Memes you need to see

yes, yes the handsome guy in the front
why are you gay Wow I mean that was one of the best questions I’ve ever been
asked okay so today I got my pocket straw so we can save the turtles you
know save the turtles 20 or 19 so I’ll show you a clip of me using it at the
dinner table here we go am i yes yes the handsome guy in the
front I was wondering um what’s the what
commended amount of detonated Wham I said have to serve you’re my friend now
we’re having soft tacos later hey hey everyone it’s dr. Phil here and
I am hosting meme review okay this one I don’t get it it looks normal to me I
don’t see the issue and the man’s dollar watch this look at my hand
Russia’s dumb hands down yes yes the handsome Donna are you
brownie victory screech I’m back in this bitch
I’m banking this bit harder pizza here but funny Danny babbling start this is for you Oh I’m a fag nigga fuck me in a Tesla nigga
rubbing on my Dodge with some ketchup bitch I’m gay so you know that I am bumpy but as making certain we can just
be here my balls a shit hey bro watch it yes yes the handsome guy in the front well I stopped my sister down here and
she doesn’t really know why I did but its Pride Month and I can’t think of
anybody else to tell this to first and my big sister and I just I think you
know what I’m gonna say yeah I think I do I think I know it’s aria closer what
is the sound of one hand clapping I don’t know what is the sound of what
Internet I need your help I have this song stuck in my head and I
don’t know what it is it goes what is that song okay guys I’ve been working on
this outfit for some time now and my stepmom Karen says I’m not allowed to
wear it out tonight I mean like respected rip Karen look mom I made the
real rocket based on the macaroni prototype Brad listen not alone we’re all here
together this world there’s negativity I’ll be where we’re here and me and
Terry are here to show you guys that you’re not alone we’re gonna be positive
injuries I still love have you ever wanted to play a game with
your parents well introducing beat the parents a fun
game for the whole family hit up to Hollywood businesses in two days and
police say with every attempt he grows more violent they want your help
arresting Internet I need your help I have this song stuck in my head and I
don’t know what it is it goes you have to be careful someone here is
possessed by an owl who that’s the thing we don’t still stupid in your fucking
head you idiot you honestly an idiot you an
imbecile and I can’t stand you I can’t stand start way nowhere bookstore wasn’t it
right here from the Barney’s and no picnic every day came and got all your
books nigga everything book leg all the race nigga we got raised degree in the
streets you’re not a real nigga John so we on the strip nigga real niggas don’t
write books man let me see you do some real nigga shit dunk a basketball
nigga you see what you did mr. McGruder you see what you did there
you see Crips hit no he secret shit no


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