Makes Tons Of Money As A Small YouTuber – Affiliate Marketing On YouTube

in this video I’m going to be talking
about the basics of affiliate marketing and how you can make tons of money as a
small youtuber with affiliate marketing on YouTube so be sure to watch till the end for all the details what’s going on in this video I’m going
to talk about affiliate marketing and all the basics of it that you kind of
need to know about and I’ve got a slideshow set up to this so you’ll see a
couple of slides in this and I’m also going to talk about how you can make
tons and tons of money as a philia marketer and make a living as a small
small youtuber and it is a very useful source much better much more efficient
than just the YouTube ad revenue but first my name is Devin Street and I do
YouTube tutorials if your interest in those be sure to subscribe I also do
tech reviews and business videos where I sort of just talk about how you can
expand a brand online and make tons and tons of money while you’re doing it and
that’s what we’re talking about in this video with affiliate marketing now what
is affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is pretty much you being a
middleman or a salesperson for a product or a service really a product or a
service of anything it could be anything from web hosting to a baseball bats to
the shoes and cameras almost anything you can think of if you could be a
salesperson for it and somehow fill it via an article or a YouTube video like
we’re going to talk about in this video then that’s what affiliate marketing is
is selling to an audience some kind of value that they can take and be
interested in a product or a service go and buy that product and service and
then you get commission for that so one simple way I do affiliate marketing for
instance is my tech reviews all my Tech’s reviews I’ve done I’ve done tech
reviews so far on cameras earbuds microphones I’ve done specific videos
for each one of those and done a review on it people watch that review and then
in the description I leave a little affiliate link that’s linked to my own
affiliate associate count they can go click on that link
it’s going to add a cookie to their computer and once I have that cookie
added to their computer what they’re going to do is go and buy that product
and when they buy that product that cookie is going to be triggered that
they bought that product and I’m going to get a commission for it so it’s not
the most simplest thing but it’s definitely not complicated another
example of how I use this is if you’ll just go to my description right now you
can see I leave at the very end a little link that says my Geary says every sort
of like technology that I either use in my video or I just really really enjoy
and I have a link to all those where people can click it’ll take them to
Amazon and they can buy my tech there and if they buy it I get a commission on
it so how can you get started is a question that’s asked a lot on how you
can get started with affiliate marketing and how you can make tons and tons of
money with it and it’s not going to be simple it’s not going to be easy it’s
not unless you already have a huge audience or something it’s not going to
be like okay I start affiliate marketing I’m just going to leave these links in
the description and they’re going to make me money it’s good you may make
money from that but you’re not going to make tons and tons of money one way that
you can make tons of money is through flight tech reviews tech reviews is by
far one of the best ways because a really a tech review is just talking
about a product and promoting it and trying to sell it to your audience and
it’s pretty much just a sales pitch in a video so simply what you’re going to
need to get started here’s some of the requirements you’re going to need
probably a YouTube channel if you’re wanting to really talk to your audience
about something and sell it very easily but really you could do it with a
website or anything but we’re talking about YouTube so of course you’re going
to need your YouTube channel but second you’re going to need
website even if you’re not going to be posting anything on that website or
doing anything on that website you have to have a website because for some
reason I don’t know why but these companies expect you only to be using
affiliate marketing through a website they don’t expect you to be on your
social medias or like your YouTube or anything but one day I hope they realize
like there’s very very influential people on social media and maybe we
should just get that as an option as you can just use your social media or your
YouTube channel or anything to become an affiliate marketer or associate but you
do have to have a website the easiest way to do this is through WordPress
that’s how I got mine set up and I’m going to do some videos on these I still
need to do some WordPress tutorials on how to set that up so if you’re watching
this later maybe I’ll leave a card or something or a link in the description
but check that out if those videos are up then because I definitely want to do
some WordPress tutorials and you’re also going to need a email address of course
so you can get in contact with these next thing you’re going to need most
likely is some way of getting paid now everyone does it different ways it can
be through PayPal direct deposit anything like that but
that’s one way you’re going to want to do it is those are the things that you
need to have to be able to do affiliate marketing so next step is taking the
first step and getting that first connection with whoever you’re going to
affiliate market for I would suggest Amazon there’s other great ones like
Walmart eBay lots of web hosting sites out there I’ll leave a link to a bunch
of these in the description below where you can choose whichever one but almost
every single person has associate program or affiliate program they all
call it different things most of them you can find by just
simply going to that places website scrolling to the bottom and finding
affiliate or associate anywhere and that’s the simplest way to do it what I
use the most is Amazon affiliate I feel like that’s the best cause Amazon pretty
much sells everything and that’s where I get most of my stuff it for using in my
videos so you’re going to have to go through this process of signing up for
the associate and you may or may not get approved
I got a proof for all mine I’ve done but there are lots of people out there that
do not get approved because they’re not seen as being able to be influential or
anything and surprisingly I got mine approved almost I think I got mine
approved like days of this YouTube channel starting and maybe like days the
website being up and they automatically accepted me so it’s not as hard as you
think it is you don’t have to have like 10,000 subscribers and 100 people
visiting your website per bad day you just simply need to have a basis of how
you’re going to affiliate market and I think they’ll accept you with most
things some may be strict I haven’t done every single one out there but there may
be some strict ones out there but for the most part with like Amazon’s stuff
you should be pretty easy to get in as long as you sort of have a established
way of affiliate marketing to an audience okay and then you have your
after getting accepted once you’ve gotten accepted there are some things
you’re going to have to do and you may have to give some more information you
may have to have a sale within a certain amount of days and it’s all different
for all different websites you’ll just have to see what the requirements of
that website and of that business for their affiliate marketing sort of area
but they’re all kind of different and you’ll just have to look in and see what
it is but what you are accepted go through those
requirements see what they have and then next you can start affiliate marketing
so what you’re going to want to do if you’re a youtuber you have equipment
first thing you’re going to want to do is find all that equipment on whatever
you’re using that you’ve got your equipment from of course mine was all
Amazon so I used Amazon Associates went on their search for every single thing I
purchased and I went it straight up from the title I went to my previous
purchases on my Amazon account highlighted the text of what I had
purchased copied it and then moved it over to the search bar just pasted and
searched it and it should be the first result that comes up you want to click
get link and with when you’re clicking the get link with Amazon it’s going to
bring up full of website code website coding HTML coding and for YouTube of
course you can’t use the HTML coding so besides the get link there’s a little
drop-down arrow you can click that it’s going to bring up of course the long
link of that but then there’s the gift shorter link button and once you click
on the get shorter link button it’ll have a very compressed URL for you to
use and just so you know do not shorten do not use a link shortener with the
long version of the text because if you use that they will not count that at all
like if you went and took the long URL and step at a bitly link and shortened
it or you stuck in google’s URL shortener so you could like track it or
something see how many clicks it’s get in getting it’s not going to count it at
all but if you are into the tracking and everything amazon tracks it itself it
will tell you how many clicks you get and it’s amazing to see like the first
or second day releasing like a tech review and linking
to that how much the clicks of a link goes up like it’ll be five or six clicks
here and then I’ll have a upload a tech review video and it’ll be like 36 clicks
and it’s just crazy how much it skyrockets when you’re doing sort of
that sales pitch to them and keep in mind when you do sell you’re not getting
all the money that you do sell you get a small commission like a nine to twelve
percent around there some you can get even more you can get 20% 30% 40% 50% on
stuff you can get 50% on $70 things and that’s $35 for one sell but next I’m
going to talk about all the benefits and pretty much sum it up so the benefits of
affiliate marketing first one is you get paid for everything they buy not just
the thing you link to so for instance two examples of this is like maybe you
link to a camera they go and they add the cameras to their cart but then
they’re like oh I should probably get a strap for this a case and a some SD
cards so they add all those to the car so the cameras like maybe $400 but then
all the accessories and everything they bought with it is like another hundred
to two hundred dollars and let’s say you’re getting 10% so once they buy all
that and there are totals like $600 even though the camera was $400 you’re get
going to get $60.00 because you get 10% of everything in the card you don’t just
get the 10% that was just for the camera you get everything they buy another
example of this is you link to that same camera and they’re like you know I
didn’t really like his review that much I’m not going to buy his camera I’m
going to buy this other camera and they click on that camera and they buy that
you still get the commission for that even though you told them to go buy
another camera and that they went and did the opposite
you still get the commission for leading them to the website which is great with
that as long as they click your link they’ve got the cookie and whatever
purchase they make they’re going to get the Commission for it
and this is just great for just bringing in money like even if they don’t buy
what you told them to buy you can still have a chance of making money there and
that’s just something amazing about affiliate marketing second benefit lots
of easy passive income over time so let’s take my one of my reviews for
instance like my earbud review let’s say I’m a bet your bud review a week ago
it’s not made much money I’m not going to share how much it has made or if it’s
made any at all but it hasn’t made much at all but if that video keeps getting
watched and over time it starts to build up more views and maybe let’s say I
don’t know around five six years from now maybe I’m really huge on YouTube
maybe that video is gone from a simple hundred to two hundred views all the way
up to a hundred thousand or two hundred thousand views tons of people have gone
through and watched it clicked on the link bought both the earbuds and other
stuff over time that’s going to make tons and tons of money and the more
videos you make on different products the more you’re going to the more money
you’re going to make so like unbox therapy is probably the king of
affiliate marketing because he’s reviewing something new almost every
single day for one he’s most likely getting a sponsorship deal with these
companies and getting paid just for reviewing that product and second he’s
also using affiliate market so what he got like two million views on a video
and then like five percent of those people went and checked that out that’s
100 thousand people that went bought that he
was only able to convince 5% of people to go buy it yet he still gets a hundred
thousand people buying something and think about it it’s like a hundred
percent with a commission that’s going to end up with like I don’t know four
dollars per every single person that bought it so four dollars times 100,000
that’s four hundred thousand dollars on one video and think about it he’s got
hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of videos and he’s getting millions and
millions of views every single day I haven’t checked his analytics but I’m
sure he gets at least 10 million 250 million per week on a video so per week
he may be convincing 5% of that 50 million that’s like 2.5 million people
that are buying a product and some things are higher than others some
people are buying other things along with that he’s just got so so much money
in just affiliate marketing it’s insane how just drastic this can get so that’s
just sort of talking about how big affiliate marketing can get and I would
love to go in-depth into every single thing but this video is starting to run
slightly long but that’s sort of the basics of affiliate marketing now that
you’ve got to implant it into your head about how big this can be and how much
money you can make and all these people saying that it doesn’t work and it’s not
good and you shouldn’t do it it’s a scam don’t listen to them they’re not doing
it right I haven’t been able to go fully into how to do it correctly or anything
but you’re sort of getting the basics of it and what you need to do to get it to
work and like I said just uploading a tech review I get so many clicks on that
link just by uploading a video oh the first one two days I’m getting so
many clicks and over time it’s going to build up and more and more videos are
going to come out and they’re going to start to build up and at the end of the
description in every single one of my videos I got affiliate links so it can
make tons and tons of money and that’s sort of the basics I hope you guys
enjoyed this video and hope it was very informative and think about subscribing
I do videos like this about YouTube and tutorials and ways to make money that
sort of goes along with business videos I make but I also do tech reviews like I
said with the affiliate marketing and if you want to check some more of those out
and consider subscribing and I’ll see you guys in the next video

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