Mobile robot application at MIR (Mobile Industrial Robots Denmark) with sensors from SICK | SICK AG

Our company is MIR: Mobile Industrial Robots My name is Nils Jule Jacobsen and I have a great passion for robotics. I work with robotics for more than 25 years. We´re in the lead of providing the new generation of robots that will be collaborative mobile robots operating together with humans. We have it in all kind of assembly industry. And we also have it in hospitals and elder home. We use SICK as a very important component to provide the safety issues we have: laser sensors and safety PLC system. So somehow we need to have a map of the environment first and then the robot matches that map with the input of the laser scanners. The MOC module was really important for us to have included because that gave us the capability of using different fields: To work at a high speed with a great distance for safety and then also at a low speed so you can navigate in tight environments. The robot has to move alongside with people. So it is really important that they also feel it’s a safe and stable product to use.

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