Meet CNG Digital’s Digital Marketing Manager – Zoë Vega!

I’m so bad at this, I hate it so much! Hi I’m Zoe and I’m the Digital Manager
here at CNG! I worked for a large corporation in the Caribbean and it was
for luxury watches and jewelry. like Rolex and Patek and stuff like that. and then the other thing I did was I worked for a small company for windows and I was a digital director I always liked digital marketing as a
kid but I didn’t know it’s digital marketing. I like creating websites making
music videos different things like that I like the ocean a lot so I’m always in the ocean I like hanging out with my friends, cooking! I have a lot of stuff I
think like right now I’ve been listening to like AC Slater a lot that’s all I
know I would say an elephant because I don’t
know..I just like elephants. To read people’s minds Spotify! Because I only use my phone
basically to listen to music I wanted to be a mailman because of Blue’s Clues. That was my favorite show ever and then I just want it to be him so I’m like I going to be a mailman. Black. UGK international players anthem My friends call me Wolfgang or ZZ for like
Zoë Zoraya. In high school I fell off a scooter with
my best friend and we had major speed wobble and I broke my arm then I had to
go to school the next day and I had like the most cut-up face and body and everyone thought I got hit by a car. I got an internship for visual merchandising
because I really liked the design aspect And the creative aspect I would say the variety of clients. Coming from just jewelry and
then coming from just windows it’s kind of boring is here there’s always
something new every single day! I would definitely say the creative aspect of it. Since I kind of wanted to do something creative, always, growing up especially because I was really into art I feel like this is like the most
business professional way I could be creative definitely the diversity of clients and
the team we all get along really well I’m done!

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