My CR250 Rims Are Bent!

hey guys good to see you again I figured
I’d give you a little update on how the cr250 build is coming along as you could
probably guess the majority of the bike is taken apart and cleaned up at this
point got the frame swingarm and subframe
looking fresh I’ve been full of plastics some smaller
parts over here in these boxes and up on the table got some stuff torn apart
suspension is completely disassembled along with the engine definitely got my
work cut out for me and so the last thing to take apart are
these wheels and that’s what I’ll be working on today got a dismount the
tires and bring these things all the way down to the spokes and hub the biggest
reason why I’m tearing these wheels down is because both rims are bent not
looking too good besides that there’s a bunch of cool things I want to do to
these instead of going out and buying a pre-built wheel set with anodized hubs
and black rims I’m just gonna build a cool-looking set for myself before I
pull these tires off I’m gonna remove the rotors and sprocket I’ve got the sprocket and rotors off the
wheels now next up is dismounting the tires since I won’t be using the
sprocket I might as well give it away to one you guys right all you have to do is
go comment on my latest Instagram post with this sprocket in the picture you
know what this thing is kind of dirty give me a second and I’ll get it all
cleaned up before I ship it out to one of you guys I might just keep the sprocket for
myself thing is looking new all over again so go find me on instagram at
cameron Imola and go comment on that post I’m just gonna pick a random
comment and ship the sprocket out to you well let’s get down to business on these
tires luckily half the front tire is already
off so this one is going to be a piece of cake pulling apart the wheels is pretty
straightforward all the spoke nipples have a hex head on the inside of the rim
so I’m just going to use the impact driver to rip this thing apart this is a
very common issue where the spoke and nipple are seized on to each other so
what I’m gonna do about this is lock a set of vise grips onto the spoke so that
way it can hold it honestly I should have just cut all the
spokes since the majority of morsi’s door stripped it took forever to take
this wheel apart after a seeing the bend in this rim it got me thinking how much
impact does it really take to bend her in well I’m gonna test that out I am quite surprised this is where I was
whacking on the rim with the sledgehammer and all that happened was
this crack the rim didn’t actually Bend at all so when you see a Bend like this
one here that takes a ton of force being applied to the rim so I got this idea of
mashing on a rim from my brother Devin if you all see his version of it click
the box right up here in the corner now I’ve got to take apart the front wheel
and hopefully these folks are not seized up if they are I’m just gonna cut this
thing apart thankfully no the spokes on the front
wheel were seized up so disassembly went pretty smoothly but
out of this wheel set I have two bent rims and a bunch of junk spokes on the
rear but really all I needed were the hubs so the last step with these is to
pull off the bearings since I will be replacing those to pull out these
bearings I’ll be using a blind bearing polar set and the nut on the rear hub
this one right here requires the use of the special tool I’ll put the links to
where you can find these tools down in the description before pulling the nut
off the rear hub I’ve got to drill these two pin marks these are holding nut in
place bearings are now out and you guys know
me I cannot stand to see grimy parts like this so I’m gonna run these things
through the parts washer and get them freshened up not a bad look inside the hubs I’m still
undecided on what I’m gonna do with these so I might powder coat to myself
send them off to have them coated or possibly even have them turned to be
honest I’m kind of leaning towards powder coating them myself thank you so
much for watching guys I truly appreciate it and don’t forget
to go enter the giveaway for the sprocket over on Instagram on that note
it is time to say goodbye


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