Make Money with the Checkout by Amazon Up-sell Feature

Hello everyone this Danny from creating a
web store dot com and in today’s tutorial I’m going to talk about how you can make money by uh… accepting checkout by amazon uh..
this was actually pretty amazing when i uh… found out about this feature and i’m surprised that Amazon doesn’t talk about it or advertise it uh… but in general if you really think
about it they don’t really advertised checkout by amazon all that much either and i think uh… just checkout by
amazon alone is a pretty amazing uh… way of accepting payments online. I
mean you know, just think of all the people out there that have uh… an amazon account and uh… how you can get a ton of business just by uh… accepting
this uh… payment method now if you don’t uh… already have a shopping
cart which uh… if you don’t already have your own store um… there are ways that you can set
one up you can actually check out my uh… website uh… creating a webstore dot
com which uh… basically compares a lot
of uh… shopping carts that are out there and uh… you can check out uh… which of those shopping carts
actually uh… support checkout by amazon and uh… you can basically uh… open up a store uh… with one of those
shopping carts or if you already have one, just figure out a way of getting uh…
checkout by amazon installed. if you don’t already have ii
installed so uh… now uh… the way that you can
actually make ah… money through checkout by amazon is uh… by
up-selling uh… products uh… that amazon sells
for example uh… i logged into my uh… uh… uh… seller central of amazon dot com and right now i’m in the marketplace
section um… and what i’m going to do is i’m going to go to your checkout website and i’m going to click on that and after i have clicked uh… what i’m going to do is i’m going
to going to integration and i’m going to click on up-sell
settings and see here you can actually up-sell
amazon dot com products um… you can also sell your own up-sell your own
products uh… basically what i did, I
was only up selling amazon dot com products uh… and uh… because i felt that
people already visited my store, if they wanted to something else from
my story they would have probably already found it because i have an up-sell feature already installed in there but so what i wanted to do is i wanted to up-sell amazon
dot com products and by doing this if someone actually
uh… uh… buys something um… through the amazon up-sell right here you actually get commission for every
item sold so anyone on any of the items that amazon
dot com has to offer if someone buys a product off of amazon
dot com through this uh… up sell feature
you’ll basically get commission for it because uh… you referred the customer to amazon and
that’s how they ended up uh… buying something uh… now before you can actually
set this up what you will need to do is uh… you will need to set up an
associates uh… account with uh… amazon so what you’re going to do is you’re
going to go to affiliate dash program dot amazon dot com this information will again be in my
uh… in the description of this video
I think prior to setting up your amazon account… right here actually it will tell you what the URL um… of the associates uh… amazon website so i already have an account and what i’m going to do is, I’m going to login so once you have logged in, you will
see uh… your tracking ID which is this ID right here uh… you can create a different one by
clicking on manage and then you know you can basically customise the name of your
tracking ID for example you can use your store name
or whatever and i believe that all of them have the
dash twenty at the end but this part will basically change to
whatever uh… you want to be so you copy this uh… string here and you paste it where it says uh… if
you already are an amazon dot com associate please enter your associates ID
here you paste it there and then you basically click update
and you can even uh… choose uh… the categories that uh… that you want uh… to be up-sold and uh… by clicking edit and then you
just uh… select the categories and click confirm and that’s that and uh… once you set all this stuff up uh… people that checkout uh… through amazon um… by uh… through your account through that pay you through checkout by amazon will
also be uh… offered other items by amazon they
will basically up-sell items to them and if someone buys something else, you know you get commission and for my experience it happens um… it happens often
because amazon has a ton of uh… products to choose from so you know,
chances are good of actually selling something so thanks for watching and stay tuned
for more e-commerce tutorial videos

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