Messenger Bot 24+1 Rule Explained

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey there, Kelly
Noble Mirabella. And I am here to demystify
the world of chat bots for you by answering your
chat bot questions. Today, I’m going to talk
about the 24 plus 1 rule when it comes to
Facebook Messenger bots. What is it? Let’s dive in. So the 24 plus 1 rule
basically is the rules that Facebook places
on the use of chat bots and when you can send
promotional messages to your subscribers. So just to be
clear, a subscriber is anyone who engages
with your Facebook Messenger for your page. That doesn’t
necessarily mean you want to send all those people
messages all the time– and specifically
promotional messages. When someone interacts with
your Facebook Messenger, you have 24 hours to send
them any kind of message– a promotional message,
a sales message. As long as it’s
promotional, you have at it. Go for it. Plus, if the 24
hours lapses, you have an additional
one message that you can send to those people. But once you’ve sent that
and the 24 hours is up, that’s it until they engage
with your chat bot again. So after the 24 plus
1, you can actually send any kind of messages you
want that are non-promotional. So definitely build in
some engagement and Q&A into your chat bot so that
you can continually get people to engage with your chat bot. And you don’t have to
worry about the 24 plus 1. But let’s say the 24
plus 1 rule has lapsed, and you want to send a
promotional message out. Maybe you have a flash sale. Maybe you’re doing
a big webinar. Whatever that is,
another option is to run a sponsored ad to
your subscribers that have lapsed in the 24 plus 1 rule. And then they can engage
with your chat bot, and the whole thing starts over. So the other thing I want
to note before we end is that after the 24
plus 1, if those people you can’t send the
promotional to– however, if they engage with you at
all, that resets the 24 plus 1. I just want to make that clear. [MUSIC PLAYING] I hope this clears
up the 24 plus 1 rule for Facebook messaging. Let me know if you have any
questions about chat bots down in the comments below. Don’t forget to
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