Make Money with Photography Marketing EMAIL SIGNATURE

I am assuming you’re working very hard
on your website on your social media and any other marketing stuff. But have you
set up your email signature yet? It is a very easy and very simple marketing tool
and a lot of photographers kind of forget about that one.
Let’s review it today in today’s episode. It is money Monday, marketing for
photographers, series episode no.. For the new visitors, my name is Zdenka
Darula. I work as a photographer for many many many years. I am a former model and few other things. Why should we pay an attention when it comes to designing an
email signature? Isn’t that enough if I just use my name, my website address and phone number? Well, if you don’t want to be that little fish in the ocean, that
little fly in the air in the huge amount of photographers these days, you
might want to redo your email signature. I actually had to do it myself quite
recently as well. Nice and really impressive email signature will say
about the photographer that he put so much effort into an email signature, he
must be good. I better go ahead and check out his website. It will encourage your
recipients to check out your work. If you work with visuals like photos, people
expect perfection in everything you do. So that design of an email signature
better be good. Let me help you to come up with a perfect email signature and we
are going to start with the absolute minimum which is your name and website address. If you are minimalist, actually I’ve seen some people use just their
initials, it’s short and sweet and it’s elegant. For the rest of us which want a
little bit more, the general rule is try to keep it shorter, squeeze it to three
to four lines and you can squeeze a lot of info by simply separating them when
you use pipes. It is very important to keep the lines short or some of the
email providers limit the width of email to 80 characters including spaces. Make
sure it is left aligned just in case somebody wants to open an email in the
text mode only. And if you are writing your website address always include HTTP in front of it. Don’t just write www. If you use public domain, don’t try to shorten the URL by free services such
as .bit as some of the spam filters will definitely block it. If you have a
separate blog website away from your online portfolio website you might want
to include it if your blog is part of your website. Then there is obviously no
need. When it comes to phone number pay attention as you are writing it down. Use
spaces between the numbers when it comes to formatting, don’t use dots between the
numbers because you want the phone number to be interactive on mobile
devices. You don’t want people to copy and paste your number every time they
want to call you right? And if you work internationally it is good idea to
include the country code as well. When it comes to social media attract and
limited to two to three best ones. Try to think of it like where you have the most
followers or where you display the best portfolio or where you are the most
active on. If you are someone who has products or offers workshops or wrote a
book or something like that, make sure you include it as well because it might
be enough if doing sales as well but people will look up to you as an expert and
that will give you huge credibility. The same thing applies to free stuff. If you
offer anything for free like e-books, calendars, videos. Edit them there as well.
Everybody loves free stuff and people will jump on it right away. If you are
someone who wants to use photos in your email signature you surely can just try
to keep the size of the photo to maximum 20Kb. When it comes the size
of the width or height it should be up to 50 pixels. Keep in mind that some of the email clients block photos. If you are adding
photos, try to be very unique like amazing portraits, some awards you might have won in the past, or magazine covers. Add something which will make you stand out. When it comes to color, sure you can use a little bit of color. The only thing
to keep in mind though, when you’re writing text make sure the text is not
white because some of the email clients again will think that you are hiding
something. That you’re basically spamming and they will block it. Lastly, depending
on the country you live in, you should check the laws because some of the
countries require that you include business number in case you are
registered as a business. Another great tip if you don’t know HTML coding and
you want to design a really nice email signature, use online tool which is
called HTMLsig.comm and if you want to know your statistics if you want to know
how people are clicking on those links, how you are doing, how is your email
signature is performing, here are two websites you should check out as well.
They actually have templates as well. One is and the other website is email signature Well, that’s all when it comes to email
signature. That’s all from me today. If you liked today’s video please give it a
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section below. Thank you again for watching and I’ll see you in the next
one. Cau….. Ahoj…..


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