Midea mini fridge, compact and portable Review Cruncher Technology

Product Reviews [Crunch Crunch] reviewcruncher.com Refrigerators: Midea WHS-65LWD1 Refrigerator & Freezer Summarized Ratings: Date of this review: April 10, 2017 Total customer reviews: 961 Comprised of: 67% good ratings, 20% average ratings, 13% bad ratings. Summarized Reviews: Pros • Separate chiller compartment / compact can fit underneath tables
• Adjustable legs / reversible door / energy efficient / Quiet / 35.3 pounds
• 17.7 x 18.6 x 19.4 inches / 2 year warranty for compressor / very chilled
• Stainless steel / comes in four colors black, metal, white and wood finish
• Lightweight and easily moveable / bargain price / great build quality Cons: • Settings 1 to 6, setting 6 can freeze drinks / freezer can build thick ice
• Some customers have reported gurgling sounds coming from the fridge
• Freezer compartment door some times pops out / poor quality manual
• Some mini fridges’ rubber seal won’t keep the mini fridge door closed
• Some mini fridges stopped working after a few months of use Reasons this product might be for you: • Can keep your food separate from the work fridge / keeps food chilled
• Easy access and reach when underneath the table / useable as a foot rest
• Very portable and can take on trips provided there is a power
• Perfect for people who work upstairs with no fridge / extends food expiry
• Harder for people to steal your food / You’re not a light sleeper What are your thoughts on this product? To grow this channel… comment, like, share and subscribe! Take a look at the other reviews.

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