Memes that make me say: Annie are you okay?

where you, see all those videos people
checking water bottles nigga can they check Gatorade I’ve been broken up with time broken up
with girls you know some guys wait wait gay very gorgeous to me uno uno out just did a bad thing what the fuck dude when iPhone users drop their phone when
Samsung users drop their phone I’ve replaced your shoelaces with fruit by
the foot so you did I replace your fingers with fruit by the foot Bravo
I replaced your bones with fruit by the foot indeed you have irie place you
could tar strings of fruit by the foot seems like a step backwards a bit all
right I replaced your DNA with a bee we got
that scrawny humiliated I got that Super Mario Bros 2 cars Oh Pepa what are you doing in my gas
chamber oh my god I get it now you get what you know when things heat
up they expand and I’m not fat I’m hot here we are with a bobcat fighting a
bobcat fighting a rattlesnake in our front yard for a little dinner oh my
ears burn I never found you funny I never found
you entertaining I never found you smart I just found you annoying guy at the
water I hope you found the judge hold some
fudge call the judge and get some fudge can are you okay nope no maybe mod dick you trying to slide in the DMS trying to
flirt you trying to slide in the DMS you know Twitter how are you they cooking uh wait a
minute wait just wait a second here wrap the
bug sternness he’s out of the way when you want to use him later you simply
pull it out unwrap it like a burrito and he’s ready to play oh my god excuse me in the fucking drip
big crazy yeah the fucking dream let me take a picture myself real quick so Toby
follow again fucking trip if you fry your salmon as you shall be
myself at the devil magazine every fucking soon


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