Making Money As An Affiliate Marketer – Step By Step Guide!

hey this is Aaron Chen I hope you’re
well if you’re watching this video right now then you’re probably on YouTube
you’re searching for how to make money as an affiliate marketer okay so you
obviously know what affiliate marketing is right but you don’t really understand
it completely so you’re here on YouTube you’re doing a bit of a search trying to
figure out you know how do you actually do this online right and I just want to
let you know that I was in your place exactly eight years ago I was trying to
figure out how to make money online but I didn’t really even know about
affiliate marketing okay but the cool thing is is I started with that and
after failing for seven years of being online just absolutely slamming my head
against the wall over and over and over again I still went back to Phillip
marketing seven years data and that’s how I actually generated over a thousand
sales in my business last year okay actually generated a multiple five
figure income and I want to show you exactly how I did that today so over the
next few minutes what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you exactly what I did
in affiliate marketing that works and what doesn’t work
okay so again my name is Erin Chen welcome to this video and the first
thing that you need to understand and I think this is the best way to show you
okay I’ve drawn a little diagram here I hope you can see this I hope I can yeah
I can see me there right so basically what’s important to understand is that
with affiliate marketing in general what what it basically is is selling other
people’s products right now you can sell lots of different types of products you
can sell Amazon products you can sell digital products and some of the best
marketplaces to do that are places like jvzoo and even clickbank
accom right these are some massive marketplaces you can go there you can
grab somebody else’s affiliate product you can market it and when you sell that
affiliate product you make yourself a commission okay that’s how it works
now the problem is is that a lot of people think that it’s as simple as
driving traffic like this to an affiliate offer and you just make money
well unfortunately that doesn’t work why because everybody is doing that online
so everyone is doing that then you look like every single marketer on the
internet and you’re not adding any value and if you’re not doing that
and people are just going to kind of ignore you and you what’s going to
happen is you’re going to waste money on a lot of traffic you’re not going to get
a return on your investment and you’re going to end up spending much more money
every single month then you’re actually getting in profit in your business and
that’s how you go broke okay and that’s exactly what I did for the first seven
years of being online so that model I actually call the bad model okay
this is the bad model what people do is they drive traffic towards a landing
page so this is you know a landing page is basically a website where you collect
an email address okay now the reason why people collect an email address is
because they want to follow up with their potential prospects via email you
know every single day slowly build a relationship with them and hopefully
eventually they will buy the affiliate offer right now the problem is is this
if you were doing this maybe you know 10-15 years ago you would have made a
lot of money okay because there were hardly any people online selling
affiliate products but the problem is is because the Internet has gotten very
popular and people are starting to figure out about affiliate marketing and
online marketing a lot of people are doing what I call the bad model okay now
if you did this you would probably convert maybe about half a percent very
low okay that means that if you sent a hundred people to your website and okay
let’s just say you sent 300 people right to your landing page and you’ve got a
30% conversion which is actually very very high okay and you converted 30% of
these people would be a hundred people roughly right that would see your actual
affiliate offer out of this hundred people only half a person only half a
person okay would end up buying your product can you
see how this would basically make you go broke exactly right and that’s basically
why this is the reason why I wasn’t successful at all and this is what a lot
of internet marketers are feeling they’re not making any money they’re
getting really frustrated and you know just spending a lot of the money and
they end up quitting that’s basically what happens right it wasn’t up until a
year ago that I figured out what I call the good model okay I hope you can see
that yeah okay so the good model right and
it’s very similar to the bad model except that you add one part right in
the middle okay and this makes all the difference so the first the first part
is very similar so you drive traffic and traffic can come from anywhere i can
come from places like YouTube like Facebook SEO solo ads right all you want
to do is you want to make sure that you’re buying the right type of traffic
to see your offer so you got to match the traffic to your offer right so if
you go to places like Clickbank or jvzoo and you find yourself let’s just say a
dog trading product right so let’s just say your affiliate offer right here is
about dog training you’re going to teach pet owners how to stop their dog from
peeing on the carpet for example right potty training them now if you were to
get traffic of people that were interested in golf for example or tennis
then it’s not going to convert no matter how good your sales funnel is right but
if you’re sending a dog training product you have to get people that are
interested in dogs and animals okay so you must match your traffic to your
affiliate offer I don’t know what you want to do is you want to lead them to
the landing page so it’s the same thing here let’s say they curve it at 30% it’s
the same thing but instead of leading them directly to the affiliate offer
what you want to do instead is you want to lead them directly to something that
I call the value series okay now what is a value series now a value series is
basically a series of videos probably two to three videos or Facebook it could
be one two three four videos right that you release on a different day so day
one you get a video one day two they get video two three and four and so on okay
and what happens is in the first video what you want to do is you want to
create a little video of yourself talking a little bit more about your
story and how you were a pet owner okay in this example you were a pet owner you
love dogs you got a puppy but for some reason you know your puppy kept peeing
on the carpet and you didn’t really know what to do and then what you what you
did in the end is you went online you did some research and you found out that
by doing this one little trick it actually stopped your puppy from peeing
on the carpet right now by giving people that value and that trick what it does
is it gets people to know like and trust you okay that’s the first thing and when
people know like and trust you that’s how they buy your products okay now what
happens is is after that well after giving somebody that advice you can say
look if you want to find a little bit more you can click on the link right
below and you can get you know the product where I learned how to do all
that and what happens is you lead them directly to your that affiliate offer
okay now maybe the first video is not enough that’s why you have the second
video so the second income you send them another video and maybe you’ve got a tip
number two so the second day you say hey welcome back into this is Erin Chen and
you know I hope you enjoy the free tip that I give you yesterday about you know
teaching your dog how to pee on you know to stop peeing on the carpet today I’m
going to tell you some of the foods that you need to feed your dog to stop them
from you know instead of peeing five times a day they only pee two times a
day and this is the food that you have to see them right whatever it is okay
now if you want to learn a bit more information on where I’ll end this stuff
just click on the link below and then they click on the link below again and
it leads them back to the affiliate offer okay now what the value series is
designed to do is a few things first of all is to get people to know like and
trust you okay people only buy things from people they
know like and trust right if there’s no trust net they’re not going to buy from
you okay because otherwise you’re just some random marketer on the internet
you’re not adding any value you’re not giving them you know any value to their
life at all why would they want to purchase anything from you right the
second thing that you’re doing is you’re pre framing the offer okay and when I
say pre frame what I mean is you put them in a psychological state the right
psychological state to buy that offer now when you do this correctly you can
convert up to 20 percent okay and and by doing that that is what is going to
significantly increase your chances of doing very very well in affiliate
marketing okay so I hope you enjoyed that but basically what I’m trying to
show you right there is the model that I’ve used over the last year to generate
over a thousand sales in my business now let me know what you think let me know
in the comments what you think subscribe to my channel if you want I come up with
lots of these videos every single week also if you want to spend a bit more
time with me I’m actually doing a live online workshop where I show you exactly
how I built my sales funnel exactly what you saw just now I’ll show you how I did
it if you click on the link right below you can register for that online
training and I hope to see you on that training very very soon take care and
good luck in your business

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