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– I need a towel to warm my neck. Welcome to yet another remake of the most watched video on Royalty Soaps. That’s right, it’s
Frankincense and Myrrh soap, the most expensive soap
we make every single year. It is a fabulous fragrance oil and essential oil blended scent. And for those of y’all who
really do like Frankincense, you’re going to love this. It has an amber base note
that anchors it so it smells a little sweet as well, it is the best seller every single year. Oh, I almost forgot. (trumpets tooting)
(Kenny laughing) – [Kenny] I’m gonna keep that – No, please don’t. This is such a long time til
Christmas but guess what, we’re making this soap anyway. Thank you YouTube for letting the Vine Frankincense and murder
be associated somehow with my soap because that was
basically the jumping point where people started coming in because they thought my video was a Vine, and they weren’t disappointed
either, so good for that. So without further adu, let us make some very expensive, our number one best seller over the years, Frankincense and Myrrh soap. Otherwords known as Three
Kings, I should mention that, we call it Three Kings. We made that up, all of
the others are imposters! It’s blendin’ time! Blendin’ time, Fraudine! Lets pour in the lye water
solution down the stick blender. Awe, yeah, I love how it
goes from klystal clear? To cloudy on the bottom,
that’s such a cool transition. (soft music) I’m getting weaker by the day Time to pour off this layer Five pounds! That’s how big I was when I was born! I’m just kidding (laughs). So this I’m gonna set off to the side because we’re going to use
it to mix up our blue color, and this is what we’re putting
all of the fragrance oil in that’s going to turn
brown on the bottom. So let us add the fragrance oil, it has been pre measured, and somethin’ always weird
with the fragrance oil is that it turns white
whenever you add it in, even though I’m telling you,
it’s gonna discolor very dark. As you can see, Kenny did I wonderful job labeling this particular fragrance oil. Now I’m gonna blend this
in with our stick blender. (soft music) Just gon’ scrape down those sides and now this first layer
is ready to be poured into our workshop heritage wooden slab molds, after this quick commercial break. – [Kenny] Stop that. These mics are way too
sensitive, stop that! – All right, this first
pour is pretty easy, we’re just going to pour it
straight into the middle, let it float out to the edges and it will magically lift that slab
liner, look at that, it’s like a bloomin’ flower. And actually this fragrance oil does set up relatively quick, so
I’m gonna scrapey scrapey out our big containey very quickly. And we’ll move on to the blue layer. This is a very fast soap to make. Now in this container I have
a mixture of ultra marine blue and twilight blue from Mad Micahs, alternatively if you
don’t have Twilight Blue you could use Kline
Blue from Nurture Soap. If you can even tell
the difference between this container and my gloves (laughs). I do have to put a lot in because
with my particular recipe, it typically goes white, so you have to put a lot of pigment if you want something to be
really, really, really blue. This is gonna be a really
extreme transformation. (lively music) All right, let’s pour
this onto the brown layer. Here goes the blue, ooh. It’s so perfect! I cannot wait to put
the gold on top of this, it’s like one of my favorite things to do. And we have some really
cool Frankincense tears that are going on as well, perfecto! Gotta scrapey scrapey my big containey . Actually this is just
a medium size containey. – [Kenny] Santa, why are
you wearing safety glasses? – Santas busy sweetie, go back inside! – [Kenny] Das scary! (trumpet tooting) – [Katie] So we mark all of
our molds so that we know exactly where we’re going
to be splitting them so this has four loaves
in it so where I’m placing the marker here at 3.5 inches,
this is gonna be a loaf, this will be a loaf, we’re
gonna go another 3.5 inches. So, this will be a loaf
and this will be a loaf. Fascinating! So, I wanted this year gold
to be a little more yellow and a little less orange
so I am using King’s Gold from Mad Micah’s mixed with
a little bit of sunshine gold glitter alternatively you
can use sunshine gold Micah from Nurture Soap or Gold
Enviro-Glitter from Nurture Soap if you have those around. I like to give you guys options, ’cause I know that some people
use like certain suppliers because of shipping or they
like quality or blah blah blah so if I know that there is
another company that has an alternative, I like to try
to give you guys that if I can if I know of it, I like
to be a consumer advocate when possible as you guys know
I’ve been using Mad Michas and Nurture Soap TKB trading, brambleberry and wholesale supply plus
for years and years and years and years and I’m slowly
adding some new guys into my rotation like
Fizz Fairy, Echo-Stardust and I even have a new Micah
supplier making its debut on the channel this month, so it’s gon’ be lots of fun. – [Kenny] That top looks fun! – [Katie] Oh thank yee,
I can’t wait to swirl it. So let’s do in for some swirling now. I’ve changed, I’m using
a bigger swirling stick so that we can get some
bigger swirls in there. I think I’m gonna go around
the edge first with this and that blue, it’s starting
to thicken up a little bit but it’s still plenty
thin enough for swirling and I will probably tap
it down once I am done. I do have to make sure not
to overswirl with a blue and a gold because it can
muddy it and make it look a little bit gross just so
you know, if you’re planning on doing a swirl like this in your own creations any time soon! – [Kenny] Ah, that looks so good! – [Katie] Oh, thank you, yes, I’m diggin’ it! I think it was a good move
to go with a little bit more of a yellow Micah on top this year. Just gonna go in, see if anyone else needs a little bit more of a swirl! It looks pretty well
broken up to me though. There were multiple things I thought about putting on top this year
but I thought maybe like gold stars or something but I
really wanted the gold tones to match I didn’t want
one to be like more orange or something so I stuck
with using the same Micahs to color the resinteers
as I put on the top. I want every single person
to have multiple resinteers on top of their bar this year, that was something that
was requested last year, so we bought more! Now, to keep these blues
lookin’ really vibrant, we are going to spritz and
spritz and spritz the top! Another way that you can
avoid soda ash with your blues would be to mix it up to a little thicker, I’ve seen people pour blues really runny and that’s okay if you’re
doing swirls and stuff just don’t be surprised if
you end up with ashing on top whenever you, or really runny. – [Kenny] Does, kind of
looks like honey smacks. – [Katie] (gasps) Oh my gosh, they do! I have never noticed that
before but they totally do! – [Kenny] Now I’m hungry! – [Katie] All right, I’m
gonna put just a few more and that’s it, we’re
done with Three Kings! Time to spritz with rubbing alcohol! Oh yes, and we will be spritzing
very very very liberally. As you can see the spritzing
also removed some of the gold from the resinteer so there’s
even some of the natural color of them showing up now
which I think looks super cool. So we’re gonna let the
bars sit for 18 to 24 hours and then we’re gonna come back,
we’re gonna split the slab into loaves and cut the loaves into bars after this potential
quick commercial break. (lively music) Look at the discoloration! Every time I see this it’s
just so satisfying because it’s always even around the edge! Obviously by the time
everything has discolored, it will be dark brown which is perfect! Let’s go ahead and line this up, just gonna make sure that
our sample pieces are even on a bar like this ’cause it
doesn’t really matter where we cut it because there’s no inbeds. And you gotta go slow
so that those resinteers can fall off where I’m cutting
instead of making drag marks. This is what it looks like on the inside! But more importantly, this is what it looks like on the top. There is a reason why
this soap is my number one best seller every year,
because it smells absolutely splendid and 25% of the
fragrance oil is actually compounded of essential oils
so it has a very natural, very accurate smell to it. Okay, so this is a really
specific question of the day, but when you were a kid, did
you have a bottle of gold or fools gold, it was
really popular at one time, whenever they had like big
rock buckets that you could go to at like a museum
to have like fools gold, is it pyrite, is that what it is? – [Kenny] I don’t know. – Alternatively, they also
sold little bottles with water in them that had real gold
pieces floating around in them and I don’t know if
this was just a Texas thing where I was, was this just what every kid thought was super cool? Let me know if you had either
fools gold or real gold in a bottle in your room at some point! You can vote on the question
of the day by clicking the I in the upper right
hand corner of the screen and thanks you guys so
very much for watching today’s video if you enjoyed it, please click the thumbs up,
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didn’t enjoy it, leave. (laughs) You can follow
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and also a giveaway that should be running by now (laughs). And this soap will be available
on December 1st at three PM central standard time for our
holiday collection release. Be sure you do something
fun for yourself today whether that is goin’
out and panning for gold if you live next to a gold pannin’ river! My brother Elisha Paul has
been wanting to do that for forever or perhaps
cookin’ up your own soaps for the holidays, you gotta hurry up! If you haven’t made ’em yet,
you’re cuttin’ it close. And till next time have
an absolutely royal day and I’ll see y’all soon! Bye for now! Neeeeeoooowww! (lively music)


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