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The job is fun, it is my belief it takes
everybody to make the company successful. We’re a team we incentivize that way it’s a
company that gives back to their employees and it’s a company that promotes
advancement and gives back to the community and nothing I’ve ever seen
before. We built playgrounds we made
documentaries of our employees or giving to the homeless shelters. We’re always
trying to think of ways we can help. Everybody on our staff has a good sense
of humor and we do try to keep it light. If we are keeping it light and the
customers feel that it should not be an intimidating overwhelming experience
they should come in and be able to enjoy the experience and laughter helps that. I
have a little bit of a competitive spirit in a fun way because sales is up
and down when you start. You’re going to have an amazing day where you sold a lot of
cars and where you are like I am untouchable. It’s going to go up and down until you
reach that plateau where you start having referrals come back. I’ve always
said once you get through the first three years that’s when your leases got
coming back takes a lot of work but once you get there to be extremely lucrative.
You can either have a salary or a commission very few times where I think
somebody not want to go on commission after they’ve been on salary. There is a
lot of career advancement opportunity there is a lot of money to be made it’s
a very good living to be had. The most lucrative business in the world is sales.
The store is open six days a week some of my employees have Saturday’s off
some don’t wanna have Saturday’s off because it tends to be more busy. I
would advise somebody to really consider working a Saturday if you want to be
successful in this business. More people have their day off and they come in to
buy cars. Every dealership has its own culture when I was thinking about going
back into dealership I put a lot of effort into finding out who I wanted to
work for and so when I did a little bit of research you know this was a place
that seemed to be a customer-centric environment. The number one misconception
in car sales is that were dishonest it might be that way in some dealerships but
it’s certainly not that way here. We tell the truth every time. We take care of our customers, I
wouldn’t let somebody work here if they were lying to our customers. When I met Jason
he let me know that we were the only dealership that didn’t mark up interest
rates it was fully transparent when we presented numbers to customers with all
of the information they needed to buy a car. That’s different and it breeds a
culture of honesty transparency and it also breeds a culture within of trust
between co-workers so we’re still salespeople and it could still a
competitive environment but it’s a fun competitive environment when you meet
someone and they present their business model and their structure and it sounds
like that then you say well I’ve been in the business for a long time but this is
a special place to be.

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