Mutton Kosha Bengali Recipe | Kasha Mangsho | Bengali Slow Cooked Mutton Curry | Kali Pujo Special

Kosha Mangsho | slow-cooked, caramelised mutton 1 kg mutton: pieces with a good proportion of meat, fat, and bones are essential; we’re using raan (leg), but we also like meat from the seena (ribs) onions 100g garlic 5g yoghurt 100g salt 15g, turmeric 5g shahi garam masala 3g massage! cover and marinate in the fridge There are no special ingredients for a good mutton kosha. All it takes is patience. big cardamom 1 pc | cinnamon 1 large | cloves 10 pcs | dried red chillies 4 pcs | bay leaves 6 pcs black cardamom 1 pc | green cardamom 10 pcs green chillies 20g, ginger paste 40g, garlic 10g coriander 3g, cumin 3g kashmiri red chilli 3g, water 100g ghee 5g 150–200g yoghurt depending
on how tart you want your curry sugar 10g, salt 8g sliced onions 400g sliced onions define the texture
of the curry; diced or puréed onions won’t
give you the same result crush garlic and green chillies to a paste heat 20g mustard oil until it smokes lightly and changes colour to a pale yellow temper with dried red chillies bay leaves cardamom, big cardamom, cloves, cinnamon cover and fry onions until brown colour of onions after 30 mins brown mutton on high heat; stir often beat yoghurt until lump-free keep frying on high heat salt (8g), sugar Be alert! This is controlled browning; stir often, or curry will burn and taste bitter. keep a 1 litre jar of hot water handy over the next 2 hours on medium heat, you will add water (~30 ml), stir cover (~ 1 min), uncover scrape browned bits, repeat browning is good! scrape and incorporate you will see the mutton getting darker when you’re happy with the colour… …add water based on how much gravy you want slit green chillies cover and cook until mutton is tender you should be able to tear the meat with two fingers ghee one last stir mishti polao


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