Mildly Infuriating w/ Editor Brad2 (aka Sive1) #34 [REDDIT REVIEW]

BrAd 2 Its time to make a video ahh Felix, why do you always call me Brad 2 (owo) but you are Brad 2, you have a problem with that? This is Mildly infuriating Felix Oh (Subscribe 2 Pewdiepie) *Do your part* it’s mildly infuriated how interesting, because that’s the subreddit we’re gonna Review so you (stutter much?) know just exactly how that feels This is such a shit intro.
Brad2: I know its so bad Sive, I mean (sorry) sive 1 Formerly known as Brad2- yes. I’ve forgotten child of the PewDiePie channel I’m finally out the fucking cage. Let’s go subscribe to Pewdiepie Honestly, I feel amazing finally Brad’s gonna have a taste of being sive2 Oh so hes Sive2 . Yes. I was wondering why you call yourself sive1 one and not just sive…. Ok. That makes sense Alright, let’s go into the mildly Infuriating subreddit. Alright This subreddit is already. Mildly – infuriating very meta. (owo) I don’t know if you can tell like they have that circle. I legit thought it was my discord breaking wait That’s the actual coaster for the site. Oh, yeah. Looks like you’re watching a YouTube video as well. That’s amazing I’m genuinely annoyed and we haven’t even gotten started. Why do I need account just to look at prints? Rest sign up to see more. Oh my god. This is the gym. This fits me up all the time Just whenever I wanted it for you, and I look at it seems to put on the video like pictures They’re always on Pinterest web sites. Are you go to Pinterest? Perfect. I Thank you Father saying it’s hard to find some good good quality stuff I get it. You’re looking for the top notch. This is yeah, I guess is mylène fury ating Okay, it’s not too bad no, this is a top motive one, it’s got a hundred thousand uploads people really hate Pinterest Oh, there you go I mainly hate it when I search Google for Images and I get pinterest results see on you see doesn’t say it’s it’s it’s only Hated because the editors. Okay. Ninety four point eight KS is hate Hey, if you’re an editor you watching this video smash like this video if you agree Yeah, just a wee now North Face stole my photo and put it on their shirts without asking oh That is my lean fury a ting. We get coffee strikes on YouTube. Meanwhile, all these confused. Yeah Exactly. Yes. What the hell now? I’m fury. Eighty. Yeah a Linearly out of ten everyone. I agree. That’s a perfect rating I hope that I can like work out my in fear. Like actually I’m pissed by the end of this. That’s the goal That’s the girl one of a seemingly endless series of unreasonable notes left by my boss. It’s great here Nobody’s entitled to charge up any mobile phones or other electrical devices on these premises. It’s a stepped of electricity You may find a deduction has been made from your pay phones should be switched Hey, I put up this no you didn’t Stop thieving from me spread one. I mean side one. Hey damn bread one bread one. Hey I’m just confused. This actually makes me want to charge like if I saw this note I would actually just try and plug in a charger or as an actual savage my wife never fully Screws the lid back on to anything Jesus Christ what is wrong with your way? This is divorced worthy honestly does once you do this, uh No, she doesn’t that’s why the wedding is still on but she knows might say we’re joking. It’s a kick. I Like how they’re they’re offering divorce Counseling time to start leaving the toilet and see that it’s the only thing you can do at that point The only thing to save your marriage It’s 50/50 quality that’s good. Would you rate this fetus? I have a half Mary What about you I’d rate this I’d rate this – marriage – okay, so we’re a full marriage then for a full marriage Oh, I seen this one. I would give him ten stars. But since I can’t four on his four out of five With the absolute best coffee size 10 shards if I could too bad forgive him I Can’t tell if it’s like genuine or not like why I used to get reviews like this at work and it makes me laugh I mean I was giving praise in an overall comment, but not giving five. Yeah. Yes Yeah, a lot of people do that. They’re like, oh, this is so great I’m like Google Maps and stuff and you just get like 25 and then the reviews like it’s amazing. There’s coffees brilliant and We give this a five. I’ll give this a four out of five absolutely deserves. Nothing else I would give it a ten if I could though this is what grinds my gears white black Asian Gay straight the person who originally made this former and did capitalize the eyes. Oh This changes everything I’m getting my lean fury ated what the hell is that? Why would you do that? Is that true? I need to double-check that no, I don’t think The price of 12 pieces of chalk at Target versus my college bookstore Okay, so it’s 99 and then I live whoa 112 bucks starting on this is like if you if you’re the airport, this is what Ten times the price they say no tax. You don’t need to pay tax, you know, but they saw surprises Well, I’m not buying my chalk at the airport then never never Well, this is why I just buy don’t mind cuz I I don’t know Yeah best thing ever local business I remember actually like the only time I’ve been in a car accident was when I drove to get like a Cable that I desperately needed for a video. Oh my Yeah, cuz I left it so I went to this kid store and obviously they didn’t had the cable I knew they wouldn’t have it but I needed it like the same day and then I left the store and I was so pissed and then I a Car came out really fast. No one got hurt. Luckily. But this is why I say I buy order on Amazon. All right Yeah, but Amazon doesn’t deliver on the same day. How did you manage to get the cable? No, I did my Volvo So worst day ever thank You me of a great driver, okay, I’ll have you to have a fantastic driver first trillion-dollar comfort. There you go People everything sold separately. You don’t have any Apple right? I know you don’t know of course that yeah. Oh, yeah This isn’t what it looks like when Marcy edits a video. Oh, yeah. She uses awful, isn’t it? Yeah Disgusting. Yeah, but did you so it looks really good. Okay, great. Congratulations having more dongles ok will sign Into my dad, I think I’m buying an apple Thick move, how how do you think about doing that like you’re in the store? My knees are slightly uncomfortable while I pick bread. Oh Great there’s a pillow right there. That’s right. Listen, that’s just street smart, okay I’m actually gonna do that next time I pick bread. Oh Yeah, right I don’t need to do it hey Do not fold and they folded it. Good job. We literally had this with Brad one It was the same thing like the reddit we reviewed well, then it’s like their college application or something, right? Oh, they’re very full Okay, that’s annoying. That’s my limbs pureeing. It was a social science this one so it doesn’t Okay. Yeah if it was a science or math degree, you’d probably get it flat. Okay. I’m joking No, no, that’s good. I agree. Yeah No, even even themselves they’re like, yeah, I get it if I wanted notifications I would have allowed them Stop asking every few days and able notifications. They update about your posts in comments Well, yeah, right Renison Uighurs legit if you try and enter their site, which is no yes, no pastured Yeah, always get off download the app. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t want to download the air like I just want to thank you No one has said it enough. Okay, but did you notice worse? Have you have you ever had to do a lingo app when they always ask you? It’s an app. We have to like this language right language. Yes, the language and literature on access the app They will always spam me saying you’ve got a lesson. You’ve got a lesson and it’s so It sounds like you’re not doing your lessons boy. Were you studying? Oh really Wow, so you can’t translate the videos better I get it This is definitely my lien purity, I give that a 10 a 10 a 10 I get it at 10 to ready We’ll start pulling this completely Completely original post got stolen and I’ll only hit the front page but was put in a BuzzFeed article that side of the reposts here As the OP. Ah, this is why BuzzFeed is not a legitimate news source. Oh my god I just realize they make the Entail. Okay. That’s just nothing means I think yeah, I think we can’t really hate on this one Felix What do you mean I don’t know this is the law of the internet this is the law of the land All right sharing is caring Exactly rate this zero. Don’t care. God this course is annoying me so much. Like I think your computer’s like lagging. Oh, really? My computer’s fine. Alright doctor appointment at 8:20 currently 10 still no sign of even a nurse. Yeah Well this is just British healthcare British healthcare, yeah Jesus Christ well Like every time I go in I wait 40 minutes and I always I sit there every time going like why didn’t I just come? 40 minutes late because this happens every time I would rather pay for my own health care than this. Well, why don’t you feel I Mean I do but I don’t want to pay for other people Asshole neighbor keeps on stealing stealing my Boyfriend’s avos from his tree. It steals avocados. I mean, that’s just lower the line. I’m sorry Everyone that’s why you do not Moving are you stealing my avocados? Okay, iOS 12 our Road numbers would have been nice instead of all this shit. I funny though So now, you know all the people Stinney memes Apple users, oh We got backs we got solid proof although on my goddamn key, but you know I always like punk shit have a random dot in the census Why? what cuz the goddamn dot is right next to the space and I tried it the spacer to get a dot instead and I’m like God dammit. Why am I the only one with this issue? I remember saying like I’m my thumbs too big restaurant reviews like this I appreciate that. I feel like that’s the kind of thing. I would leave People find my account and they start liking my reviews and stuff and I now they’re gonna find out who I am I don’t like it moving on. I’m not too fury ated though. I like I wish I was more pissed off Oh, that is mildly fury ating. Oh Yeah Every boy has been through this experience will still suffers from this. Wait. What? What do you mean? Yeah, and then someone pokes and be like oh you got a boo, oh no, I don’t the sweater curbs Did you know zip zippers are a Swedish and mentioned So, you’re welcome the world Oh dance we welcome do something good for the world. Like actually something goes penises That’s what we accomplished this lady watching a beach wedding. They put up yellow police tape around the beach for the wedding Yeah Somehow this random lady in the blue still felt the need to span here of all places to stand and watch the whole thing This is why you need Gunners Oh Or harpoons rather they buy the Okay, we gotta avoid this you want ads. Oh Okay. All right. I want ads you’re right. You can just Photoshop that away pretty easily though. Oh my god, dude She’s right there in the corner Oh My god it just hit me this summer All right, how do you feel side one do you feel mildly infuriated Well, I feel great Okay, I see how it is now that your side one should we make side to edit this video Alright I’ve done two days worth of videos, please. Let me out the cage. Okay. It sounds like the job for side two now I’m probably most likely gonna end this. Yeah, you’re probably Smash like if you enjoyed check out Twitter YouTube link in description Can I out full of bread, please? Please away. Hey away from my vibe kale can side too I mean say what just looks like Tuber simulator. It’s now so relevant that it’s got a brand new minigame cranium drop the crane and get fresh items only available in the washing machine like game and you say there’s more of Course, there is new knowledge perks new quests and new pics links and legs guys like


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