Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland 2018! PARADE! Part 2 of TERROR!

brings me back to
childhood dumping out the bag of candy after trick-or-treat look at you you are
incredible you’re beautiful you’re your candy corn
you’re so edible if I got a lot of candy can do a little modeling for me you are the best mini I love you enjoy your party this is your first year going to
Mickey’s Halloween party here’s a little tip for you because this is my first
year going to Mickey’s Halloween party plan your costume wisely I did not do
that I bought a Tony Stark costume which
included a jacket and sunglasses and the jacket is very heavy and it’s the
character I am most excited about CJ is Roger at I’m waiting for Mickey’s
Toontown to close and then reopen for Mickey’s Halloween pre-party that’s
where all the special characters are the hard-to-find characters that’s where
Roger Rabbit is I heard Roger Rabbit stands right here so everybody out there if you love
Disney if you love fantasy into the fairy tales green fairy
what if you look anything fantasy listen if you want to be a part of this family
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we watch you part of the EP sees family today thank you so much now on with the
vlog look at these incredible flowers they
got orange flowers you’ve got red flowers you got yellow flowers am I on
the East Coast or am I in Anaheim and of course you have your merch
you got Jackie Jackie Skellington you know who else we have we have a boogie
boogie right here and this glows in the dark you can never have too many
thermoses and mugs if all the usual suspects here get Jack and Zero and
these Mickey here’s our now classic you’ve got Jack and you have Sally I
love Sally I would I would wear this how would sport this I would sport this up
can you believe I have yet to meet Donald in his Halloween costume today
it’s got a camera down there hold on like this let me just hold the
ends for you and anything you did you tell me exactly what to do okay right
here on the right hand right here right there to see the dapper cadaver
it’s very loud but they’re gonna be coming through the fog this is gonna be
exciting hopefully my zoom lens can pick up the details but it’s still pretty
laid out it’s still pretty light outside should get a good picture all these
people behind me they’re trick-or-treaters waiting for hours to
get confy this castle is the most breathtaking
thing I have seen in 2018 I serious I walked up here and I wasn’t expecting
this magic I mean it’s kind of theory cuz it’s also
very dark I mean it’s so dark I mean there’s like there’s very little right
amantha there be more light I’m not a pirate no pirates okay I’m a
corona you can protect me right are you all right – yeah Wendy I never this
nervous yes and you’re beautiful you’re beautiful I got a problem
I have a friend named she’s a fairy Tinker Bell you know her you know her
and she just she just gave me some machine a couple of times it I’m you
know what shade is like this it’s a bad thing some bad things so some some dark
shade it was like it was I’m so dark it was Shady
are you meaning she was being sassy she was being sassy as you say I do not
appreciate Wendy next my pan like Wendy don’t like her I would never say okay
I’ll make sure I won’t say anything enough about her yes she does get chills
which we see her my man she’s my friends are you know
maybe ha yeah your behalf I’ll do anything you want you can tell him no
exception okay no pulling hair oh forget the hug
on camera oh okay oh that’s the wonderful thing so
much baby you’re beautiful this is I’m gonna like I’m gonna float
into the water you were getting your pass being said yes you all I mean I
don’t know kinda pensive but you know it’s cool it’s cool beautiful like Emily
Post you’re so beautiful everybody you so I have to report that I found out
that there is no Roger Rabbit coming to Halloween party in 2018 it is
the it’s very very very disappointing but let me say this well here’s the
caveat I have been going to Disneyland for almost every week for the past two
years and I have never had such a wonderful time at the parks that I had
tonight truly truly a memorable experience

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