Mein neuer Name 😮😊 | Was ist dein wahrer Name? 🏷

I want to change a few things in my life – improve –, among other things, I will change my name. Hello, dear German learners! I am Mark, your German teacher and fello student of life. I never really liked “Marco”. Maybe there is a reason that some of you accidentally called me Mark, Marcus or even Marcos. This Italian name, Marco, never really seemed to fit me, a German. Don’t get me wrong: I have learned in the last few years a little Italian and I love the language very much – and also the country and the people. But I never understood why I have an Italian name. Marco is the Italian form of Mark. So I decided to pick Mark as my new name. I like Mark; the name is short and strong. I like Samuel Clemens, the famous writer and humorist, who wrote under the pen name Mark Twain. Mark is, by the way, also a saint and Bible author. Mark is the English word for “marking”, “sign”. I want to make my mark on the world. I just started recently introducing myself as Mark and every time when someone calls me Mark, I am reminded of this sentence. It’s something that drives me: this desire to make the world better. The more significant, the better. What does this change mean? and other changes in my life, that I will make, for Authentic German Learning? Well, only good things. I cannot stress enough, that I will never stop with Authentic German Learning. Maybe someday 99% of the work is done by a team, but I will never stop to provide you with inspirational learning materials. From now on, my name is Mark. And you? Maybe you don’t necessarily want to take the step that I made and change your name. But if you could give yourself a new name, which expresses who you really are and what you stand for, what would it be? Write me in the comments. See you later. Bye! Mark out.


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