Hey guys, welcome back to my channel!
Today I’m going to be finally explaining to you how I induced myself at home at 39
weeks with my son, my labor and delivery story, and I’m
going to be sharing a pretty graphic montage at the end, of that delivery. First and foremost, I’m not a medical
professional you guys. I am just telling you what I did, based on the research
that I did throughout my pregnancy. I knew from early on that I wanted to do
it, but I still continued to research it and dig and be sure that I wanted to do
this because I was risking myself and my baby. I absolutely can say with
confidence that I would do this again and I don’t feel that I was really
putting him in any danger. I conceived my son through home insemination:
I didn’t just know his delivery date based on his measurements, or what I
assumed the delivery date was based off my last period. I know the exact day that
I conceived him and I ovulated the next day. So for me to do this at 39
weeks, it was safe for me. If I was going to recommend anything, I would suggest
that you do not ever, even consider doing this earlier than exactly 39 weeks, but
if I could just urge you, don’t do it any earlier than 39 and a half at the very
earliest. Do it like 39 and 3 or 4 days because every day inside the womb
is like a week outside of the womb and yes, you’re all probably like, “Then why
the hell did you do this? Why didn’t you just let your baby come out naturally?” If
you haven’t watched my past two videos, I kind of go into detail about my
first pregnancy with my daughter (who is now eight years old), how I had to be
induced with meds in the hospital. I wound up having her at 41
weeks pregnant and that labor, or induction, was 39.5
hours and I did not want to go through this again.
Also, my doctor who saw me that Tuesday (I turned 39 weeks on a Friday
and my doctor saw me that Tuesday, when I was 38 weeks and 4 days), she did my
second membrane sweep. She said that I was 2 centimeters and she knew that I
wanted her to be my doctor because there were two doctors at that practice, but I
had her for the majority of my appointments and I had bonded with her.
So, she let me know that this weekend she would be on call and I could come in
that Friday (the very day that I turned 39 weeks) and she could pop my water in
the office and then I could just go down the street to the hospital because it’s
right there: go to the hospital and just tell them, “Oh, I had a natural water
rupture.” So, she was pretty much giving me the okay to have my baby at 39 weeks, but
I did not want my water to be ruptured. I wanted a natural rupture because of my
previous experience, so I told her no thank you
because I already knew that I was going to be doing this at 39 weeks (that Friday)
and it worked out perfect because she was going to be my doctor, but I would also
have a natural water rupture, so there wouldn’t be any invasive procedures done
to get me induced. I would just be doing something that in my mind was natural
because this typically will not work if your body isn’t ready.
That doesn’t mean start doing it at 36 weeks, 37 weeks. That’s still unsafe to
you and your baby. Do not do it until your body is full
term, which is 39 weeks. You are not full term at 38 weeks anymore. They changed
it to 39 and either way, if you don’t know your exact day of conception,
I really pray that anyone watching this waits until a minimum 39 weeks, but
really just wait until your full term and use this as a final, last resort
method. Side note, I really want to apologize for the loud noise if I’m
unable to fix the audio, but I’ve got a fan on me right now and I have the AC
blasted because it is so hot in here. They need to refill my coolant I think,
on my AC. I was planning to cool the place up and then just turn it off for
the video, but oh Lordy, I’m not doing it. I can’t do it, I’m sorry you guys.
First, I’m going to go ahead and tell you the recipe for the Midwives Brew and
then I’m going to break down why each ingredient complements
each other, so that you’re not harming yourself or your baby. You have 300
milliliters or 10 ounces of apricot nectar.
I used the Kearn’s brand. I just went to WinCo and bought one can of Kearn’s
apricot nectar and then the lemon verbena tea: you want to put in 250
milliliters or 8 ounces. This is the brand that I used.
It’s the TAZO Zen. I got this at WinCo as well. It has the lemon verbena in it,
which is the essential ingredient, but it also has green tea and spearmint in it
as well; it’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with that. I did this in the morning, so
it wasn’t like I was drinking green tea and going to sleep. I planned to do it in
the morning and then have my baby that afternoon and it worked. Two tablespoons
of almond butter: I used the Justin’s Classic 1.15 ounce little packet that
you see when you’re checking out at the grocery store, where
all the candies are. Like, little packets of almond butter, just grab one of those
and seriously it was like I didn’t even need to measure it out because it was
exactly 2 tablespoons. On top of that and this is the thing that’s going to make all
of you go… is castor oil: 2 tablespoons of castor oil. I used the Humco brand, I got
this at Walmart. Castor oil has been used to induce women for centuries you guys,
but it is dangerous. A lot of women will just drink it straight and it will
dehydrate them, it will go straight through them. It is so bad for you to induce
using just castor oil. The reason that this concoction, this midwives brew/
German cocktail works, is because the almond butter and the lemon verbena tea
both counteract what the castor oil does. The castor oil is meant to irritate your
bowels to get contractions started, but the almond butter slows the digestion of
that castor oil because it’s very sticky. It makes the castor oil
stick to your intestines, so it’s not running right through you and making you
have diarrhea or vomiting and making you dehydrated. So it goes nice and slowly
through you, over the course of many hours; it’s so much safer. On top of this,
the lemon verbena tea (which is just as important), is proven to stop muscle
spasms and obviously if the castor oil is meant to irritate your bowels, the lemon
verbena tea stops those muscle spasms, so it’s just a nice slow, gentle process,
of the castor oil doing its job, but not BAM taking a toll on your body. You are
doing this at your own risk, but it worked for me you guys and my son did
not have a bowel movement and I had absolutely no nausea, no stomach
problems whatsoever. If this doesn’t work within 24 hours, you can pretty much
guarantee that it just didn’t work. Don’t push it, don’t just be doing this every
day in hopes that it will start working. If your body says, “No, I’m not ready,” let
that baby grow a little bit more and give yourself another week. A lot of
women would brew the tea and then they would mix the warm tea in with the
ice-cold can that they had in the fridge of the apricot nectar
and so, you’re mixing warm and cold and then you pour it over ice.
Obviously, this liquid is now pretty warm and then you’re pouring it over ice, so
you’re making a lot more liquid because the ice is going to melt and cool that down
for you. So you’re giving yourself way more to drink, which is just not
necessary. It doesn’t taste great, it’s not terrible, but it does not taste good
in any way. So what I did, is I got two teabags… the night before, I measured out
250 milliliters or 8 ounces of water in a cup and I think I put it in the
microwave for like 2 or 3 minutes, so it’d be really, really hot and then I let
it sit out for a little bit and before I went to bed, I took the cup and I put it
(with the tea bags still in there), I put it in the refrigerator (once it had kind of
gone down to room temperature) and I let them continue
to steep overnight because I didn’t want to put a lot of teabags in there and
overdo it. Then in the morning, I took my daughter to school and when I came back,
I took the ice cold tea, poured it into the blender, poured pretty much the
whole package of that almond butter, two tablespoons of the castor oil and
the Kearn’s apricot nectar: I poured 300 milliliters or 10 ounces
into there, blended all those together. I got two of my smoothie cups (they’re
plastic cups), iced them completely to the top so I could pour both to
the top and then I got a really thick straw (my smoothie straw) and I put it in
one of them and I looked at the clock. It was 8am, exactly 8am I
chugged it. I’m not sure if I plug my nose, or if I just didn’t breathe
out my nose, but the best thing that you can do for yourself is just don’t
breathe through your nose. If you need to plug it, whatever you need to do, do not
breathe through your nose. I chugged it, pulled the straw out, put it
in the other one, chugged that, looked at the clock and you guys, it was 8:02am! I did
it in two… three minutes? Two to three? Two and a half minutes maybe.
I used to be a drinker (I’m five years sober), so I think that that maybe was
a contributing factor because I could pretty much drink any
disgusting thing really fast. So yeah, I was able to drink it in like two and a
half minutes and you’re supposed to drink it in under 20 minutes,
but the reason I’m really emphasizing this to you guys, is I drank it so fast
and I didn’t get sick at all and the reason is I didn’t water it down, to
where I was having to consume so much more stuff and stretching my stomach, to
where it would get more irritated. I did this on an empty stomach.
I had… I think I had egg tacos a couple hours later, just
so I would have something healthy in my stomach
if I did go into labor, but I kind of just kept my stomach empty. I had that,
drank some water to hydrate, even though this isn’t going to be going through you (it
shouldn’t dehydrate you), you should be okay, but still definitely continue to make
sure that you are hydrating. I made sure not to push myself. I did not want to
bounce on my yoga ball, or do any exercises to help along the brew. I
wanted the brew to either work, or not work and I wanted to relax and let my
body decide whether it was ready or not. So I laid on the couch and watched a
couple movies. This is what I did that whole morning. At 10:30am,
I started feeling very, very mellow cramps. I was just really paying
attention to my body, but they were basically not even noticeable, but it was
something that obviously I’m taking note of. By 12pm, all of a sudden
they were noticeable. They were noticeable cramps, but they weren’t
time-able, they weren’t like legit contractions. At exactly at 12:30pm, I was
laying on the couch watching X-Men (the newest X-Men) and I had my legs up, just
chilling on the couch and all of a sudden I felt a kick-pop: kind of
like a slight kick, but I knew it wasn’t his kick, he was not kicking. It was like
a [popping sound], but there was no water. It wasn’t like a catastrophe of water
everywhere because I was sitting and relaxed and I wasn’t pushing myself. It
was just the tiniest rupture, but because I was paying attention (very close
attention) to my body, I felt it. It was just like a [popping sound] and so I got up, I went
straight to the bathroom and nothing was wet. My underwear was a little bit
of wet, but my shorts were not wet or anything. I sat down and this is what I
did: I opened my legs up and I just kind of went front and back, just like
this and I heard the splashing. Immediately right after that, a huge
contraction came. So everything was happening right then and there, it was
starting and I got up after that contraction. I got up, I went and I put on
these Always Discreet Underwear. They’re pretty much…
they’re adult diapers. I brought these with me into the hospital because this
is pretty much what you’re going to be wearing anyways after you deliver and
this just makes it a one-step thing for the most part. They’re really soft, I got
the small/mediums and it’s got like, basically a pad in it going from front
to back. Once that happened, I wasn’t like, “Oh my gosh, am I going to be leaking
through? I’m going to have to bring towels with me to the car.” No, I didn’t
have to think about any of that because I had these on hand for the hospital
anyways and it worked out completely perfect. I just put one of those on, put
on my little summer dress and some little yoga shorts underneath
to conceal everything and I texted my daughter’s grandma and told her that I
was pretty sure my water just broke and I just kind of sat back and waited
for her. In the meantime, at 12:45pm the contractions were at the point (this was
15 minutes later), the contractions were to the point where I was legit starting
to [breathing sounds] breathe through them… big, long, deep
breaths. By 1:00pm, I had like a bloody show when I went to the bathroom again.
I checked and it was very light pink with the water, but it was legit… it
was the bloody show and at that point I was… let’s see if I can do this for you. I
was starting to sway back and forth as I did those deep breaths.
My legs were a little bit wider than shoulder width and I would
just do this: back and forth, or I would do, where I would lean on
the couch and just do it like this and that helped me so much for the rest of
the time until I went into the hospital, into triage. That was my method of
dealing with the contractions: just deep long breaths and moving my hips
back and forth, back and forth. Oh my gosh you guys do this; trust me, it helps so, so
much. My daughter’s grandma finally got here and we went to her school and we
checked her out at 1:40pm. It’s funny because I walked up to the front office
and right before I went to open the door, a contraction came and I had to just sit
there and sway my hips and because my daughter gets out at 2:04pm, there were
already some parents waiting at the gate for their kids to get out and
it was kind of mortifying. I was like in active labor in front of
all these people, but anyways, I went and I got her, we went down the street and
dropped her off at her grandma’s house with her aunt there and then her grandma
and I took off to the hospital at about 2:00pm. When we got to the hospital,
we went upstairs to the labor and delivery area. We went up the
elevator and then right when you walk out of the elevator, there’s chairs
there and you have to hit a button (it’s all locked off). You have to hit a
button and they talk to you on the intercom in that little waiting area and
I just told them my name and I told them that my water had
broken. I didn’t say that I was having contractions. I just said my water
broke, so they were like, “Okay, well we’ll call you soon.” They
left me out there. There was another couple there (I think they were waiting
to be induced) and I was just, I tried sitting down: sitting down was
extremely uncomfortable. So I stayed standing and I just did my swaying every
time I had a contraction. We were there for at least 20 minutes, maybe even 30
minutes. I mean, it seemed like an eternity, it really did. I wasn’t like in
excruciating pain yet. They finally called us back, we went into triage and
this woman just starts asking me all of these ridiculous questions like all of
the vitamins I took and how many milligrams of each thing and just
all of these things that they… stuff that they already had
information on and it was just absolutely ridiculous. So, she finally
gave me the robe and she had to take a sample to get evidence that
my water broke (which was pretty clear at that point), but I went into the
bathroom to put the robe on and at that point, blood was actually dripping
down and I couldn’t have anything on underneath the robe. So I was
dripping and then wiping it and then dripping and wiping, so I was
in that bathroom forever, trying to get back to the hospital bed without making
a huge mess on the floor and then when I got to the bed, she checked me and
took a little sample for the water to look for evidence that it was amniotic
fluid and… or have it tested for amniotic fluid and then she checked me and she
said that I was 4 centimeters, 80% effaced and at zero station. He was at zero
station you guys. There’s negative 3, negative 2, negative 1, 0 and then as the
baby starts to push out, you’ve got 1, 2, 3: 3 is like crowning he’s out. So where
your cervix is, my cervix was 80% thinned out.
You’ve got 100%, you’ve got 80%, it was that much thinned out and he was there: he
was right there. So, she had stuck her fingers up there and it opened the
floodgates. This was my first check, it was at 3:00pm. Okay, so thus far you have
my water broke at 12:30pm and contractions started right away, at 1:00pm I had my
bloody show, at 3:00pm they did my first check and I was 4 centimeters.
Literally, she walked out right after she did that check you guys and she’s got
the monitors on my stomach and everything and right after she left,
every contraction after she left, I was deep moaning because I knew that you’re
not supposed to scream. So every time a contraction would come, I would grip the
sides of the bed or behind me (behind me helped a lot) and I would just [Moaning Sound].
Literally, as long as you can possibly… like take your deepest possible
breath and then take an even deeper breath on top of that and let it out
extremely slowly: deep, deep, deep moan, very, very slowly, so
that you know that you’re getting closer and closer to the end and it is
distracting you from the pain and you are focusing on that moan and you are
knowing that, you’re remembering that by the end, when you have a little
bit of breath left, that that contraction is about to end because you only have a
little bit of breath left. So you are focusing on, “This is the start. I’m
getting closer, I’m getting closer, I’m getting closer,” as you’re losing your
oxygen. It’s just, it was perfect, it was so perfect. So please remember this when
you go into labor, especially if you do a natural labor with no pain medication.
Because that was happening, my daughter’s grandma looked at me and she
was like, “Do you want me to get them?” and I didn’t want to be a nuisance. I’m
always in this mentality where I feel like I don’t want to bother
people. I don’t want to be, I don’t want people to get mad at me for the most
part: it’s just about, I don’t want people to think that I’m being disrespectful or
I’m being high maintenance, you know? So I told her, “No, I’m just going to keep
breathing through them and doing my thing. I’ve got control of it, I’m still
in control,” and then when they, literally every
contraction that came was getting worse and worse. Finally, I looked over at her and
I was like, I didn’t care and that’s how you know, when you no longer care, when
courtesy is out the window and you need to take care
of this baby. I just looked at her and I said, “Get them, just please get them, get
them.” She just kind of hesitated and then she was like okay and then she didn’t
know where to go. She didn’t know what to do. The nurse just left, she didn’t tell
us… she didn’t say, “Click this button and we’ll come in,” or
anything, so we didn’t know. So she went, finally the nurses came in and I was
like there. I was deep, deep
moaning, in pain, ready to start screaming. She could tell at this point
that I was really getting there and a little surprised, but the problem is when
she checked me, the floodgates opened you guys. Once they put their
fingers up there, it starts, it really does: if your body’s ready and you’re
actually in labor. It’s different if you’re being induced, they go up
there a hundred times and if you’re not progressing, it’s because your body’s
just not there yet. This was only 15 minutes later, that she came back in and
I had had so many contractions in those 15 minutes. So she checked me again
(seriously, she checked me again, she stuck her fingers up there one more time) and I
was already 5 centimeters. So I had gone up a centimeter in 15 minutes. At this
point she was like, “Okay, we’ll get you the wheelchair, we’ll take you to the
labor and delivery.” While she’s wheeling me down the hallway (it’s not that long
of a hallway), she’s wheeling me down the front desk right there where the
nurses are at and I let out a high-pitched scream: like high-pitched,
lost control, cannot handle this, high-pitched scream and then as I was
continuing to scream through it, she looks at me and she goes, “You know, you’re really
going to swell your cervix!” I knew she was right. She could have spoken to me in a…
she could have delivered the message in a better way, seriously, but we finally
got into the room and they said I couldn’t have any more water. So I
literally chugged the last of my water that I had with me because
you’re breathing so much, that your throat gets dry and they said that I
could get ice chips. They brought me ice chips and seriously guys, this is
all in a matter of minutes. I’m moving so quickly,
everybody is frantic because it’s just like, “Oh my gosh, how is this happening?”
So the nurse, the other nurse that was in the labor and delivery
(another lady), she starts trying to get the IV in me because I said I wanted the
epidural, but I made sure to get my birth plan (have my daughter’s grandma bring
over my birth plan), so they knew that I did not want any pain meds whatsoever. I
just wanted the epidural. I didn’t want pitocin. I didn’t want any kind of
mind numbing substance that was going to put me in a fog because that
stuff doesn’t even work to alleviate the pain anyways, it just puts you somewhere
else. I mean, I’m telling you firsthand if you
didn’t see my previous videos: I know the experience because I had the pain meds
with my daughter in my first pregnancy. She’s fumbling trying to get my vein. In
the end, this is totally off topic, but in the end after I went into the recovery
room, they literally just pulled it right out anyways because she didn’t even
really get my vein. She couldn’t get it and I was moving like crazy and
I was tensing like crazy. I couldn’t hold still because it was happening so
fast. So anyways, while she’s
fumbling with that, they’re like, “Okay, we’re…” the original nurse from triage
is like, “Okay, I’m going to put in the order for your epidural right now and
we’re not busy right now, so she should be here within a couple minutes”
and I’m like, “Praise the Lord” because I thought they would want to give me… I
know that they like to give you fluids for like 30 minutes before you have the
epidural, but they knew that it was going to happen fast. So she’s like, “I just have to
check you one more time” and this is just a few
minutes later. She’s like, “I have to check you one more time, to put it in here in
the order how dilated you are” and she looks at me and she’s like, “You’re six to
seven right now!” It was just minutes after she said that I was five. So
the contractions are coming one on top of another and in comes the
anesthesiologist, maybe two minutes after they put in the
order. She was my angel, she was my saving grace. “Thank you father, you
brought me the anesthesiologist, but how the hell am I going to hold still for this
woman to put a needle in my back? It’s not going to happen. I want it, I know I’m
going to do it, I’m going to have power of will. I’m going to do, I’m going to do it. No, I can’t
do it, I can’t do it. I’m not holding still, I cannot hold still. I physically
cannot hold still,” but they try anyways and she’s looking at me and
she knows. She does this for a living, she knows
there’s no way that I’m going to be able to hold still for this and I’m already
there. So, they sit me up, they have to sit you up for the epidural. You guys,
they just checked me: I was just six to seven centimeters and they sit me up and
I look big eyed at everybody, “I HAVE TO POO! I HAVE TO POO! I HAVE TO POO!” Okay,
that’s not something that you shout. That’s not something that I would EVER
shout in front of ANYBODY, but when your body starts to reject something down
there, that’s the feeling you get: like
something’s coming out. It’s coming out, it’s coming out. That’s what I was
feeling and I’ve had people… I mean, I’ve watched videos and I’ve had
people tell me personally that that’s what it feels like. It feels like you
have to have a bowel movement, but I never experienced it because I had an
epidural after a day and a half with my induction with my daughter. I finally had
the epidural, so during the pushing part and that second half of labor, I didn’t
feel anything down there. Everyone was just like, “Oh crap” and then she went and
she checked me again. She looks at me and she’s like, “You’re there.”
All they did was sit me up. They had just checked me: I was just six
to seven centimeters. All they had to do was sit me up and down he came. He
was there and I just looked and I was like, “I want the epidural, I want the
epidural” and they were like, “All the epidural is going to do for you right
now is numb you for you’re pushing. I mean do you really need it for that?” and
then I’m just like, “Okay, well obviously there’s no way I can hold still, like it
doesn’t even make any sense” and my body is clearly… I’m in between
contractions you guys keep that in mind. My body is clearly already like ready to
push this out, based on what I felt at the end of that last contraction and I
look over at the nurse (the new nurse that was the labor and delivery nurse),
I look over at her and I just look at her and I go, “I’m so scared.”
I never imagined in my life that I would ever have to do a natural labor
and you build it up in your mind like, “Those women are superheroes.
I could never, ever not have an epidural. The epidural is amazing, you don’t
feel anything, it’s wonderful,” but you guys, it was amazing. It was so amazing. I
was terrified and I overcame that fear and I feel so powerful now and so that
next contraction came. They were telling me, “It’s not time to push, it’s not time
to push” and I was like, “F.U.” Sorry, pardon my language, but I just started pushing.
There was no way that I was going to sit there and clench my baby in, when he
was being pushed out. It was happening, I just started pushing. Your body
takes over, I couldn’t not push, I didn’t have a choice. My doctor still was not
there and I didn’t care. There was nothing that I could do, so I’m just
starting to push, starting to push. As I was pushing, I was like, “Mirror, mirror”
because they didn’t have the mirror there yet because they weren’t… they had
read my birth plan, but they didn’t realize how fast it was going to go. So they
finally brought me over the mirror. Meanwhile you guys, I’m so thirsty and
all I can have is ice chips. So my daughter’s grandma is over here
feeding me ice chips in between contractions and I’m throwing up the
water because I’m in so much pain, obviously my body is just like, it can’t
handle it. That’s just what your body does, it’s natural. So she’s feeding the
ice chips and then throwing them up and then she’s feeding the ice chips and
then I have a contraction and throw them up and then she… like back and forth,
back and forth, but I didn’t care because I was being able to hydrate myself and
kind of distract myself a little bit with that coldness. So they… you’re going to
see in the pictures if you watch the clips at the end of this, but they had my
hair up in like a shower cap, so my hair wouldn’t get vomit all over it and then
obviously rub that on the baby or whatever. So
I had my hair up in a shower cap and I had a little blue like tube plastic
bag that I was throwing up in, in the beginning of each contraction and
then I’d hold on and then I’d finish out the contraction and push. Now
that I had the mirror, I could see what I was doing you guys. I was seeing myself
push him, I was seeing him start to crown and come out and in, out and in, out and
in and my doctor had finally arrived. She asked me to move down and I looked at
her and was like, “Are you crazy?” because I mean come on, I can’t move at
all right now, but I willed myself to scoot down and at that point it was go
time. She arrived at the perfect time. Right before my very last contraction (if
you haven’t seen my previous videos), his heart dipped significantly. I didn’t
know this until after, but it was actually down to 60 beats per minute,
which is dangerously low. She looked at me… she knew I didn’t want an episiotomy,
which if they slice you it can get the baby out faster, or they may have to do a
vacuum extraction or use forceps, but she looked at me and she said, “The baby’s
heart rate is dipping. You need to get him out with this next contraction,” but I
already knew, I could already feel and I could see and I knew that this is going
to be it. My body knew this was it and I pushed him out and his shoulders came
out. She pulled out his arms and she said, “Do you want to
pull… do you want to pull up your baby? Do you want to pull him out?” So I was
able… I had no idea she was going to do this, I didn’t ask for it or anything…
his legs were still inside of me and I put my arms underneath… my hands
underneath his armpits and I pulled him up on top of me. You guys,
it was the most incredible experience in the world, but because I wanted delayed
cord clamping, his face was facing outward because the cord is only so long
and we waited to clamp it, so that all the blood would get restored back into
him. I mentioned this in my previous video as
well: it restores stem cells, immune cells, red blood cells, iron. It repairs any
neurological damage that was done through the birthing process. So
meanwhile, he’s sitting there like right here. They’re drying him all off and his
face is this way and I’m like, “I wonder what my baby looks like. I just want to
see his face,” but either way, I was so glad that I could just have him on me
and that I just had a natural labor you guys and I was holding this baby on me.
He wasn’t taken away from me right away like with my daughter. She didn’t have
any health issues, but they took her away right away to clean her up. They never
even let me hold her at first, until she was all cleaned up and they did their
tests and stuff on her. They finally clamped it and he turned over and I got
to nurse him right away and she stitched me up. I just had the
tiniest little tear: she didn’t have to slice me down there. He was 7 pounds, 3
ounces, 19 inches long and born at 4:17pm. I was pushing for a little while. I
don’t know when the 6 to 7 check – what time that it was.
I don’t know when I started pushing. I just know that 3pm I was 4 centimeters, at
3:15pm I was 5 centimeters, I was 6 to 7 briefly after that and just briefly
after that, I was like, “I’m ready” and I think I pushed for like 20
minutes (I’m not entirely sure). I wish I had the times, but
it was all such a crazy fast blur that no one was really looking at the clock,
but everything worked out completely perfect. God rewarded me for my terrible
experience with my daughter and that induction. Yeah, I had to go natural (I
didn’t get the epidural), but I learned how strong I am and you can do this. If
you are on the fence about a natural labor, you can do this and I’m telling
you right now: I want to have a natural labor again next time and as far as
inducing yourself, don’t do it unless you absolutely have to. I’m just letting
you know that the Midwives Brew worked for me, so if you plan to do it, hopefully
I can convince you not to do it until you are full term and also maybe
question if you don’t know when you conceived, is really worth it, but also,
I’m a living testimony that it worked and there were no side effects and
there’s not a lot of research done in this area because people don’t want
to be putting their babies at potential risk. So I’m putting a study out there
right now. I’m letting you know that I am a living testimony of the Midwives
Brew working and I personally trust it and you guys, I was able to pull my
daughter out, only 20 minutes before she got out of school and my
daughter’s grandma only missed like two hours of school that day. So I didn’t
really bother anybody or interfere with anyone’s lives. I was able
to go home after 24 hours in the hospital because I had a natural labor,
so they didn’t have to monitor me after the epidural. So I went home Saturday
night and my daughter was able to sleep at home. She just slept at her
grandma’s Friday night and she was able to sleep at home Saturday night. Sunday, we
got the whole day as a new family of three. Yes, it was
a little stressful dealing with a newborn and my daughter, but it was
important for us to have that day and come Monday morning, I was able to drive
and walk my daughter to school. As a single mother, this was extremely
important to me. I don’t like to depend on other people and yes, I know that
there’s going to be people out there who are going to throw all of these judgments
at me, but I’m a very independent person and like I said, my doctor was already
giving me the okay. If you have any questions, please leave them down in the
comments below and if you enjoyed this video please give it a big thumbs up and
subscribe to my channel if you are new. I put out videos every single Monday
morning at 5am pacific standard time and I’m going to be transitioning into
newborn, baby, breastfeeding content at this point, so I will see you next week!

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