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alright we’ve done a bunch of episodes on mindset between rituals and kindness
and gratitude and being deliberate and all the things that help us have a healthy
productive mindset but the most crucial component of all of it is the very
beginning of it each and every day and that’s what time we get up and you know
I don’t want you throwing rocks at me but I’m just these are just suggestions
you know my mindset videos are just suggestions from my experience my
research I’ve got a master’s degree in psychology and I’ve been doing digital
marketing for over a decade and I’m just telling you that the earlier you can get
up the better and I used to get up 4:30a.m. and then I realized after
quite some time I was like you know I really I really like this and I really
get a lot more done before everybody gets up even before the Sun gets up is
what I’m getting at is you know when it’s dark it’s quiet and nobody else is
around you’re alone with just your thoughts so I moved my my time that I
get up to 3 o’clock in the morning and I know you might be like “That’s Insane!” and
it might be for you I’m just saying if you get up at 6 o’clock in the morning
try to get up at 5 and don’t try for a day try it for about 3 weeks
generally they say it takes about 21 days to Make & Break a habit so try it
you know try if you can get up at 6 get up at 5 you get up if you actually get up at 5
get up at 4, but I’m telling you the earlier you can get up and be alone with
you and mindful with just you and your thoughts the more productive you can be
throughout the day you get to reach your goals. Just
think about it and there’s no there’s no distraction I’m going to do a separate
episode on distractions and minimizing distractions next week but there are
definitely very few distractions when no one else is there but you you’re the
only distraction and hopefully that’s what these mindset videos are about is
helping you be less of a distraction for yourself making you be your own best
advocate okay all right I’m not making a long video today just want to make a
quick video about the very first component of your mindset and that’s
When You Get Up in the Morning when do you start your day when do you take
control of it and hopefully it’s Early try it, again, just move it back an hour
see how that goes drop a comment below if you disagree or
agree either way hope you enjoyed video Chaz Here, YourDigitalMindset.com, & I’ll
see you on The Inside.. thanks a lot

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