
the beginning. It is not recommended to change domain name later on. Because the older the domain name is the more years you have it online, Google will mark it as
experienced. You also want to own your name so register .com, .ca
if you live in Canada. Register those extensions. I’ve made that mistake
in the past. I think it was the .ca I missed and some Asian company bought it
used it highly inappropriately, it was a mass. Don’t make that mistake. Register
the extensions. Make sure your name is used in the title in the page about us.
Register your names in other accounts such as Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook,
Instagram, you name it. Even if you are not active right now and you are not
going to be active in the near future on it you will still own the names.
Well that is all when it comes to domain names my friends. If you liked today’s
video, please give it a thumbs up. If you have any questions or comments, or simply want to say hello you know where to do it in the video description
below. I’m looking forward to hear from you all and you know I read it and I
will respond, so thank you again and I’ll see you next time… Cau… Ahoj…


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