Memes that makes me skratta YLYL #0059

SKRATTA DuUuU FöRLoRar dUU MANNEN maNEEEEEEEE- *bass boosted* The rule is simple. we are trying out something new here today. If you laugh… You will lose. *awkward silence* Pushing boundaries On new content on this channel (so new, so original) *hmmmm silence* ALWAYS INNOVATING ALWAYS looking for that FRESH new take on something (our youtube savior) You Laugh YOU LOSE (so original amirite?) No one’s been bold enough to try it yet but I AM (wow felix-san you so bold! :O) LE*BURP*T’S frickin do this (wth) Why is this the funniest thing I’ve ever seen? Video: HEY DUDE I uhm made this pretty cool meme and I wanted to show it to you *laughs* Thats so funny how’d you make it? Well you see first I added this really colourful background and then this really funny cartoon of a salamander and then this text “ask for a water cup fill it with soda” (we’ve all been there) I call it “sneaky salamander” (v v sneak) *MUSIC* OH YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW TO MAKE A FRESH MEME?? (yes pls show me) WELL LET ME SHOW YA FIRST YOU TAKE AN OVERSATURATED HALLWAY FILL IT WITH SHADOW DEMONS AND THEN ADD SOME TEXT LIKE “ME AND THE BOYS AT 2 AM LOOKING FOR B E A N S” Pewds: I don’t know if it was funny It was just 100% accurate *laughing* I shouldn’t have laughed this much you know it’s gonna be funny if they put this many crying laughing emojis (this video is rated 100000 crying laughing emojis) Video: 3 2 1 *clap* (clap meme review) WOW where’d it go where’d it go where’d it go?? all the way… *dramatic pause for effect* …here!! *laughing in amazement* WHAT *unintelligible gibberish* MANSKSUNVLS *more unintelligible gibberish* JEsus NONONONONONONO *Inhales* goddamnit, you know it’s fake so it totally ruins it (Facts) video: watch this straw 3 2 1 *claps* ( you forgot the second one) WOW Pewds: what are the coincidences that they are sitting.. *thinking*… perfectly for this shot three people and he’s holding this cup like this (we can’t see your hand pewds) Cuz this is how you hold a cup right? (rip headphone users) F A K E!!! *boom* *reads meme* U.S, The only- *realizes it’s an offensive meme* hehe oh god *silence* *why are we still here, just to suffer?* The only thing we are guilty of is being twi *Laughing noises* as awesome *more silence* (Another media controversy in 3…2….) OOF Good thing I didn’t laugh at that one (Yes you did liar) (hello im caption guy 2 and yes you laughed) that could’ve been a problem *looks at wallstreet journal* *trump repeatedly saying homer simpson* *silence pt. 3* Can you believe what comes out of this man’s mouth? (nope) *Music* (later demonetization) Babies at 3 AM Hey look, it’s more Tyler memes yay (nice sarcasm) *Tyler turning into a Demon of Death* *or a super saiyan* alright ok *small wheeze* Hey Look It’s Ninja (:D) Ninja: send me your dick pics, Ok? (uhh yeah sure?) *pewds is disgraced* moVING ON *laugh* Fat Juul Rip?? Video: this is the uhh fruity one they have *taking a FAT rip* Pewds: Frick yeah *continues to take a rip* Pewds: The Fruity One? Pewds: oh that is fat! Video: WOW *pewds laughing* OH *pewds continues laughing* *LOUD COUGHING* *earrape.exe* ohhh gosh oh gee I ripped it too fat, I ripped too fat a one We all been there We’ve all been there Well I thought the lyrics (to old town roads) were I’m gonna take my horse to the hotel room *silence at unfunny meme* I’m gonna RIIIIIIIIIIIDE till I cant no– Oh my god *pewds laughing again* WHAT IS THE LYRICS THEN? I need a RAP genius on this *pewds singing old town roads* OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH *music* Pewds: this man will defeat thanos (SPOILER ALERT) *more music* OH GOD ITS ENDGAME SPOILER, guys be careful *pirates of the carribean-like music here* DAaAAAAaAaMN OH MY GOD dO PEoPle UNiroNicLy FiNd ThIS imPREssivE? CuZ THat’S A StANdaRd MoVE iN BeDWarS . EvERy SoMEwHat EXpErIEnCED PlAYer ShoULd Be ABle tO Do Jesus Cri– I’m sorry When mom says there’s pizza rolls but they end up being too hot ( for me they always end up cold in the middle ) Video: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH jesus AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *comment reading time* HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *laughing* it sounds like a star wars TIE fighter…. when he comes back AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Video: *GASP* OMG james charles wow [pewds: jAmEs cHarLeS] OH MY- Video: *GASP* OH MY GOD james charles WOW OH MY- *I honestly have no clue what is happening* *random talking in the background* *Squealing* *pig dying screech* WHAT THE- *high pitched gibberish* *earrape.exe 2* *same screech from video* (scene is now 100x better) No, I’m not laughing at that. I know I chuckled but then I unchuckled it (wise words) It wasn’t that great Pewds2: I bet you’re wondering how my lighting setup is so good. (and how your camera quality isn’t 120P) *what is happening* *i dont know whats happening caption guy 1* That’s because I’m using Elgato lights baby (oh its an advertisement) I’m proud to have Elgato as a sponsor because I genuinely believe in their products They all make my life easier and their new lights is just another great example of that I don’t even have to get up to turn on my lights ( Thats a great product! Link in desc) (buy it now) you can control it from your phone or from your desktop (veeerrrry nice) you can change the brightness you can change the colours You can change whether you want yellow light or white light It’s a great quality product that you can easily attach to your desk I highly recommend checking it out (I do too) and uh *long pause* use the link in the description to do so that’s it, keep watching the video now *alien abduction noise* *random yelling noises* Video: I love you sonic! (oof) Video: B*TCH WHAT THE F*** (Mario takes an L) *chuckle* Genuinely offended *Silence* *sneeze* *SAME MUSIC* Video: so there is 12 fish, half of them drowned how many fish are left (???????) Pewds: Uhh 6? (my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined) *nope* Video: Theres 12 fish and half of them drowned how many fish are left? *silence* ?????????????? Video: Bro fish don’t drown *random guy calling him stupid* Fishes ca- fish ca- fishes can’t drown no they can drown They can drown, come on what are you talking about? they drown all the time *mumbles* That’s a drowned fish, you’re welcome internet Oh yes yes yes yes, perfectly cut screams these are great *short scream* pewds: JESUS It’s just cut editing and perfect timing and it’s still funny AH*music* *megalovania ringtone* pewds: uh yeah Video: sans? *sans noise followed by screaming* *commentary* *Pewds laughing* *Silence* *oh boy the suspense* *laughing* ahh this is so great *Screaming* *and pewds laughing* Video: *Loud gibberish* Pewds: Yes yes yeeeessssss Video: Oh YEAH *rage noises* *i n h a l e* Video: *mumbling* Pewds: why would you scream in euro truck simulator? *more mumbling* Pewds: Oh no *laughing* *baby noises followed by spitting* *2 people having a conversation* Guy1: I… I got a whole worl- Guy2: YEET *dude jumps in* Oy *laughing* Video: *mumbling in background* Video: oooOOOHHH That’s pretty good, that’s pretty good Screams are funny Loud noises make me go HAHA *epic music* Pewds: hahaha *music continues* Pewds: Now that’s a good edit (shots fired @ Brad) (poor brad) *music* Pewds: Paramount, hire this man …*burp* Video: *screaming noise* *pewds laughing* Video: “…And what are you gonna do? Pewds: Marty McFly! Pewds: Marty, don’t do it! Pewds: I love these Smash edits, they’re so beautiful Pewds: So much better than Minecraft, come on hAH HEHE Video: Ay, CJ, I don’t think this is a good idea- Video: NOO… Video: nOO CJ- *man yelling unintelligibly* Video: Ohh, my gosh- *laughing* *man continues yelling* *music* *pewds in deep thought* *pewds laughing* You can play as Eggman in that game, seriously? *phone ringing* AAAAA *nasal laugh* That was it for this week’s SKRATTA DU, FOLAH UH Hope you guys had a fun time and laugh and smiling and enjoy for today (A+ grammar) Have a great week, and I will see you and your cute little face tomorrow (aw) *music* (gotta get that 10min mark boys) *wait fooooor it* (almost there) (time 4 TuberSimulator.mp4) whAt?? You never played tUbEr SimULaToR?? pppFFFFFFFT You know it’s FUN…. RIGHT? I’m (gloria borgler) not supposed to give my opinion, But give it a try, THEN you can tell me if it’s good or not Not convinced yet?? Okay, I’ll cut you a deal! (ooh) The game is available, for FREE! And that’s a GREAT PRICE! (NANI!!:O) *tuber simulator music*

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