Michael Savage Autographed Book Find At Goodwill! | Celebrity Signatures! | Selling On Ebay

Hey guys how’s it going? check this out i got this book over at
the goodwill and i was going to do this live when i
was there but it was just too hectic So I want to show it off right now but uh… you know i think what you want
to guy todd found this book uh… pretty popular book Liberalism is a mental disorder by
michael savage and uh… you know i always check to see if the book is like author signed or
something and i’ve never come across one until now so just cool story you know? you always gotta check these books
anything by somebody famous because you just never know when it could be off
their side now in this case this book really isn’t
worth much uh… people just I don’t know… maybe he
over signed it or it’s just not desirable but i mean hey if this was uh… someone a
little bit more popular or maybe just more desirable signature I mean who knows? It could be a stephen
king book i mean you never know so I mean i’ll always
check ’em and you should to you know if you’re out there looking to books you
just never know what’s out there people donate all kinds of crazy stuff uh… I gotta make a video sometime
about first editionsbut man i’ll tell you i i i books can be pretty complicated and
there’s a lot to learn about books so i’ll maybe on make that video in a few
years when i know something about it but eh, thanks for watching!


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