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Hello everyone and welcome To another video in his francesco here. Welcome to keep productive if you are brand new here It’d be great to have you as a subscriber and obviously we do loads of different project management task management and Note taking application reviews. So please do become a subscriber. So here we go We are diving into today We’re diving into the 2019 edition overviewing some of the features abilities pricing and our opinion on who this is most suitable for So just before we begin, is a project management software It’s been valued and recently at 1.5 billion over 1.5 billion, which is pretty hefty. So this is an application it’s I guess making waves in the space and we will be out using the free trial today and will be on the Standard plan now. I think it’s always good to start with the pricing But just before we do if you’d like a discount codes or actual coupon codes then you can go in the description below and find our Latest pricing option on, this will probably make the pricing a little bit cheaper. So it brought you to check it out So you can go here to the upgrade section. You can see here that there are loads of different options This is the thing I’d say there’s probably the most complicated thing about is the pricing so they have four different plans from basic standard Pro Enterprise and You’ve got a range of different abilities Now the complicated thing the thing where it gets a little bit trickier is you’ve got different options for for example How many users you’ve got in your plan? And you also have a yearly and two yearly plan as well as a monthly plan So you’re gonna have to spend a bit of time sit down understand the pricing before you actually go in Because obviously it’s gonna be different and you’re gonna be paying a different price. So everyone’s gonna be paying a different price That’s probably the good news. So the basic plan includes unlimited boards, all of the accounts. Do you’ve got Kanban view and Five key parts of storage, which is plenty the standard plan has a lot more you’ve got the boards the Kanban view and timeline calendar map advanced set search and form customization and Pro includes all of that Goes into more detail with the time tracking and charts as well as a formula columns and way more Integrations and automations, so it’s really handy To actually check out what each one of them offer and whether it’s most suitable for your company So let’s dive into the actual features We’ll talk about the opinion at the end in terms of who this is most suitable for so you can see here This is the inbox so you can actually see all of the company updates here so you can see all of the updates streamed through You know, for example here like this was an invitation message from Roy but any message from your team will be available through here and you can tick them off and you can see any open tickets and It’s almost like an inbox like an email inbox now. You’ve also got a my weak area This is great for when we add a lot more to the boards areas and start planning and plotting out But you can scrub all through the weeks like what you actually did that week What you’ve got planned this week and you can even filter down per person if you and your team Want to do so so that’s quite handy. You can essentially see in what’s coming up for the week But the Rio Piedras resistance is the boards area. This is where I guess the majority of the magic happens inside of your account now before we dive in I will be generally using this so I’ll show you around all the features, but I’m using this with Alice so I can go to users and see the Alice’s here So I’ll be assigning a few things to her today. You can invite users up here as well You can manage security API billing and even stats So for example how much storage you’ve used on your account how much other people has been given access to? so you can obviously find out all your details there if you need to and using the settings page you can actually import data and Connect up with integrations. So that’s really good news So let’s dive into the different board. So you can create three types of boards and three types of boards are named So they’re the general boards. You’ll be creating for all of your team to access shareable boards these are the ones that will be public-facing or Go out to for example clients or guests and also private So this is handy for and if you’re creating boards for yourself Maybe you want to see like you’re going to do is for the week But they should appear here. But if you wanted to create your own to-do list separately, then you can do that down here Maybe we’ll do that in there at the end But let’s go ahead and create a main board so you can create a new boarder a new folder This is helpful for organization. But let we need to actually create a board for planning our quiz So we’re actually planning a quiz feature the key productive which will allow you to sort of drill down What application is most suitable for you? So you can use and start from scratch using the templates and that’s really easy to do So you have to just have to press use and you’ll get sort of basic set up Or you can go with like anything here. We’re gonna go with the single project, but you can see here there are loads of different options and what’s great is you can preview preview all of this and see if it’s suitable and you can scroll through for example, like this is a social media schedule like That’s really handy You’ve got campaign tracking project management a be testing so they’re they’re really designed and set up for each different Department like HR you want to see job recruitment and who’s Progressing then you can do so right here. You can use those templates quite easily there quite a few of them And I quite like that that options of templates is always a good thing to have So now we’ve created this sort of quiz feature that we’re planning here. We are inside of a new board So once you’ve created a board you can add a description for example This is for a new feature on key productive so you can add a nice little sort of Introduction and description you can see what integrations are connected what automations who’s actually invited to the board So you might want to get started inviting people So I’m gonna invite Alice to this board And you can make them an admin as well if you want to an owner of the board and you can see there She’s been invited to this board, which is great. So if I go up here, I can see the activity of the board obviously No activity really to get started, but you can see real intricate like okay I changed this to this and any updates that the board holds for the team. So up here Obviously you can change the view options So for example see in a table view that’s what we’re viewing it as now a timeline view Which is a standard account or standard pricing function So just remember that the Kanban and the calendar calendar again is a pricing view function charts and map are our probe functions so you can start to see the pricing is a little bit complicated if You’re on the free trial to understand which one you need to go for But just remember I guess in the free trial you can play around with everything I believe you’re on the pro experience at least for the trial so you can get a full understanding of it So brilliant news, we’re on the table and you can see here. The table is below us. You’ve got sort of different It’s quite cool, I guess to some extent because you can like create different tables for different areas So in this case, we gonna have like, okay We’re gonna have an area for research and the tasks that need to be done for research I can change the color and everything changes, which is nice I’m gonna have an area for design because obviously we need to design the quiz and I’m going to change the color on that one and We’re gonna have sort of I guess the information on what we need to do for the release. So let’s have that there Oh, I didn’t mean to click into that task. So here we are. Let’s start with this area here. So these are called groups So you can collapse a group which essentially hides it away but what you can do is open up pretty quickly and you can move the groups between Statuses say for example, if you wanted to move like it to the bottom or to the top and you can do so And down here you can start adding tasks and I’d see It’s a little bit complicated when you get started because you’re probably quite confused at how this works because you’ve used maybe Trello or asana and this looks a lot different But once you get your head around it, I think it’s a lot easier to manage. So in this case, we’re gonna say, okay I’m gonna research other online quiz tools So that might be a task. That’s an awfully titled task. You can add an owner to it So these are the pre created columns that they have you can add a status to it in this case You can choose some of the pre-selected ones although you can go and edit So if you wanted a new label, you can add the color so yellow you could say Almost there That could be a genuine status but in this case I want to keep with working on it and you can change how long it’s gonna take you now the one thing to note is when you click into the Timeline view it goes ahead and Automatically creates a new view for you. So you’d have to scrub all to the other view if you’d like to see that So that’s just something to know. So as you can see research other online tools, that’s me That’s I’m currently actually I need to sort of Do so maybe I’ll need to create a new area called do so. We’re gonna go down here I’m going to call it to do and There we go. Actually, I’m going to add it up here to do So we’re gonna give it a select to do and we’re gonna give it a bit of a due date So in this case, it’s not actually going to take me too long. So I’m gonna say the second to the sixth so it’s quite handy, especially when you’re sort of You know planning out Tasks and will actually show you how that works when you’re sort of coordinating other tasks so you can see here that I’ve got My sort of tasks get going But all you can do is add a new column and you can add a new column on a loaded from property tights you can Under these status one text one the people who are involved the timeline the date and also tags Numbers and there are some more columns that you can choose from now. There’s almost like a Marketplace for the columns that you can add so these are all the basics but you can add for example a check box Whether it’s been completed and you can add a link world clonk Anything like literally voting progress tracking. So in this case, maybe I just want to see Let’s say I want to get a check box and now let’s give it quite simple So if I press an to board, you can see that it appears there So when I check it off, it actually completed that task which is perfect so I could if I you know didn’t necessarily want to use this one I could go up here and I could go ahead and delete this column if I didn’t find it suitable So that’s how you can modify your account to improve it. So let me go ahead and a few tasks and sort of populate this area Okay So I’ve added a few tasks here and I’ve even added Alice’s an owner of one of these tasks but one of the things that I noticed whilst doing this is For example, if I want to just have a very simple due date for this one I could remove the column that I had for the timeline view and actually just use this one as a due date view So I could for example See, oh ok I’ve got all of this data and I can set a due date to it and I can even change the title of the Column to actual due date there So that’s a really simple hack that you can do and you can start taking stuff off which is really easy to do so So you can obviously add relevant stuff and design and all of that, which is great So as you can see, you can start to see a bit of an outline of all of the Judaic tasks now Let’s just pause here and go back to my week Now my week for example if I go to next week I should see that I’m starting to get a few tasks that are populating and you can see the quiz and Feature in the research section so you can see that upcoming I’ve got some tasks going so that’s really handy because what I can do is then I can start to see Assignments that I’ve got on for the week and again I can see the people that it filters down to and I can even add For example Alice to see her ones so in this case I could see all of our ones or I could just see mine only so that’s quite a handy feature to have Now obviously when you’re adding a new tasks you can add a new group of tasks So if I were to add a new group of tasks it create this brand new section Or it can import tasks as well or just add a new task and it will go to the top of the page Now if I want to I can go ahead and delete the or archive the group that I’ve just created But in this case, I can obviously modify all details and duplicate the group I can move group to another board, which is really handy so if I’m looking to filter down I can actually go up here and filter between specific groups the owner So if I want to see design tasks or sorry research tasks that are select for me only That haven’t been completed that I do next week. Then. I could see all of those tasks so that filter options is actually really handy and I can go ahead and clear that and I can save those filters as a new view which is something that Not many applications allow you to do So day down here. I wanted to start adding that timeline column and let me explain how the timeline column works I want to say design core layout and then I want to say design marketing page As two tasks inside of the design Group so I want to say these are for me at times too and I want to add for example in this case. I want to go ahead and change or add a Timeline so there we go timeline appears. So you may see there that if you want to add a new group It obviously gets Created inside of all the groups that you’ve got So I might want to go ahead and keep these instead of going ahead and deleting them So let’s say I knew this was gonna take a little bit of time So if I drill down so I’m in year view at the moment if I drill down to week view I can see that design Core layout might take a few weeks. So can see there eleven days appears, which is really handy so if I go into day view I can obviously go in and see a bit more detail so I can say Okay, that looks like it’s gonna start there But the good thing is any of the due dates that appear that have a date associated to them that is fixed Appear inside of here. So this one with the due date August 6th appears inside of this window now if I want to add any I can do so and I can even go on week and month you now here I can also split the view if I want and this is quite handy and this is Probably what you’ve seen on the adverts is you can see all of this sort of what’s coming up inside of the top view So if I go to the the main table I can now see that actually pop up at the top and I can still modify it which is quite nice so I can actually be able to Manage my own sort of layout and what’s coming up in this view which is perfect and I can even start ticking them off now if I want to I can export that into Excel see it in full screen view and That’s quite handy because if I want to see it is a separate view I can I can even go into settings in terms of whether I want to see it in Gantt mode which is bit easier on the eyes I’d say and also, you’ve got an item list as well and you can also organize that based on due date or Timeline so that’s quite handy So that’s really easy to do and really easy to access So if I go over to do the main timeline view, obviously that doesn’t come up now because I’ve taken off the split screen view but if I wanted to add another view For example a Kanban view I can do so so you can start by adding a column, okay so here we are in the Kanban view it has obviously associated these status as what column it should select so as you can see here, it’s selected that there so if I go over to the main table and I were to add a status for example, this could be working on it I’m working on it. And I’m stuck or Alice is stuck on that and let’s say I’ve done that and I’m working on this Then what I could do is go back to this Kanban view and you can actually change the title there Accidentally select that one you can actually go in and See this as a Kanban view and if I click in I can see all of the relevant details there I can divide it by the groups So for example, if I want to see Kanban you pug group I can do so So that’s a really neat way to organize that and obviously if you have a status already, it will pre select everything Automatically now let’s go into the calendar view because I think this is a nice addition You can see the calendar view appears very similar to applications like asana you can view and organize the week and day that’s a bit different to assign and you don’t actually get the Drill down as much as that we can view you only get month view in a sauna I believe and the week is handy because you could potentially go ahead and add a new task and and even time block to some extent so you could say You know 11:00 a.m. On That shoot today 11:30. Apparently I could say plan quiz Launch and then what I could do is I could change the group it’s available in so I’m going to say that same mark Did I say it’s a marketing? Yes, I did And I can add an owner which is myself I can add a due date So in that case, that’s a start date really, but you can change that Where you find suitable and even add a status to it as well. So it’s saying working on it So that’s a quick way to create a group If I were to go back to the main table, you can see that appears down here quite easily, so We’re gonna go ahead and create a second board to give you a bit of an idea but before we do obviously we’ll show you some of the board abilities So you’ve got the ability ant group rename board change the board permissions change board subscribers bomb permissions is quite easy What access do they have per user where they can edit everything or per column which is quite good So it’s almost a way good way to lock everything. You can use this board as a template So if you want to save that as a template you can do you can connect up with calendar integrations like Google Calendar Which is a perfect sync if you want to set due dates You can also see archive tasks archive this board and even export this table to excel so Let’s go ahead and create a bit of a more of an intricate board and let’s call this one the key productive summit let’s say we’re going to create our own event soon and Let’s go ahead and create this as a board So I’m going to go ahead and choose go to the event planning one if there’s an event planning section The one thing you can’t do I notice is you can’t search So it’s a bit of a pain But I guess they go announcements and events That’s more for education. So let’s try and find one that you know matches best criteria Okay. So what I had to do is in order to do office operations event planning and I use a command F to search the Events. So there we go. I’ve got an event one so I can start planning Some events that we’ve got coming up. So if I was like, okay events And I could start planning using this So what I could do is here I could say Open this one up and actually see the details of it but if I didn’t want to I could go to Type in the summit and that’s a conference I could start adding the attendees and what’s quite nice down here is you can select The formula to get started with all of these. So in this case, I might say, what’s the average? What’s a medium but in this case I want to select the number of attendees and I can change it to the pricing and availability So that’s a really simple way to go ahead and create a brand new board for a new area Obviously you can change it into different views So in this case, I might want to add Timeline view because it’s already some property selected in this case the summit appears here So that’s quite a cool and neat way to do it. Now. You’re probably wondering the sharing abilities of each of these So if I go back to the main view or the main table? I can go to the top and I can actually access the board permissions. Okay? So one of the things you’re probably wondering is how do I start conversations? And that’s very simple You just press start conversation, which is the comment bubble and you can start writing updates to your team in any format in checklists and all that sort of jazz adding files gifts and Mentions, you can also add Q&A s here and add files and add notes specifically to the task and see an activity log As well as filtering who did what and when and that’s quite a handy layout now if I wanted to set up Integrations as well. There are so many different integrations of work if I wanted to for example set up a slack integration there Changed like updated you when a priority went higher than it did inside of a slack bar You can connect it with loads of different applications including sauna Basecamp If you’ve got an existing application, you’ve got two duis coming up soon you’ve got MailChimp and so much different more and they’re almost like setting up the zapier integrations inside of There you’ve got some automations so you can set up automations based on for example, if you go to do date, you know When a date arrives the status is something else so that might be helpful for when you’re setting up your account Now what I would recommend Monday comm for is more for those who are looking for a much more advanced workflow Than many others say for example, if you you’re keen on using like asana for BM to organize basic projects Then that’s probably gonna be best for you. But when it comes to actually taking advantage of your own workflow these different sort of like custom fields because that’s basically what mundo de coms built around custom fields and Even templates. I think this is gonna be a really nice set up for you Now obviously your sana doesn’t have that many automations It does have a lot of integrations but they sort of match up on integration side of stuff. So this is really suitable I would say more for like 15 person plus teams that are looking to really set up a intricate workflow the one thing I’d recommend is going to the YouTube channel and actually searching some of their webinars that they do or at least at AWS they do have their account because Before investing money into this application I’d make sure it’s right for you. I used it previously With simplify days, so I’ve switched between accounts and show you if I still have access don’t still have access I’ve used it with simplified days previously Which is run by Barbara fuller and I actually found it really easy to use and we were always updating stuff pretty smoothly Sadly, I can’t show you inside of that account But I’ll try and find time to do a video if I’d managed to get access But anyway guys that is a tour of if you want a coupon code or access to it Please do check out the link in description If you’re new to keep productive, please do subscribe and we plan to do more project management review features Hopefully I gave you a bit of an outline to all of the features of at least inside of these sort of basic Edition. Anyway guys, thank you so much. I will talk to you guys in a future video and have a fantastic day. Cheers everyone


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