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What’s up my friends John White
here today I’m going to do melaleuca review if you haven’t heard the
company that’s okay because we’re going to get
things were right now right here and I’ve been reading some
reviews on Amazon are more the quality of the melaleuca products and
pretty much all the customers of Melaleuca and alt said something good about products
they have non toxic household cleaning products and natural health and wellness products and always
a believer in those type things you know I’m I really don’t like her chemicals used
doctor but Mr in our medicines and whatnot and now melaleuca provides a lot of healthy
stuff so we’re going into it right here so an
hour we all have probably heard of Melaleuca
at some time in our life span here melaleuca was established in 1985 and as the billion-dollar enterprise
doing business in 14 countries worldwide they are a leader and online sales now melaleuca offers health and wellness
products including supplements nutrients and and function of rooms and breakthrough
innovations that naturally and effectively reduce weight increase
nutrition hand in advance helps melaluka is also on a
mission to improve the environment with their non-toxic home cleaning
products better steeper for your mom and allow
you to lift clean without the hazards up harsh chemicals melaleuca also
provides a step-by-step plan that reduces debt and increases your
monthly income now melaleuca compensation plan is designed
to reward independent marketing executives who
refer customers to the melaleuca products your income in Melaleuca is determined
by three factors: number one is the number of customers
you number to use the amount each customer purchases each month
number three is your expected nets in building a
marketing organization to earned even more money you need to
build team keep in mind that all commissions and
bonuses earned are based on the melaleuca products to end
consumers no commissions earned by recruiting or
simply just signing up customers but you will be paid commissions on any
product that they perchance here’s a realistic example of how you
can earn money in melaleuca here’s the potential
earnings in the first two months once you earn
five hundred dollars near 1st Mar your cheap director and
this is the breakdown of summer commissions that you can earn right here
the product introduction Commission will be one hundred dollars so that’s
twenty five dollars for each preferred customer that you’re on a roll you going two hundred dollars each for
each one of those that buy the Essentials Pack since you made director within the first months you get up
pacesetter director bone so two hundred dollars so the total would be around seven
hundred dollars for everything that for small the average earnings are
those who reach director in the first month in 614 dollars and in your second months you’ll need to
turn eight hundred dollars to qualified to achieve director to the table here is pretty much the same
as the first one except the pacesetter director bonus goes up by two hundred and now you’re qualified organization
Commission in this example you’re gonna earn a hundred dollars there total will be at 1000 dollars in and
month to as with any business you on the hard
work and dedication to earn any money at all to ensure your success in the
Melaleuca business I recommend you find a way to generate
traffic and leads the saying goes no needs no business storm lol good businesses
that risk if you don’t have a way to drive traffic
to your offers you’re in luck because I’m giving you my
free report on how I personally generate 32 to 50 leads
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it’s a known fact that at least 90 to 95 percent of people who start an online business
fail because they either don’t put in the work
necessary to make a successful business or they don’t know
how to generate leads and generating leads the
same as getting customers so leads are your customers so if you
don’t know how to get leads that I recommand you click the link below put in your
email and then I’m gonna send you free report
using my personal 10 simple strategies for generating leads they are easy I’m
not playin around here I wish you much success in your
Melaleuca business and I want to thank you for taking the
time to watch my melaleuca review have an awesome day my friends gone melaleuca review


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