My Favourite Bookshops in London! 🇬🇧

Hey everyone, so we are currently in London, we’re on the tube, and I decided it was about time for a bookshop day, and I wanted to bring you along. So today I’m going to be taking you to four of my favourite bookshops in London and I’m super excited, let’s go. Alright, so we got off at Goodge station Goodge station And we are walking up to the first bookshop. Truck. Um… Which is a Waterstones. Waterstones is a chain of bookshops around the United Kingdom. There’s loads of them but they’re all very different because they’re all in very different buildings. This one has particularly taken my fancy, I think it’s my favourite Waterstones I’ve ever been to and I’m super excited to show it to you. Alright so here we are at the first bookshop, this is the Waterstones at Gower Street. I’m so excited about this shop because it’s like a maze. It is so giant and…so many stairs, so many little passageways, and it has these amazing little cubbies, so let’s go inside. One section that I have to show you is this Penguin Classics section. Now, I don’t really like used books, they kind of scare me a little bit [laughs], but oh my god, even I cannot deny how beautiful these are. Ok, we’re now in the fiction section and i’m going to show you one of my favourite parts of this bookshop: these little cubbies. So these seating areas are so lovely, they’re so full of light and they’re super comfy. and you just..this is the perfect kind of place for a bookshop, right? And they’re sprinkled throughout the shop Alright, we’re now in Tottenham Court Road and we’re at Foyles. We just stopped for lunch at Itsu, this video is not sponsored, but it was delightful [laugh from behind camera] Um, whenever I’m in London and I say I wanna go to a bookshop what I mean is I wanna go to Foyles. I realise that the outside actually isn’t that spectacular but oh my god I can’t wait to take you inside, this shop is so bright, it’s so spacious and modern and it’s so. Huge. So let’s go in. [Laughs] Ok, I brought you all the way to the top I’m on the sixth floor to show you the most magnificent book view you’re ever gonna see, are you ready? Ok, I’m on the fifth floor which is really cool because it has a gorgeous café and an art gallery? This shop is so cool! We’re in the poetry section now and this is one of my favourite little corners in the whole shop. Do you guys ever do this thing where you visit a book a million times at a bunch of different bookshops? I’m having that with this book right now, ‘Do Not Say We Have Nothing’. I’ve wanted to get it a million times and every bookshop I go to I pick it up, and I look at it, and I think ‘yeah I should get it’, and then I don’t It just doesn’t feel like the time yet. Alright so that was Foyles There is actually a bunch of Foyles locations including this one at the Southbank which I also really recommend it’s so lovely Now we’re going to continue to walk through Soho and go to our next bookshop ooh I’m excited I think I’m gonna buy a book Alright we’re made it to Gosh Comics this is a graphic novel store, it has comic books and most excitingly, it has zines. Um also I’ve just noticed that on the outside there’s a sticker decal of the book I wanna buy so that’s a good sign that they’ll have it. Right behind me is the small press and magazine section which is zines, and I just love that they have a whole section devoted to independent artists. It’s awesome. Alright we’re at our final location, bunch of double deckers are about to come block it This is Hatchards, a beautiful store, we’re just off of Piccadilly Circus this bus is about to cover it [laughs]. Um, and it’s raining, and it’s British though, so I thought it’d be fine, let’s go inside! Ahh! Ok, this is the book tunnel [chuckles] which is kind of the reason I fell in love with this shop it’s just a tunnel of books and it feels so cool to be in here just with all the books, in a tunnel. Book cave! So Hatchards claims to be London’s oldest bookshop, it was established in 1797 and has been in this building for over two-hundred years. Which is insane, and you feel that history when you’re in this bookshop I think that’s one of the reasons I mainly love it is because it feels just like this old crookedy building, the floors are so uneven And it there’s just…it just feels so cosy and so like books have belonged here forever. So while walking around the bookshop getting my shots I realised this might be the comfiest bookshop of all time. There’s so many nice sitting areas. So if you’re walking around London, you’re in Piccadilly Circus and you’re really tired come on in here and take a seat [giggles]. Alright so that’s the end of my bookshop London tour I really hope that you guys enjoyed it. Down below let me know if you’ve ever been to one of these shops and if you haven’t, which one you would want to visit most. I bought a book today and some other books in the last few weeks So if you’d like to know what I got, make sure to check out my book haul, coming soon. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I’ll see you in my next one Bye!

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