Hey guys! It’s Jana! And today we’re going to clean up our kitchen. I got dishes everywhere. We got clean ones there on the drying mat,
we got some dirty ones in the sink and of course the dishwasher is filled with some
clean ones. And on top of all of that I noticed that Quin’s
chair has like this weird blue tint to it. I have no idea what could have rubbed off on it. He doesn’t really wear jeans or anything. So I don’t know, but I’m going to try to tackle
that with a magic eraser because those things are magical. So we will see if that works. But I got to get this place all cleaned up. The floors are sticky and icky and yeah. Let’s just get it done today. Let me know in the comments if you are cleaning
your kitchen along with me. Go ahead and hit subscribe, thumbs up, check
all the links down below. Be sure to share this video with your friends
so we can grow our family here on YouTube. Let’s get this kitchen all cleaned up and the chair to be not blue anymore. Alright guys the kitchen is totally clean. Including the dining room. And as far as Quin’s chair is concerned, it’s
still a little blue. But I got a lot out of it. I might need to go get some like leather cleaner,
it’s pleather though. So I don’t, I don’t know. If you guys have any tips for me let me know. Because I kind of looked it up and I did a
few things that it told me to and it didn’t quite come out. So yeah white chairs. Actually, they have been pretty good about it. Um, no food or anything so I don’t know something must have rubbed (beep) That’s the oven, go to start making dinner. Um, must have rubbed off of his clothes at some point. And yeah, I don’t know. Anyway, I love it when I actually do all of
the things, all of the things. Like cleaning off all the appliances and polishing
the counter tops and everything. So it looks amazing in here. So I will tackle the rest of the floors tomorrow
if you want to join me for that. Get your mind set in there because I know
I have to get my mind right for that one. So anyway, let me know if you cleaned your
kitchen with me today. Be sure to hit subscribe, thumbs up, check
all the links down below. Go ahead and check out those videos I picked
out just for you. And I will see you next time.


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