Making Money On Amazon FBA – Is It Really Passive?!

Is selling on Amazon FBA really passive? How much time, energy, and effort do you really
need to invest into growing this business. Let me walk you through my own timeline. But Tamara, I’ve been working on my Amazon
FBA business for months. I spend hours every single day. Why am I not just sitting back, relaxing and
watching the money come in? This question gets asked very commonly and
a lot of the times, new sellers are under the impression that you can literally just
sit back, relax and watch the money come in from your Amazon FBA sales. I am here to tell you that that is completely
not true and I am going to walk you through my own timeline. How many hours I put in? How long it took to really find some success,
to really clear this up for you. There is a lot of free information on YouTube
but not all of it is absolutely accurate. Even for my older videos from last year, I
highly recommend to actually not watch them because there is so many updates with Amazon
every single week, every single month, that if you are watching an older YouTube video
about Amazon FBA, it is no longer relevant. A lot of the tactics that people are teaching
on YouTube from last year, I would say if a YouTube video is longer than 6 months, it’s
no longer relevant. Meaning that the strategy that they are probably
teaching may not work out for you anymore because Amazon constantly changes. Make sure you guys are always staying up to
date with the changes so you can become successful. This kind of brings me to my next point I
want to make that Amazon FBA is not fast. Now, depending on what your definition of
fast is, just to give you guys an idea, if you want to make quick money, get rich quick
in 1 or 2 months with Amazon FBA, it’s not going to work out for you. Also, people come to me and say, “Tamara,
I want to start Amazon FBA to pay off my debt.” Do not sell on Amazon FBA is you want to pay
off your debt. Do you know why? It’s because you are going to be in debt before
you actually start seeing profits selling on Amazon FBA. This is why it is so important to follow a
training program or a course or whoever it is that you are following, and you are following
their strategy step by step to ensure that you will make money and that you will make
profit. And you’re not just wasting your time. If you want Amazon FBA, or maybe it’s another
business, to really work passively for you, you have to first hire people to help you
grow your business. Hiring people to help you, to get you started,
to give you the right information, costs zero dollars. And what I mean here is the amount of money
you will pay others to help you, you will get a much bigger return on that initial investment. Therefore, it will cost you zero dollars. Now, I know there’s a price tag to everything. But a lot of new business owners fail to realize
that in order to find success in your business, to help it grow, even for myself, I have a
few online businesses, without my team members, I would not be here today. They absolutely cost me zero dollars even
though there’s a price tag attached to my services and things that I offer, you have
to realize that in order for you to even get profits from anywhere, you really need a strong
team of people behind you that will help you make it happen. How can you even think of Amazon FBA working
out passively for you when you don’t even know how to make it passive in the first place? When you don’t even have people helping you
out to reach that goal. I hope that made sense. Let’s talk about my timeline. For the first 3 months, when I first heard
about Amazon FBA in early 2017, I had my 9 to 5 job. I was still going to my 9 to 5 job at an office
and during my lunchtime and after work, I had a full day packed schedule because I still
work 9 to 5. For anybody who is still working 9 to 5, you
could probably really relate, especially when you have your own personal life going on as
well, it’s going to really tough for you to squeeze in that time to learn about Amazon
FBA. For myself, the first month, the second month,
and the third month, I spent so much time researching and learning about this business. I was watching YouTube videos, reading blogs,
reading forums, following other people’s Facebook groups, to really just learn what this business
was about. It took me 3 months and let me tell you, that
was not passive. Because I haven’t even started yet. When 3 months came along and I thought that
I had the right information, I started putting up my loser product. This video, I posted on my channel and I talked
about my first loser product, how I lost $5,000. And if that did not sting enough, I tried
to figure it out all by myself, I don’t know why I did that, I also lost $15,000 on Shopify. I lost a lot of money in total and if you
go back to a few videos, I did talk about that. And I also talk about why I don’t care, why
I lose a lot of money. The first few months were not passive at all. I spent a lot of time researching, finding
a product, just trying to learn everything. For anyone who tells you that this business
is passive for the first few months, it absolutely is not. Only you can find success in this business
if you actually spend time on it. A lot of people think that is just easy, right? The first few months are the toughest and
for me, it was really hard. I spent a lot of time on it. After my loser product failed, I gave Amazon
FBA a bit of a break. I was still reading up on it and I was still
following people to learn about it on YouTube but then I just got laid off my 9 to 5 job. This was exactly when it happened and it was
really weird. I felt like the universe was trying to tell
me something like, “hey, get your ass up and do something.” I was like, “oh my gosh, holy crap, what’s
going to happen?” Instead of going out, finding another boring,
lame 9 to 5 job which I absolutely hated, I invested my energy and efforts into my winning
product. My winning product took a few months to find. I think maybe 2 months. My second product was actually my winning
product. This brings me to 6 months now that I was
really into Amazon FBA. I found my winning product that made me $30,000
a month in sales revenue with a very high profit margin. My profit margin was about 45% to 50% because
I found a really good supplier that was willing to give it to me for under 1 dollar. I was selling it for over $10. My product was super light with the low FBA
fees, I was able to replace my 9 to 5 pay check with the money I was making from my
first winning product which was technically my second product – which was my winning product. Now, I think rolling into month 7 and month
8, everything was pretty steady. I saw an increase in sales and my profit was
over $10,000 a month. Which was much more than my 9 to 5 job because
that was only paying my $3,200 a month after taxes which completely sucked. I was still able to save money. I had other ways to save money which I may
talk about in another video but Amazon FBA was finally working out for me closer to 8
months. Now, this is just my own timeline. I am not going to say that it’s going to be
the same for you. I had a lot of time on my hands during that
time when I didn’t have a 9 to 5 job to do the research, to learn, and I met really supportive
people online that helped me on my journey who are also in my FBA Winners Group today. They absolutely helped me, coached me, taught
me about PPC and we got together and really shared our knowledge and ideas. This goes back to what I said earlier, absolutely
nobody succeeds alone. You need a strong team that will help you
and guide you throughout your journey. Was Amazon FBA finally passive after 8 months
of selling on Amazon? Absolutely not. I still had a lot of research to do and I
really was trying to find stability with my FBA business to keep me out of my 9 to 5 job
because I always thought to myself, “you know what? What if something happens to Amazon, right?” What if something happens then I’ll have to
go back to a 9 to 5. I was seriously desperate, I was really hungry
to learn more and that’s when I finally formed Amazon FBA Winners Facebook group. I wanted to form a community where we can
all help each other succeed. By the way, if you have not joined, click
on the link below of this video to join my Facebook group. And everything just started to blow up and
happen for me. A lot of people came to me for help. A lot of people wanted me to coach them, to
mentor them. They asked me how I did it and that’s when
exactly just happened for me. It wasn’t really planned. After when I formed Amazon FBA Winners, I
started putting a lot of effort into my YouTube channel and offering services to help everyone
else do the same. I wanted to really voice my opinion and really
tell people that this is possible. But you have to really put up the work upfront. There is no such thing as a passive business
without you getting help and putting the work all upfront. Fast forward to today, I’ve been selling on
Amazon for 2 years now. I finally scaled my business to 6 figures
a month in sales and I would have never been able to do this and get to where I want to
be without my business partner, without people supporting me in my group and without meeting
really successful individuals online. When you guys are connected with a really
good community, a lot of people will be able to help you, share your knowledge, and most
importantly, provide value to you to get to where you really want to be. Today, I only spend about 15 to 20 minutes
a day picking at my PPC campaigns for my Amazon FBA business. It really went from literally 12 hours a day
down to maybe 6 hours a day, and then down to 3 hours a day through out my journey. And now finally everything is really passive. After you figure out what to do, how to do
it, all you really have to do is rinse and repeat the process. If you want to become successful, all you
need to do is mimic someone else’s success. That is the most simple way to becoming successful. If you know someone else who is doing really
well on Amazon, just follow what they are teaching, step by step. Do what they are doing and I can guarantee
you, you will find some success. But here is the truth, I spend 15 minutes
a day managing my Amazon FBA account. But I also spend a lot of hours during the
day to learn more about online business. How I can expend my brand? How I can grow my business? How can I get off of Amazon? Maybe it’s Shopify. Maybe it’s dropshipping. Maybe it’s growing my YouTube channel. Maybe it’s affiliate marketing. There’s so many other online businesses and
ventures that I want to get into in the future and I spend a lot of time researching and
learning about those as well. When you finally get to that point where you’re
like, “okay, I don’t have much to do with my Amazon FBA business anymore.” You can always launch new products. You can always start out new online businesses. There’s so much for you to do and to be quite
honest, it never stops. Is Amazon FBA itself passive? Yes, you will get to that point but I can
almost guarantee you, after you find success, you will be so hungry for more. You’ll be hungry for learning about other
types of businesses, how to make your income explode even more. There’s so many more things that you will
be naturally be more inclined to learn so you can keep growing and growing. If you really want to become successful at
Amazon FBA, to have that passive income lifestyle, you may not be like me where I want to grow
other businesses. If you strictly only want to do Amazon FBA,
it will eventually become passive. But you have to hold yourself accountable. You need to really make smart decisions and
figure out a way how you can actually make this happen. A lot of the times, people don’t take action. They do whatever they think is right and that’s
not going to get you anywhere. I am sorry to say it. If you really want to quit your 9 to 5 job,
whatever end goal that you have, only you can make that happen. There’s a much bigger and better life out
there than your 9 to 5 job. I found it and I really hope that you can
find it as well. Think about this for a second, do you want
to work for someone else and help them build their dream? Or do you want to work for your own company
so your company can pay you? After I had a taste of this, I cannot imagine
going back to a 9 to 5 job ever. I simply don’t believe in it. I simply don’t believe in going to college,
getting a degree, or going to university, whatever it is to get a very expensive education. Only to be left in debt later, paying that
off. I could be starting my own business and working
for myself. It is truly the best feeling ever and after
getting a big taste of freedom, if I wanted to grab a coffee after this YouTube video,
I can. And that is the luxury of working for yourself. You make your own schedule. You are your own boss and no one is going
to get mad at you if you take a nap at 12 PM throughout the day. I take naps sometimes and no one is yelling
at me. I don’t have to go back to work after my break
time. Just give it some thought and like I said,
this is not going to happen overnight. It’s not going to be passive the first few
months. You are going to have to work your butt off
but after a while, it really does pay off. And it is the most amazing feeling in the
world, in my opinion. Okay guys, I hope this video has helped you. If you guys have any questions for me, please
comment below. I will respond to your questions. Do me a favour, hit the subscribe button and
the notification bell if you want to see more videos from me. And of course, give this video a big thumbs
up. I’ll see you guys in the next video.


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