My First Makeup Tutorial

– What was my point? (coughs) (laughs) Mew, mew, mew. Where’s the lash? Shut up! God, you’re beautiful. That reaction, bitch? Hello hunnay! Welcome to my first makeup tutorial. – [Mom] What, what are you doing? – I’m doing a makeup tutorial. Please step out, this
is not you, this is me. – [Mom] You came home five
o’clock in the morning. I got you right there. (laughs) Duh. – She has to move out. – [Mom] Whatever. – Go away! I don’t know if some
of you guys know this, but I started out as a makeup artist before I became a stylist and
then a television personality, and Mama Mai was a huge
inspiration behind that. We played with everything,
we made like glitter eye shadows and liners before we had that, you know what I mean? And nowadays, makeup is so sick, to pretty much cater
to every type of look, but what was my point? (laughs) Now on the show, I have
amazing makeup artists help me get that look right for camera, but my own makeup every
day is super different and I noticed that when
I posted on the ‘gram, a lot of you guys like it, and I can do it in like a few minutes but
I’ve never shown anybody, so when I thought I need
to do a makeup tutorial for my fam out there, number one, oh wait. My channel is all about confidence. You gotta own it before they do. This is also a beautiful makeup look, your damn face that Jesus gave you. To walk around and just feel super free and let your pores breathe,
but if you also wanna have a little bit of makeup on, you should know how to do it yourself, so get ready for me to show you how I do my
quick everyday makeup. I looked at all the
tutorials that are out there. You’ve got everything you
can think of from smoky eye to pool party, but I
wanna know what you want. So please comment below for
my next makeup tutorial, what type of makeup look do you want? Be specific, ’cause you know I’m reading every single one of them. For now I’m gonna show you
what’s in my makeup bag. This is (beeps). This is about to get so weird. This is my makeup bag. Hold on, lemme explain. What happens when you guys do your makeup? You have a makeup bag and you dig in it, you break your nails,
your fingers get all dirty ’cause you’re trying to find
that mascara on the bottom or you lost that one shadow. I’m a big-time fan of
As Seen on TV things, whether it’s the Snuggie, the Flowbee, I buy them all, so I saw this one chick who like, it was like
the before ad, you know, where she’s like tired of
your makeup bag looking dirty? How awful is it to have
nothing fit in your bag. Welcome to Makeup and Go! Yeah! So then you just, I’ll give you this when I throw it away mom. (triumphant music) I’m gonna open it up
right here so you see. These are my favorite go-tos. Sometimes when I see something new, I’ll add to it but in general
this is like, my face. Let’s start with clean skin. So you guys already
know if you’ve watched, please go back and watch
my skincare regimen because I love my skin,
I’m so thankful for it but I also take care of it. I talk to it, oh you’re so
pretty, you’re so pretty. – [Mom] Hurry up, get to the point. You talk too long! (laughs) Show your makeup, hurry up! We don’t need to hear you
talking in the mirror. You talk all the time already. – I just want you to know when it comes to doing your makeup, this is a moment for you to pamper yourself
and love on yourself because you deserve it. It should be a moment
to like look at yourself in the mirror and just appreciate
the expressions you have, the things you’ve been through,
like this is so important. Mom, shut up! For moisturizer, I’ve already
prepped with Summer Fridays. I love this stuff. If you’re on the ‘gram and you don’t own Summer Fridays, you’re
sleeping under a rock ’cause it’s super rich
and thick and it really does hold and lock in moisture well. Female founders, this
is a great moisturizer, so I kicked it off with
this, I always then put on a great layer of SPF. I got this in Japan and it’s the best SPF that I found that doesn’t sweat off. It’s an SPF 50 which is
probably more than you need. I like to just super
secure my skin but you can get away with a 35. Spray, that’s what you
say just so it doesn’t get on that expensive lens. Oh my god. (coughs) – [Mom] God punished you. – Never sprayed it indoors, sorry. (laughs) When you spray, ladies,
don’t forget to also spray your decollete
, this area right here you never want a crinkle or wrinkle. Should we open that door? Now that I’ve locked down my
skin with a great moisturizer and an SPF over it, I’m going
to do a light foundation. Beauty Blenders, duh, right? They’re everything. These need to be washed. I feel guilty, I only wash my makeup when I go to hotels
because then I can make a big mess and I hate
making a mess in my house. Let’s just get away with it for now. So I keep two Beauty
Blenders, one for wet makeup, one for dry powder. I’m gonna use my wet makeup one right now. You can run it under a sink
or spray it with water. The reason why you spray
it with water by the way I found out is because Beauty Blenders, the reason why you wet a Beauty Blender is so that it, the reason why you wet, (beep) guys. The reason why you wet your Beauty Blender is so it does its job to
blend makeup onto your face rather than soaking in all the makeup and keeping the foundation
off of your face and getting into the sponge, so wet your Beauty Blender first. Okay, Makeup Forever, Ultra HD. I love this because it’s
a great makeup stick that’s lightweight, you
don’t have to wear so much but I heard they discontinued
it so I’m gonna figure out what I have to do with my life. If you have another
makeup stick foundation to recommend, please let me know. It’s creamy and not drying out and doesn’t look like pancake face, please. So I’m gonna do just a little bit. I do like kind of a three stripes thing, on my cheeks, one kind
of in the middle there and then one in my T zone. I don’t like a ton of makeup
so I just kinda keep it light. Like that hunnay. I like face makeup where you can still see your pores, your freckles. I just like more of a natural look. Get it evenly all over. Sometimes a little bit on
the eyelid, but really light. If you watched my skincare
video from the previous week, make sure that when you
pat pat and touch around your eye area, go gentle on your skin because your skin there
has less elasticity and you just wanna make sure to preserve that nice taut feeling
around your eye skin. Just a little bit more right
around the edge of my nose ’cause I blow my nose a lot
and I wanna just make sure there’s a little extra coverage. Then I’m going to go into my concealer. (chuckles nervously) I love Born This Way
Foundation by Too Faced. It’s an amazing foundation
but I use it as a concealer. It covers really well, it’s
in a great range of colors for all types of
ethnicities and it just has a really nice satin finish. And I like to do a
little bit under the eye and a little bit right next to the nose. So that way I kind of have a
triangle shape right there. Then I also like some on my T zone. Mew, mew, mew! A little on the bridge
of my nose right there and then some on my chin. Like that hunnay. I’m going to use my
Beauty Blender to stipple and pack it in because
you don’t wanna blend it into your foundation,
you still want it to stay pretty opaque in order to
stand out from the foundation. Okay, so now I don’t pull
the concealer all the way up under my eye, so that it
doesn’t look too stark white right under my eye, right? Like that, so as you can
see I go under the eyelid then I pull it down, like my pants. And if you feel like there’s too much just like this area, then turn it on the Beauty Blender butt
and just blot that out, blot it out, blot it out, blot it out. I don’t want any bags under my eyes. Cool, then we do the
same to the other side. This is like when I’m
lazy and my mom’s like let’s go Ranch 99, hurry,
I need to buy more rice! Or if like my girls
call me and they’re like we’re doing brunch and
we got mimosas, so fun, I know I’m gonna sweat anyways so I just wanna look dewy and fresh. So this is like that
easy makeup to just run and take off, you know? The reason why we do concealer by the way, you always wanna look like
you’ve got a nice little halo from the center of your face
so that you create dimension so when your face looks
lighter towards the middle, your features show off
better so your cheekbones look richer, the bridge
of your nose looks higher, your forehead looks more prominent, your lips stick out a little bit more if you have like a little foundation here. If it’s just flat in one
tone which is just foundation you just kinda minimize the whole point of having bone structure. I’m gonna go to my dry Beauty Blender now. I’m gong to pack on my
Sephora golden faun– – [Man] Oops. – My Sephora press powder. This is my first time trying press powder, I’m not sure if I love
it yet, but I usually use a banana type of loose
but I just wanna see if it’s a little bit neater. I’m still on the fence
whether I like it or not, check back with me and find out. I’m gonna pack a very light
layer of powder all over, all over, all over. Just some on the chin because that’s where I get sweaty or it also
picks up my lipstick when I eat hot dogs, the kind in a bun. So when it comes to my contour, I got this at a gifting suite,
I don’t know what it is, I have to go find it to
refill it because I love it. I like ashy gray tones for my contour, I don’t like red. Love this brush. It’s HCT, I don’t know which one it is but if you look the shape you can find out for yourself, it looks like a little egg, but I like it because it has that point in order to really get into your cheekbone and then the side bristles
really blend it out. I’m gonna go right
beneath it to tuck it in and make myself look like I’ve
been having kale all week. Make sure that you match
your bone structure when it comes to contouring your face. Some of my friends will contour cheekbones that are higher than what
their actual face is, what happens is when
you smile, your (beep) all over the place. Just make sure you actually
follow what God gave you. Everybody should find
out what their face shape contour is, mine I like to go a little bit more V shape but if you have a round face, if you have a square
face, you have to figure that out for yourself. You want to offset the
contour by lifting out your cheekbones by
putting on some highlight so that you have the highlight
raising your cheekbone and then the contour
deepening your cheekbone. I love Dior’s Nude Air
Luminizer, looks like this except I left mine out in the sun, it got a little crusty but it still works, and it’s Dior so we’re
not throwing it away. (trills) Highlighter I like it
just right on the tip of my cheekbone like so. I’m also gonna put some on
the tip of my cupid’s bow so that my lips show up a little bit more when I show you how to line it
with my favorite liner ever. I’m speeding my way through
this ’cause I want you guys to see that a basic face
doesn’t need a ton of makeup or a ton of time, okay? It can really go up to 15
to 20 minutes, promise. My next favorite product
is my Too Faced blush, I love this, it’s discontinued. Jared Blandino and Jeremy Johnson, please remake this
product ’cause I love it. The perfect sheen, pink lemonade finish. Oh my god, I’m so innocent,
oh my god, trust me. So I smile and I just
get like that little bit right there on the cheeks. (gasps) This is my fave! A long time ago I showed
my friend Jared Blandino this eyeliner pen that was
from Japan and it was amazing. It was super fine point,
the ink was really rich and it gave you a perfect
precision cat liner. They made one better,
Better Than Sex Eyeliner, don’t sleep on this
eyeliner, it’s so super thin and it can give you super thick width too. If you have a great eyeliner pen, you don’t have to do
that much, it actually just glides on super easily. See how that end draws such the perfect little cat liner? And I used my nail to just
kind of like twist it out, does anybody else use their acrylic nail to just give yourself a little tip? Look at that pen, oh my god it’s so good and it’s so thin. I think the best way
to position your mirror is to get a mirror that props up like this because you don’t wanna
like draw your eye makeup when you’re doing things like this ’cause you don’t look like
this when you look at people, you wanna draw your
makeup the way you look when you look normally into a camera or you look into someone’s eyes. Makeup tutorials take a long time, guys. I have so much props for
all you YouTubers out there who do like beauty blogs. Lashes. These are hands down my favorite lashes. I glue it a little bit more
lifted than my actual eyelid. – [Mom] That’s because she have sad eyes. – They are not sad eyes,
mom, they’re puppy dog eyes. – [Mom] Whatever. – I’m gonna spruce it up just a bit more, let’s say if you wanted to go on a date or maybe you were having
brunch with somebody that you like but he doesn’t know that you like him, he
notices a little sparkle in your eye but it’s really the glitter that I’m about to show you how to put on. Too Faced Chocolate Bar. I love Too Faced makeup. The Chocolate Bar actually
smells like chocolate. I’m sorry it’s dented, I
ran over it with my car. (laughs) Too Faced palette, you completely survived the car crash by not messing
up any of my shadows. I’m just gonna put a little bit of shadow on the very lower crease
’cause I don’t want a lot. I like this Too Faced brush,
it’s the blender brush, it’s made out of synthetic hair so it just picks up shadow well and
blends it just enough so you don’t have too much. Okay, I’m gonna go with the peanut butter with a little bit of
caramel, ’cause I think it will look great with my hunnay necklace by Bychari, and my marigold top, and I’m just going to brush
it along the lower lid just like that. I’m gonna go a little bit more caramel and a little bit more cocoa
chili now on the outer edge, kind of give yourself
that little bit of a V where your eye shape
ends from your eyeball. I seriously think somebody is on the loose from the penitentiary
even though I don’t know if there’s a jail around
here but it just sounds like the cops are looking
for somebody outside. (whispers) I hope it’s my mom. Just like that on the lower lid. Super easy everyday makeup,
I’m not trying to like lock it down or look too official, I just wanna look natural. – [Mom] That one goes with your skin. – Thanks mom.
– Nice. – Blend it a bit just like that. My next step for my eyes is something that I learned from Motoko, and this is awkward ’cause Motoko is sitting on
the other side of this camera and I stole this product from her. (laughs) Isn’t this yours, Motoko. – [Motoko] Oh! – I stole it. This is Urban Decay’s Glitter Liner. I just line a little bit
on the inside of your eyes and I just think it
gives you a nice little opened up eye shape. It also makes men listen
a little bit more intently to what you have to say by
centering in on your eyes. I don’t go all the way across the eye ’cause I like it to be more heightened in the inner corners. Thanks, Motoko. I’m going to use the 266
eyeliner brush from MAC, my old stomping grounds,
did you know I worked at MAC for like seven years? This is the Z palette, makeup
artists who are professionals use this, it’s magnetic
and you can get refills from anywhere, but these are MAC. And I just like a little bit of a copper, I’m just showing you a
different version of a shadow, honestly the chocolate
palette has everything in it. And I’m just gonna go on the
outside of my under-eye area just to widen that almond
eye shape that I have. So Marilyn Monroe’s makeup
artist always used to create that bedroom eye, do you
notice she was always like, do this little like
bedroom look and her lashes looked really heavy on the bottom. Well not only does she
have a really heavy lash but she also gave that little
bit of a lower lash line powder just to give that nice little droop that gave you the bedroom eye look. So just a bit on the
outside, you can do this in any color, I’m just doing a brown. Favorite mascara of life! Better Than Sex by Too Faced,
I don’t care what you say, I have seen all the other
kinds that are out there that say they’re the best, no. The Better Than Sex mascara
for the lower lash especially is magical, so I’m just gonna apply it on the lower lash line like that. The wand is so fluffy and
fat that you don’t have to spend so much time stroking. You just have to kind of dab, dab, dab the lower lash line and it
gets in there like swimwear. I’m going to be generous
to tell you my favorite lip liner, even though
I know that you mofos are gonna go and buy every one of ’em at the CVS’s and the
Walgreens and the Targets. It is NYX’s lip pencil in nude truffle. It absolutely is nude with
just the perfect touch of terra cotta and blush, and it matches your nude colors (whispers)
every (beep) time. I like to not go over my lip line, except in two areas,
the bottom of my little lip butt here and my cupid’s bow. When you go over your
lip line on the ends here you look like Crusty the Clown. I go just slightly over my
cupid’s bow as you can see. So that’s a little over,
but now I’m gonna take it back into match the corner of my lip. Look at nude truffle,
I’m telling you folks, and then my lip butt, I can overline just a little bit and then take it back up to meet the other side. I’m gonna show you my favorite gloss that’s gonna be really
hard for you to find because for some reason we
can only find it on eBay. It’s this Victoria Secret gloss. Apparently they don’t sell it anymore. This is called Taffy Go
Lucky, I love their glosses because it has a great
slip, it sticks just enough to your lip without feeling extra sticky and sticking to your hair but it also has an amazing finish that stays
super wet all day long. And I like to do it using
my finger because then I can control the blend. Look at me, so pretty! – [Mom] Yeah, look very beautiful. Doesn’t look cheap, look. I just say whatever I’m thinking, that look good on you. – Thank you.
– Whatever. – All of my favorite
items I just showed you are in the description below. What other tutorials
do you wanna see me do? Check out my new membership club, guys. Don’t forget to subscribe so you keep us alive.


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