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– Do you want to know more about marketing a self-published book? Would you like to have
the unfair advantage over other authors? – Hey Dale, Dale, Dale. – Hey Benjamin, what’s up? I was just getting ready to tell them about marketing a self-published book. – Unh-unh, not today. We’ve heard it all before. Can you give us something different? – Ooh, what about Amazon ads? – [Benjamin] Heard it. – How about video marketing? – Mm, that’s better. – Author collaborations? – Hmm, okay, I like the way you’re going. This is getting warmer. – (slaps knees) I give up. – That’s okay because
I’ve got a unique way for marketing a self-published
book so stay tuned. (upbeat music) – This is self-publishing with Dale. And if you’d like to learn
more about how to publish books that sell and build
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and turn your notifications on so you don’t miss a single video. – Okay, I’ll take it from here Dale. Let’s be honest, one of
the videos are fantastic. (groans) They certainly can be, if you’re just as fantastic
as writing great scripts. And it also helps if you have
an audience to then share it and get the virality baked
in can be really great. But not all of us are good
at doing those things. We don’t have time to do it. So I want to just challenge
you to switch your mindset from producing one video
to producing something more like 30 videos. And I know that sounds mad,
counterintuitive perhaps, but it doesn’t necessarily have to mean 30 times the work or effort. What I’m specifically talking
about is an online summit, which can be incredibly powerful
way to build your authority in this space and really
help broaden your reach across a wider audience. Which is fantastic if you are starting out and don’t yet have that audience, as well as if you’re slightly
further down the line and already have an
audience but are looking to build it out even further. Now let me share with you two things that make a successful
summit and why I believe that that then helps you
uniquely in your space to really capitalize on that opportunity. So the two things that
make a successful summit. Number one, you kind of
need to be creating content that is centered around a single subject or common theme at the very least. And number two, there needs
to be a big enough audience out there that cares
about that subject matter, ideally, is super passionate about it. Now as an author, this is where
you are uniquely positioned because you are already
focused on a particular niche or genre, and if you’re doing it right, there’s almost certainly
going to be a bunch of people out there, across the world, that care about that particular genre. And in most cases, they are definitely super passionate about it. But how does that save us time? It’s great that we have a subject matter. It’s great that we have a
potential audience out there. How do we get it to that audience? And how is it even
feasible that we can create 30 or 40 talks and have to create all of that extra work load for ourselves. And this is where summits
are really, really great at helping us in that area. So we can invite 30 or so
speakers to talk at our summit. And now these speakers don’t
have to be high-flying people that the big publishers,
the Penguins out there. They can be smaller publishers. They can be other fellow self-publishers. They can even be readers,
your typical reader. That just cares or has
a particular insight about your genre or
particular story to tell or journey or something else. When you then have found
each of those speakers, they themselves take responsibility for creating the content. Whether it’s pre-recorded
or broadcast live, it’s down to them to actually
come up with the content. So straight away, you’re
not having to create 30 or so talks yourself. Of course, you might just
apply a bit of quality control but that’s far less than having to create it in the first place. And from an audience
standpoint and exposure, each of those speakers will
share it with their audience and as a bigger piece of the pie, each speaker is then exposing themselves to a wider audience. And of course, you as the host, as the organizer of this summit, by definition, gets access to
that entire audience as well. And this is great for both parties, for all parties in
fact, all three of them. The speaker gets to talk
at an event that is focused around the subject matters
that they care about. They get to build a wider audience and an authority in their space. The attendees get to watch content that they actually care about. It’s focused around a particular theme but also focused around a few days. So it’s nice and
conscious with their time. And you as the organizer
get to build that authority around that particular
subject matter and grow a audience in a really,
really meaningful way. And the connections and everything else. And if it works well, you can repeat it every six months or every quarter. There’s lots of other things
you can do with summits. You can sell tickets and access so it can be a revenue generator. But really, the purpose
of this talk today, is just to focus on the
benefits from an authority and a building exposure standpoint. But you can also do things like selling it, which can
be really, really great. The great news is that we build a platform that helps you deliver a
summit without too much fuss and pain. Head over to We’ve got a 30-day trial and
we can help you get set up. Thanks very much.


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