Mobile Phone with Thermal Camera – CAT S60 Review Cruncher Technology

Review Cruncher Technology [CRUNCH] Mobile Phones: CAT S60 Summarized Ratings: Date of this review: June 5, 2017 Total customer reviews: 103 56% good ratings, 22% average ratings, 22% bad ratings. Summarized Reviews: Pros • 13MP autofocus and FLIR Thermal Camera / 5MP front camera
• Can record in normal mode, thermal mode and or both
• 5m water resistant and 1.8m drop and shock proof
• Realtime temperature measurements / programmable button
• Inbuilt 32GB with 128GB microSD slot / Android 6 Marshmallow OS Cons: • Battery is non removeable / short battery life
• 720p screen resolution / Max video 1080p at 30 frames per second
• Thermal resolution is only 80×60 pixels / charge lid can break
• Low quality front and rear camera / Average sound quality speakers
• The internal thermometer is not medical grade / bulky phone Is it right for you? • If you’ve been looking for a mobile phone and thermal camera in one
• Thermal imaging has endless uses in light and dark environments
• Suitable for home or work use to find temperature leaks
• If you will pass on the FLIR Camera extension for your existing mobile
• Overall good build quality with military grade components VESA mount is awkwardly positioned/ poor sound quality speakers Subscribe here. Check out the other reviews:


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