MAKING MONEY ONLINE – Beginners How to guide with Ideas

– In this video, we’re going to be talking about making money online. I want to share with you some of my thoughts and experiences on it, and I hopefully I’m going to inspire you to be able to go off and
start doing your own thing, and hopefully earn a few
coins from the internet. So let’s get started. (electronic musical jingle) (slow piano music) Hello, it’s Alex here from WPEagle. Thanks for watching. So, I wanna talk about making money and specifically making money online, but before I start I wanna just clarify a few things I’m gonna be talking about. So, the ideas that I’m
gonna give you today are going to allow you to
create some passive income. And what passive income basically is, it’s money that you get without selling your time directly
if that makes sense. So when you get a job and you get paid by the hour you are selling your time. You know how much you’re
gonna earn for an hour and you obviously put those hours in and you get the equivalent in money back. Which is fine but obviously
it kind of take up your time. You have to be there. If you’re not working you’re not earning and all that sort of stuff. The thing with passive income basically is you work on something
and you build something that then creates you
money over and over again. So a classic example of this
is when you build a business you know, you put your heart and your soul and everything into a business over a couple of years and
you build up a lovely business and it’s got staff and
everything like that. And it allows you as the
owner of the business to kind of leave it and it just earns money even when you’re not there. And you obviously go in and tweak it and adjust it just to keep
it on the right track. But generally, you know,
you can go on holiday for three weeks, four weeks, whatever. You can come back and your
business will still be there as you left it making you money. Now with the internet this
has given us a great lever in terms of creating passive income without having to set up a big business, without getting loads of staff, without doing all that wort of stuff. With the internet you can
create some passive income, and I’m gonna give you a few ideas in this video on how you can do that. Now, I’ve been trying to make
money online for many years, and I’ve only kind of recently started to earn some healthy income. And along that journey that I’ve been on I have found out a lot
about what you should do, what you shouldn’t do, what works, what doesn’t work and
all that sort of stuff. So that’s where I’m coming
from with my experience and hopefully it’s going to inspire you and allow you to go off
and do something yourself. Now on YouTube there’s loads of videos and you may have even seen one before you watched this
video in terms of the ad. There’ll be some guy saying, you know, you need to sort your life out and he’ll be sitting next to a pool or on a yacht and have his laptop and say, you know, you can have the lifestyle you want, whatever. And you can but the
problem is with these guys they make it sound so, so easy. They’re just like, you know, buy my eBook, read this, you’re done. Off you go. Unfortunately like all
things in order to really make a success of something
you are gonna have to invest some time, possibly a little bit of money, and plenty of effort,
and plenty of dedication. Making money online is
no get rich quick scheme. It does involve work and effort, but going back to my previous point. The difference here is that you’re working on something and building something that’s gonna keep paying you
time and time over again. So, the hours that you’re putting in, you know, you might not get
the benefit straight away, but the idea is that you’re
gonna build something as I was saying and it’s
gonna gonna just keep going, keep working for you, and
keep generating money. So anyway, let me give
you some real world ideas on the sort of things that
you could possibly build and make on the internet
to create you some of this wonderful passive income. Now the first thing I wanna talk about and probably a classic way of making money online is through advertising. So basically what this is,
is you create a website maybe a blog, and you write some content, articles, you add videos,
that sort of thing. And then around that content
you add some advertising and one of the most popular ways of doing this is with Google AdSense. Now with Google AdSense and
equivalent kind of programs you get paid when someone
looks and clicks on the ads that are actually on your
site or on your social media. For example, YouTube is linked to AdSense so those ads that you see when
you watch a youtube video, the ones at the beginning
and the ones at the side, the actual YouTuber who put that video up gets a share of the
revenue from those ads. So with AdSense and
with banner advertising you don’t even need your own website. You can just do it on a social
media platform like YouTube. So one real world example of this might be that you’re into makeup and
helping women and ladies get the best from their makeup. So you’ve got a wonderful blog and you right loads of articles and publish loads of videos
on your YouTube channel about makeup, and you’re
running Google AdSense. What will happen is Google
will show ads related to makeup and kinda
targeted at that demographic on your blog and on your videos, and then when someone clicks on the ad or when they view those ads lots of times you’ll get a small percentage
of the revenue from that. Now the problem with
this way of making money is that it’s generally
quite small amounts. So you have to get a lot
of clicks on your ads and you have to get a lot of impressions to start earning some serious money. But I’ve found it’s a
great way of complimenting other ways of making money online which I’m gonna get to very shortly, and it kind of just ad a
little bit of extra on top, a little bit of beer money if you will. Now if you’re interested
in creating a blog and adding some AdSense ads
I’ve got a video on my channel which talks about how to do this step by step so you can start with nothing and you can get yourself up and running with a blog, add some
AdSense, and then all you need to do is start adding some content. So I will put a link up to that video now and if that’s what you’re thinking and you’d like to do that
then check out the video and yeah, good luck with your site. Another way to make money with AdSense is to create a viral site which is where you basically take other people’s content, all the funny stuff or whatever, you add it to your own website, and then you point people to your site in order to access that content. Could be YouTube videos, whatever. You can then obviously ad
AdSense around that content on your viral site and earn
a bit of money that way. Now again, I’ve got the
videos on the setting up a viral site which I will link to now. Go and check that out if you
think that might be interesting and you maybe don’t wanna
create much of your own content. You just wanna search for good content and share it going forward
that might be for you. The second way of making some money online is with affiliate marketing,
and you’ve probably heard of affiliate marketing
if you’ve been doing any research at all into
making money online. And basically what affiliate marketing is, the very basic way to
explain it is that you send someone off to another
website via one of your links on your social media or on your website. When someone makes a
purchase from that shop that they visited via your
link you earn a commission. Now the great thing
about affiliate marketing is that you can earn some
really good commissions, and it obviously depends on
the products that you promote. But say for example, you
promote website hosting and services you can earn
up to $65-$70 per signup. So you’d only really need just to earn one or two commissions and you’re
earning reasonable money. You know, at the end of
the day there’s a lot of people in the world that
work eight hour, 10 hour day to earn $65 so if you
can do it with one sale or you know, one bit of commission you’re gonna do quite well. Now the best way to get into
affiliate marketing I find is to create content where
you’re maybe reviewing or recommending products
or offering some sort of value which involves
a product on the way. So, an example of this might be that if you’re into photography for example, you could have a look at the camera kit that you’ve currently got and you could review everything to do with it, so the camera the lighting,
you know, whatnot. And then obviously you can
link off to those products on Amazon or wherever your
favorite camera shop is. I’m sure they’ve probably
got an affiliate program, and then you will earn
a commission on that. And it would be quite easy
for you to write about or create videos about because
obviously you’re into it and you’ve got the kit and
all that sort of stuff. Again, going back to my makeup idea, maybe you’re into makeup
and again you could review certain products, lipsticks, I don’t know, hairspray, whatever. I’m out of my comfort zone here. I don’t use any of these products, but if you do then you’ll know what sort of content people like. And again, this kind of ties
in with your AdSense revenue, going back to point one, on your blog you could have a nice article about how to get the best out of your makeup, and you’re obviously
recommending certain products via affiliate links and
then around the side you’ve got your AdSense earning. So you can see now it’s kind
of building up a nice website where you’ve got affiliate
and you’ve got AdSense and they’re working together
to make you some money. But again, if you don’t have a website and you don’t want a website
you could still just do this on a platform like YouTube
which is kind of what I’m doing. If you watch my videos you’ll
notice I do recommend products whenever it’s suitable, and
obviously a lot of those links are affiliate links and I
earn a commission on that if you guys take up what I’m recommending. Now a quick note on that, I find it best if you recommend stuff that you are into and that you use and that
you’re passionate about. Don’t just go recommending products because they pay a good commission. You need to have some integrity
when you’re doing this, and only recommend good stuff. Otherwise it’s not gonna work
for you in the long term. So, only recommend products and services that you use yourself and
that you think are good. So if you’re looking to get
into affiliate marketing I’ve got a couple of
tutorials on my website in terms of getting up and running with a website and whatnot. If you wanna do kind of product reviews, that sort of thing, I’ve
got a great video tutorial on how to create a review site. So yeah, you just review products and then you can obviously link through with your affiliate link
and earn some commission. I will put a link up to that video now. Another way of doing it is with
an Amazon affiliate website where you basically create
your own mini little shop that’s powered by Amazon,
and you add lots of content. Again it could be reviews or articles and that sort of stuff
to promote your website, and then people can
buy products a bit like when they’re on a shopping cart type site. They can add it to the cart and then when they go to pay they get sent off to Amazon and you earn your commission. So again I will put a link up to that now so that you can go check that out and get that up and running. A third idea for making
some passive income is to create your own
product and sell that online. And you might be thinking,
“Create my own product? “How the heck am I
gonna create a product?” Well, it’s actually easier than you think. So say for example again, going back to my photography example,
you are into photography and you’ve taken loads of photos maybe or some nice photos of some landscapes or maybe you’ve even just
taken some random photos of objects maybe like a desk or a pencil or a microphone, whatever. You can sell these images
as stock photography, and guys like me and
other internet marketers and web designers and graphic designers, they need stock stuff. They need photos and whatnot. So you can put your photos
up on you know, like iStock or Photodune or there’s
loads of other marketplaces. You upload your photos and people buy them from maybe a few dollars all the way up to hundreds of dollars
depending on the quality and the size of the photo. And obviously you get
paid a cut of each sale. So again, it’s doing something at once and then earning many a times off it. If photography isn’t your thing maybe you’re a graphic designer. So again there’s stock places for logos, for website templates,
for flyer templates, all sorts of things. So you design something at once and then you can sell it
many, many thousands of times and earn off that one bit of work. Not into graphics? Maybe music’s your thing. You could sell stock music
or stock sound effects. Again, when people are making videos, like me and other
YouTubers, they need music for their intros and outros, whatever. So if your good on
FruityLoops or GarageBand or any of those pieces of software you can sell all that stuff, again on different marketplaces. And I’m trying to think of a sound one and it’s on the Envato marketplace. I’ll put a link up. I can’t quite remember what
it is off the top of my head, but there is a couple of places
where you can buy sounds. And indeed, videos. So, maybe you’re into videos. You can sell stock videos. You know, little intros, whatever. Again, people will lap that stuff up, and you can just create something once and sell it many times. Now that concludes today’s video. If you’ve got any questions please leave them in the comments below. Good luck if you are gonna go off and earn some money online. I’ve been getting quite a few
different comments recently from some of my viewers
that have watched some of the videos that I’ve
mentioned in this video in terms of, you know,
setting up websites, and some of them are already
earning four figures a month with affiliate websites and viral websites and all that sort of stuff. So it can be done, but what I’ll say, you need to stick at it. You need to put some hours in. You need a bit of dedication,
but when you get over that kind of hill in terms of
the money starts to come in it’s great when you’re getting
your commission earnings email in the middle of the night when you’re in bed, that sort of stuff. It’s a real great feeling. So, I wish you the best of
luck with your projects, and I say, I’m here for
you if you get stuck. Please just leave me a
question in the comments below and I will do my best to help you out. Anyway, that’s all for me for now. See you later. (upbeat inspiring music)


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