MOST Profitable Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing

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I mentioned before I’m gonna be sharing with you my the most profitable traffic
sources for your favorite marketing whenever we are starting an online
business we’re usually thinking about traffic traffic traffic yeah we need
more people to see or offer so we usually take that into consideration but
to be honest not all traffic services I created equals for example we have the
social networks like Facebook we have Twitter right we also have Instagram
which are really really really powerful social network we have snapchats right
but the thing about this traffic services right it’s that most people
they are trying to entertain their self they are not usually active looking for
information right they are you know trying to find out what other people are
doing in their spare time they enjoy how they you know it enjoyed a the weekend
what they do like if they went to the movie if they want a fancy restaurant if
they hang out what happened you know so they are not actively looking for your
offer they are not actively looking for a solution remember that whenever we are
trying to make an affiliate Commission we need to find people who have a
solution or to have a situation that they want to solve and or affiliate
product it’s that solution that they were looking for so
the best way it’s by doing that on search traffic okay search traffic oh
sorry it’s okay we’re gonna have doing but on search traffic for example we can
use Google or we can use YouTube remember that YouTube is the second
largest search engine okay it is just after Google so here on
search people are actively searching for a solution okay people are asking
actively searching for solution yes they might be finding for entertaining as
well because you know there are videos about memes and all that stuff but also
people are looking for a solution to their problem like okay I’m actively
looking for a plumber who is nearby right they’re gonna go to Google and
Google is gonna provide the solution maybe they want to fix they want to do
the fix yourself they can do the search on Google or they can do a search on
Bindu too if they want to watch a video of how to you know have that fix right
but they are actively looking for that so if I have the solution in my video
like hey I don’t know let’s say that you want to be like share I’m just making it
up okay so I have a video teaching you guys how to cut the woods you know how
to put everything together I’m glad you have the best your ever and I told you
like hey you know what if you want to go and grab the sales materials on a new
thing you can go to xyc store right and that store I have my affiliate link so
you’re gonna click on it because you’re watching my video you’ll learn how to I
did it you like it so you want to make sure that they share that you’re gonna
build it’s gonna look exactly it’s mine right so as you can see people are
actively looking for that information sometimes people do this the search on
Google about reviews on the products they already know they already hear
about the product but they are not sure if that product is you know the best for
them so they’re looking they’re doing search about reviews you know own honest
opinions they can do it on Google and they can do it only on YouTube but if
you have your ad on the social network yeah if you can have the best at ever
really target but guess what sometimes people are not in front of the computer
and doing the search maybe they’re on at the concert maybe they are at the
restaurant you know and they are scrolling all the information super fast
and your ad was there right again remember that people here on social
networks they are not actively looking for the information okay so this is
gonna be like a number games so that means that you need to have a lot of
people watching what you have to offer if you have a Facebook group you need to
be creating content super consistently and sometimes and I don’t know if you
have experienced this I have experienced it and it’s pretty sad sometimes I you
know see something on the feed and then because I click somewhere else before I
you know was paying attention to that ad or to that information and I go back the
information is just gone and it’s pretty hard to find it the same with groups all
told you can do the search something is the group has a lot of content it’s hard
to find it sometimes you don’t remember you don’t recall what’s the name of the
group what’s the name of the page that you were following it can be difficult
okay it can be difficult so this is the mindset right on the social networks I
mean this is something really important is that if you want to have a profitable
online business with a favorite marketing or any other kind of your
business online business you need to make sure that you’re gonna grab
people’s attention but people who are willing to invest you know people who
are looking for a solution not people who are just there having a good time or spare time you
know on the social network so you need to be really careful about that because
you will need to have tons of eyeballs on the social networks right if you want
to you know have those clicks super valuable clicks from people who are
really interesting what you have to offer it but if you spend on ads or you
create content for let’s say for a blog or video content for YouTube people are
gonna search it and it’s gonna be evergreen okay that’s how the system
it’s built you know it’s built to be searchable so the content is gonna be
evergreen so that means that this video that I’m recording right now people in
the future are gonna be able to find it right so I don’t need that many eyeballs
right I don’t need that many apples because this is target traffic so this
is a traffic that I need right this is a traffic that I need and this is a
traffic that you actually need okay so please take that into consideration
whenever you’re doing your business I know everybody is talking about social
networks I know social network is a hit and actually what you’re gonna do is for
example I recorded my do two videos and these people click on the description
they can see my social networks so guess what I’m also built in my social
presence but I already quote-unquote create a relationship with them because
they recognize me you know as an expert as a person who is building content
right so whenever they follow me on these other social networks they know
that I provide valuable information okay so focus on search traffic if you are
scared to be in front of camera don’t worry you can do videos you don’t need
to show yourself you can do a PowerPoint recording a screen recording you know
all you can be doing blocks you know you can be indexing blog posts on Google and
you’re gonna have traffic as well so this is it for this video I hope you
find the ensconce available if you have some questions you have some comments
live in a the comment area and I’d be more than happy to answer them do not
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