Minimalist Room Tour 2016

What’s up guys? Welcome to my room tour. I’ve been holding off filming the room tour because I wanted to finish decorating before
I could show it to the world. But I’ve lived here for a year now, officially,
and my room is not fully decorated still, and you know what? I thought to myself, “I’m probably going
to be lazy and this is probably going to be what it looks
like for a while.” So this is the general gist of it. The theme is white, pastel, very airy, and
fresh. I like to keep my room very simple and minimal
because it’s where I sleep and relax. I want to be mostly technology-free zone, so rarely do I have my laptop in here and
do work in here. Before I go into the tour, I just want to
let you know that I put all product description links in the box below so if you’re interested
in anything and where I got it, you can find it there. Most things you can find online but some things aren’t available anymore
so I put links to similar items. Starting on the left we have this old white
lamp that is probably over fifteen years old. It wasn’t mine, I think I took it from my
uncle’s old house, something like that. When we moved here, I put it here because
it was white. Next item is the giant Ikea mirror, and I love big mirrors. It’s just wide enough and tall enough to
see everything. The centerpiece is obviously my bed. It’s just a simple white bed that I got a few years ago online. When I was planning the color scheme for my
bed a few years ago, I wanted to feel like I was
sleeping on clouds. I purposely got a white bed frame. I have white bedsheets on my mattress that
are flannel so it’s fluffy. Without my blankets and pillows, it really
looks like a giant white marshmallow. But with the blankets, I got this sky blue
color so it’s like I’m covered by the sky, I’m sleeping on a cloud. My pillows are just random colors, not on
purpose, but I like the way that it looks mismatched
because it really is mismatched. The pink and the greys really complement the
sky blue. It’s a really pastel, white theme. Moving on the right side, I have a nightstand
from West Elm, and I love this thing. It’s really expensive so I only got one
instead of getting two nightstands. I was like, “Am I really going to use two? I think I only need one.” I was trying to be very minimal here. So I got one nightstand and on top is my Lavendaire
lamp, the lavender lamp from Urban Outfitters. I just saw that online, I thought it really
fit with my pastel theme. I had to have something lavender-colored in
my room so I got that. And I have this rose quartz that I got from
Target, and I like the dreamy theme going on here. Some essentials that I keep in my nightstand
are: my journal, my pen, and lavender essential oil, as well as hair
ties and stuff. Those are some things that I like to do before I sleep. I like to journal before I sleep sometimes. I like to put on lavender essential oil because
the smell really relaxes you. And I’ll tie my hair up when I read and
stuff. Moving onto this corner of the room: this is probably the corner that I haven’t
shown in videos. I have this big painting here. I painted it myself, and originally I bought
this giant canvas to put on top of my bed because length-wise it fits on top of my bed. So I painted it and, although I could put
it there, I haven’t because I really like the colors
and the textures of this painting. I was taking photos of it to use in my videos,
and I was like, “I could really use as a background for
a flat lay.” I think the reason it’s taking me so long to put things up on the walls is because I’m
scared to commit. Once you put something up, there’s a hole in the wall. I’m just not ready yet. Anyway that’s why I put this painting here. It makes me happy because the door is there. When I walk in, I see the painting and the colors are basically an expression
of me: pastel, everything white, dreamy, airy, fresh, you guys get the point. This thing that I’m sitting on is called
a chaise lounge. I just thought it was so cute. I saw a photo on Pinterest where it was a
chaise from Ikea and there was a laptop with the throw blanket
and I thought it looked really cute. I thought, “I’d love to get one for my
room and be able to read in the corner.” Well, I ordered this online. It’s a little smaller than I imagined it
was online, and for some reason I haven’t done much
reading here. I prefer to read on my bed. But it’s nice and it gives me a lot of real
estate to put clothes on, so when my room’s not clean, generally this thing is filled with my outfits
that I don’t want to put away yet. Also, this thing that’s hanging off of the
chaise is actually called a macrame. I have no idea how to pronounce this thing. Basically it was handmade by my friend Anh
. She has a blog where she’s selling these. I’ll link that below: “Girl and the Word”. I saw her post about her handmade items and
I thought it was really cute so ideally this was one item I was going to
put on my wall right here. You know, this wall to the left of me was
the wall I was planning to decorate and put things up, things that inspire me. I have some ideas of what I want to put up but I want to gather everything before I commit. I’m just that kind of person. I don’t know if I could ever be able to
commit to something on the walls. Next up is my vanity area, and this is where
I spend a lot of my time if I’m in my room. I love the chair. It’s the ghost chair, it’s a replica so
it’s not the real thing because it’s expensive. But it’s the ghost chair with an Ikea fur
rug on the seat so you’re not sitting on something hard and cold. I got that inspiration from Pinterest as well. I thought it would be nice to have a vanity
where I could journal and do my makeup. Turns out: I don’t really use that table
for journaling. The ghost chair is too high, it’s like an awkward position. So I just use it to do makeup. I have my makeup acrylic cases that I really like. I don’t know if we need to talk about my
makeup right now. Over on the right I have a Himalayan salt
lamp that my mom gave me. Himalayan salt lamps, if you don’t know,
have health benefits. It’s kind of like a-I’m not sure if it’s
spiritual. I think it has actual benefits, like physical, for your health. For example, it releases negative ions that
clean the room. It’s kind of like a natural purifier, and
it works when the lamp is turned on. When the salt is heated, that’s when the
negative ions happen. You guys can totally research this, maybe I’ll post a link below on Himalayan
salt lamps and their benefits. I really love this thing. I keep it on at all times, through the day
and through the night. I think it really actually helps brings a
calm vibe into my room, I’m not even kidding. To the right of my vanity I put this reading
lamp. Originally that lamp was right here for me to read, but I figured I didn’t really
read as much here, so I put it there so it’s like my face lamp when I do my makeup
at night, which is not ideal but it works. Under my vanity, I keep a tissue box, nail
polish, makeup that I don’t use on the daily. Lastly, up top I have this white lamp that
I got to complement the white, dreamy, calm theme of this room. That’s it for my room tour. I hope that wasn’t too boring. I feel like it’s very simple but it makes
me feel good and relaxed when I come in here. I love the pastel colors, I love the dreamy
airy-ness of this place, and it’s just amazing. Alright, thank you guys so much for watching. Let me know in the comments if you have suggestions for other videos you
want to see me do. Give this video a thumbs-up if you liked it
and subscribe if you haven’t already. I’ll see you guys next time. Bye!


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