Mom Amazon Fall Try On Haul 2019! Fall and Winter Mom Outfit Ideas!

hey girls Trion coming at you from
Amazon the first thing on the list is this dress because I’m the most excited
about it I think I love them all though so this dress is something that I’ve
been eyeballing in Nordstrom for a while so this is a knockoff under 25 comes in
multiple colors and comes in sleeveless which I love because you could do like a
jean jacket or a leather jacket over I would even pair a leather jacket over
this one it runs true to size this is a medium the arms do not go all the way
down to my wrist but I’ll usually I’ll pull them up anyway and my favorite part
is that it adds a little modesty in the back it comes down lower in the back and
it feels it’s got that double layer in the front and then I love this detailing
of the V in the front there so I just paired it with some tall boots and then
these earrings are also from Amazon thanks for asking they are under five
dollars they’re like three dollars or something I’ve worn them every day for
four days just to test them because I do have pretty sensitive ears and they
honestly have not bothered me once they have not made my my whole red they have
not pulled on my ear they have not i’ve not you know when you wear uncomfortable
jewelry and you just kind of like touch all day long and it bothers you these
have not done that so highly highly highly recommend them I will link
everything for you make sure to subscribe to my channel and you can
follow me on instagram at stacy rody as well but comment below with some other
things you’d like to see and onto the next piece
so before I take this dress off I had to show you this scarf I think it would be
so cute tied kind of like mid-chest you could just tie it like that um you could
wrap it around your neck if you wanted to you can kind of wear it as a shawl
it’s under 15 super and soft super good quality and can you tell I need to buy a
steamer from Amazon one other thing I wanted to show you is next to ok this
clutch is one of my favorites that I’ve gotten this year from Amazon picture
this out with your girlfriends you need everything right in here it’s totally
big enough for all the lip gloss and all the wallets and all the things you
need so cute as a crossbody cute as down than just single down the shoulder or
you can tuck the chain and carry it like a clutch very cute totally snakeskin
trend OnPoint and looks good with almost any color so a must-have under 25 love
love love okay this dress is a favorite as well it
comes in multiple colors I love some of the lighter shades this comes in cute
little bell sleeves amazing tie in the front you can tie it I like to tie it
off to the side and just kind of loosely there I do not double knot it I just
fold it over itself like that great high neckline and again cute with whatever
you want to wear it with you can even get the white one and wear it with
sandals for like a vacation in the spring or something like that but under
25 comfortable does run small this is a large I usually do not wear a large and
a dress but you can see that it definitely if I would have gotten a
medium it would have been too short so this is a must-have in my closet I love
it so much I work for family pictures this year and if you need some good
comfortable dresses that are very flattering on the waist this one is it I
could tie this a little tighter actually okay one last black okay maybe there’s
one more but I love the v-neck on this one this is a medium so it fits really
well it’s like the perfect sizing the sleeves are great they’re long they’ve
got the detail on them and I love just how like kind of flirty and bouncy this
is would be super cute with any type of scarf it’s kind of warm so if you were
to wear it over to someone’s house this winter I don’t think you would need even
a cardigan or anything it’s not it’s like a thin cotton but for some reason
it just feels nice and cozy so anyways just wanted to show you this one as well
again under 30 and amazing kind of hides hides the Thanksgiving or Christmas
dinner okay last black thing on the list I promise this is a romper this is
something that I’ve worn multiple times on an airplane just
because it’s so cozy and it feels like you’re wearing your PJs little cap
sleeves has like a little seam here but pockets and then I love that it just you
can kind of pull up the legs if you need to you it’s just really versatile and
nice to have in your just cozy where it does run big this is a medium and I wish
I would have had a small just because of the diaper but that sometimes can happen
but it’s not too bad and the materials nice and cozy has a little bit of
stretch to it how cute are these beanies it comes in a 2-pack and there’s
multiple color options so I did the cream and the black $20 crazy love it
they fit perfect and it would be fun if you wanted to match with your little
girl or with the besties and that’s all you need
all right girls next up is this body sue I love it because it is super soft it’s
almost got like a velvety lining on the inside it’s a free people knockoff this
is a medium it has a really pretty neckline which i love it doesn’t show a
lot of cleavage but it can show off your collarbone and for the holidays you can
put a little sparkle on top of your collarbone there and it makes them pop
so little you a little beauty tip for you
pair it with any belt you like with jeans of course a little clutch or a
little bag you could even it would be cute with like a little um belt bag I
love the look of those so I would wear it with my girls out and just rock some
heels with it too like it’s a very simple but classy look really quickly I
wanted to show you this cute little black fan duster it gets perfect with
booties with the jump seal you could even wear it with that black dress I had
on in the first story if you wanted to kind of layer your black apparently
that’s what I’m all about today so I’m kind of making fun of myself as I go but
this is a great little find this t-shirt is so cute it does run a little bit
small so this is a large but I feel like it fits perfectly and I love the design
all my whole like my husband and my kids they all loved it like mom cool shirt
and I’m like thanks guys yeah awesome like Annie being knockoff but
cute and under $16 which is crazy okay up next is this tank I was looking for
something that would make my spray tan pop so like a nice crisp clean tank to
wear under cardigans and jackets and this one was a perfect one so it does
kind of come I think be so cute with cut-offs it kind of comes low if you
want it to probably not low enough to wherever leggins though and then this is
what the straps look like so definitely a strapless bra which whatever I mean
you kind of or like a bra that you kind of have to do that anyway but how cute
is this and I love that the buttons going down the middle slim at the body
and elongate the body this sweater has been a favorite of mine for over a year
comes in multiple colors fits true to size and is so cute tucked or untucked
because again it has that in long gating design on it so I did find this felt you
guys – it’s so nice it has like a really good khaki color and it’s under 15 so I
did snag that perfect again I was like denim shorts in the summer flip-flops
but good for sweaters and jeans this time of year so had to show you this one
last but not least is my all-time favorite skirt I adore this skirt let me
show you why it has a really cute little hem at the bottom it’s the longer in the
back it is cute with sneakers it is cute with
sandals it is cute with just these booties or
whatever you want I love it with a leather jacket and just a black tank
super simple super flattering fits true to size comfortable I love wearing it I
love putting it on and I actually have worn it with like just a black
sweatshirt and my sneakers and it’s like the cozy chic skirt that is perfect to
have in your closet this sweatshirt is to die for
it’s under $10 I want to wear all the time ask my husband I am getting a pink
one for Christmas which I’m super excited about and I’m going to be giving
some other colors too it’s a men’s i sized up to a large just so it could be
super comfy and cozy I think I’m gonna get my daughter one
and just order her like an extra-small or something if they have that option
because it is that good so I love wearing this skirt with just sneakers
and a sweatshirt because it honestly feels like I am leaving the house in my
bathrobe but I look put together stylish and I don’t have to think too hard about
it which I love how stinking cute are these leggins they are so soft almost as
soft as my Lulu’s not quite but they’re definitely a knockoff their high-rise I
ordered a small which I usually like to size down in my workout pants so that
they’re not baggy and say ye but I probably could have ordered a medium
because they don’t fit too big it off so I love them with sneakers I love them
with my sweatshirt super cute with just like a black tank or a white tank to
work out in I saw a girl with even gray Nikes on with this kind of print on a
leg in and it worked good so I had to show you guys these under 35 which is
the steel


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