Max Payne Franchise – RX 570 – 4K – 1 – 2 – 3 – Benchmark PC – i3 9100f – Series Test

hello everyone I’m Santa Rosa now entering gonna be tested in the Max Payne franchise on the earth 572 script and of those three games testers check the timestamps down in the description so for Max Payne 1 & 2 I had to apply a couple fixes that allow us to get modern resolutions working and avoid some of the brushes you can find them down in the description I usually like to revisit older games using higher resolutions on modern hardware in this case for the first two games I use 4k and of course due to the age of these titles you can easily get past a hundred frames per second so there’s not much else to say about them and I’ll talk to you again on Max Payne 3 didn’t Roscoe Bank eat exactly goodbye you saved me man what’s going on here a massacre these are folks just appeared from nowhere we need to get help I can make the call from the control room one floor up can you take me there sure sounds good follow me home-free this way what the hell [Music] [Music] you [Music] with no way to deal with the past I kept my eyes on the road you know officer you cops get back he was leaving into a trap the perps were masquerading as cleaners I’m not a violent man by nature but it pisses me off [Music] Kaufman’s waiting at the van the hardware’s been bad the guys get Jackie Brown in there taking care of we’re done okay I’ll round up the crew make sure the cleanup stunts room look like a gun storage but it had been cleaned out the answering machine had a message on I’m not here right now cuz I’m building some nasty things they’re not supposed to cuddle with her afterwards if you think nothing can get to you you’re lying to yourself at best you’re temporarily dead a lightning ball can reanimate you without a warning [Music] my backup had arrived but the cleaner slipping away [Applause] Manderson would have found a way to do this nice neat and clean logic told me backup should be on its way someone must have heard the gunfire logic was such a liar amount us in Max Payne 3 I didn’t need to apply any fixes to this game manually like on their previous titles this one has some pretty good options menu but I recommend avoiding msaa unless you do 1080p or something that performance is great but once smoke shows up it can tank the FPS quite a bit fortunately that’s something that happens very few times throughout the story so I wouldn’t worry too much about it but yeah not much else to say all the games in the franchise run well I highly recommend it it’s super cheap on Steam cells but I recommend avoiding the Rockstar pass for max payne 3 das dlc for their multiplayer mode which is dead but anyway guys that’s about it I hope you enjoyed this video thanks for watching and see you next time it was hard seeing brewer go out like that but I got to thinking it was what he was waiting for a chance to make a difference at least that’s what helps me sleep at night up and out scramble away from what’s left of your life over dead bodies and a few loose roof tiles if I thought things through I’m gonna sat down and let myself burn right there [Applause] [Applause] and you seem you here we got to wait down to the street [Music] these chumps have been chopping up cars around the corner from my apartment for the last year the ex-cop and me clocked at months ago but the deadbeat in didn’t give a shit [Music] I’m fine with the leather this don’t show the blood so much this look [Applause]


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