Bienvenidos welcome guys to another fabulous episode
of Spain on a Fork today we are making sautéed mushrooms with
saffron and white wine this is such an incredible little tapas appetizer loaded
with so many flavors the mushrooms have a gorgeous texture to them and it’s all
done in under 30 minutes you can serve these sauteed mushrooms as a tapas
appetizer or even as a side dish now to make this recipe I’m gonna be using
button mushrooms but you can use whatever type of mushrooms that you like
and also you’re gonna need some saffron as this is what really flavors
this tapas dish as always I am using some saffron threads from golden saffron
you guys always see me using golden saffron here on Spain on a Fork
why? because it’s one of the best saffron’s in the market truly guys
high-quality grade one premium saffron get yourself a tin of this stuff
link in the description box below we’re gonna begin by grabbing a quarter cup of
white wine adding it into a frypan and heating it with a medium heat once the white wine
comes to a light boil let’s remove it from the heat and transfer it into a bowl
now we’re going to pinch in half a teaspoon of saffron threads into the hot
wine and we’re gonna let this infuse while we get the rest of the ingredients ready
next up we’re gonna grab four cloves of garlic and thinly slice them grab a handful of fresh chives and finely chop them for the last ingredient to prepare we’ve got the star
of the show I’ve got 12 button mushrooms here again guys you can use whatever type of
mushrooms that you want I’m gonna rinse these under some cold running water and
pat them completely dry with some paper towels making sure to remove any of that excess dirt once you have all your mushrooms clean
let’s cut off a little bit from the stem and cut each one in half okay guys let’s start cooking our
mushrooms I’m gonna be using a large nonstick frying pan but you can use
whatever type of pan that you like I´m gonna heat this with a medium heat and in a generous 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil after heating our olive oil for about one minute let’s go ahead and add in the slices of garlic
and our mushrooms and let’s start mixing this around with the extra virgin olive oil
very important guys to mix this continuously that way that garlic doesn’t burn
about two minutes after adding our mushrooms into the pan and you
can see that the mushrooms have soaked up all this extra virgin olive oil
let’s go ahead and add in our quarter cup of white wine that’s been infusing with the saffron
pinch in about 1/2 a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and season everything with sea salt
and freshly cracked black pepper and once again guys let’s continue to mix this
and look at the beautiful color that these mushrooms are getting from that saffron
this is when you know that you´re using some high quality saffron it’s been a total of 4 minutes since
we added the mushrooms into the pan and 2 minutes since we added the white wine in
there at this point let’s go ahead and lower our fire to a low heat and we’re
gonna cook this between four to five minutes to make sure that those
mushrooms get nice and soft at this point you don’t have to stir this
continuously but you can get in there once in a while and give it a quick mix it’s been about 5 minutes since we
lowered the fire to a low heat and a total of 9 minutes since we added the
mushrooms into the pan these are nice and soft this dish is ready to go let’s go ahead and transfer this into a serving dish and for the final step we’re gonna top off our
mushrooms with our finely chopped chives okay guys our sauteed mushrooms are done
look how beautiful these look let’s try them and see how they turned out
here we go Bravo the texture of the mushrooms is spot-on
guys 4 minutes with the liquids on a medium heat and then five
four to five minutes on a low heat that way all these flavors can develop
the texture perfect they’re not mushy but they’re fully cooked through and they’re not
undercooked at all incredible texture to the mushrooms and then the flavors the extra virgin olive oil
the garlic the white wine and most important that saffron
that just truly shines through in this dish I mean look at the color of these mushrooms
you only get this we you have high-quality saffron you guys saw this incredible Spanish dish
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