My friends expose me.. /r/quityourbs/ #26 [REDDIT REVIEW]

*UH YAHSYDHAYDG* (what I say will be in brackets) Subtitles after ad It’s time for me to flex on you kids I got a brand new Origin PC I have no idea what’s inside it, but based on the gamer lights aesthetic, I can tell it’s pretty damn powerful ha-tat-tat-ta (I have no idea what he is doing… but i think he means “stop/wait”) Look at this. *Shilling Intensifies…ALOT* How is this not the greatest computer ever made? With this, I can finally destroy T-Series(More like L-series) But this is not just it… You guys can win one of these as well :O and you can customize your case as well if the Brofist aesthetic isn’t your taste I respect it even though you’re 100% wrong This model is called the Neuron Origin PC is the only custom PC company to have their own line of exclusive desktop cases like this Neuron case Because these cases have magnetic feet so.. Just like my Chronos You can lay it horizontally or vertically So it can do this (ancient gaming chair joke inbound) and it can do this (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) *WOAH* It has an Intel Core i9-9900K 8-Core 3.60 GHz 5.00 Max Turbo *WOAH*(again) and a Single 11Gb NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Founder’s Edition That’s right *Just read the text on the screen dammit* (CC person 2 here, I agree with CC person 1) (CC person 3 here, i agree with CC person 2.)(CC person 4 here subscribe to pewdiepie)(CC person 5 here unsub from T-Series) I don’t know what any of this means, (it means fire and half of the framerate with RTX) but I 100% need it So I can record myself Watching memes Origin PC also comes with 24/7, 365 day a year Lifetime Tech Support For free on all of their PC’s (will be needed for that RTX fire) Right now they have a black Friday sale and cyber Monday sale Where you can get up to $850 in value Right now they have offers like: An Origin gaming laptop starting at $1,299 (USD) with free ground shipping And much more Check it out! Thank you Origin for sponsoring this video and thank you for this amazing computer [END OF AD SEGMENT] (pewds needs the damn money, Youtube ads are filled with tik tok and T Garbage okay?) Well, let’s just jump into it Let’s get on with the video In my battle against T-Series Two of my fellow closest Youtube brethren Jacksepticeye (Jackspedicey) Markiplier (red Pewdiepie) have remained silent *minecraft_oof.wav* So, therefore, I have picked two new friends to help me out! Hello! Welcome! that’s right I totally didn’t pay you guys *Everyone Laughs* Welcome PewDiePie clone (Roomie) (AKA Swedish Chris Pine) Thats me And male feminist (Boyinaband) *everyone laughs* Ok, this is Joel (right) and Dave (left) Both: Hi And we’re gonna We’re gonna review some reddit stuff *Everyone Laughs* Dave: I’m not used to this at all So sorry Pewds: Can you feel the cringe? Why do I look so goddamn short? What is this? Everyone keeps saying I’m short but this is not true (lies) Dave: Yeah, if you want to make Felix feel really uncomfortable Point it out Pewds: *Laughs* Joel: You should see the shoes Felix wears everyday They’re like this big Dave: Proper platforms Pewds: They’re not that big *Everyone laughs* We’re- You’re here for Reddit and nothing else Joel: Yea quit your bulls**t Pewds: Yea, spoilers! We’re reviewing the LWIAY subreddit *Awkward silence* Just kidding, we’re doing quit your bulls**t Dave: Is it Brad or Sive editing this? Pewds: Uh, I don’t know Dave: Ok Pewds: Why? Dave: They’re gonna have to censor out the word every time We’re gonna have to come up with something other than- Pewds: No they’ll censor it *Everyone Laughs* Don’t try to make it easier for them What are you doing? Dave: Sorry Hey! Look, guys Look what it says look what it is look Swedish boys (It’s actually the Dover boys) Pewds: This is a very important quit your bulls**t for me (D e m o n i t i z e d) and, for you as well I assume Joel: *I genuinely have no idea what he just said* (CC Person 2 here: this is Swedish) (CC Person 4 here: He just said ”I love IKEA” in Swedish. ) *chuckles* Me too *Pewds is reading the text above the image* *Dave reading the comment* Why? (Cause…..’Merica…..F’ yeah?) *Joel is reading IKEA’s response* (Rule 1: never respond to internet comments) Pewds: I have no idea what’s happening Dave: Like, the United States clearly has a code that shows the specific height at which their flag should be shown in comparison to other flags and IKEA happened to be able to reel it off immediately. …That’s… Dave: That’s pretty good
Pewds: Quit your bulls**t IKEA I mean- uh- United States ヽ(°〇°)ノ Dave: *reads title* Delivering the twist ending *Pewds reading tweet* *Dave reading other tweet* Pewds: Why would they post that? Dave: Right! How does that even happen? Pewds: How do you get that wrong? Dave: *quietly* Who’s John Carpenter (Blasphemy!) Pewds: He’s a legendary horror movie maker Pewds: uhhhhh Dave: *reading Wikipedia entry* Halloween Pewds: Did he do Halloween? The Thing. Halloween. Yeah, The Fog. Yeah, yeah. Pewds: Its got 70 thousand up votes it has to be good Dave: *quietly* That’s how Reddit works Pewds: That’s how Reddit works *laughs* Joel: *reads comment displayed above* Joel: that’s good should I do it again? Pewds: That’s how it was written out Dave: Yeah it was
Joel: Yeah Joel: Should I do that again, maybe? Pewds: nah it was perfect, we don’t do other takes here *everyone laughs* Dave: *reads comment displayed above* *everyone laughs* Pewds: you’re just a hater quit your bullsh** Dave: “Your phone is now hacked”
(CC person 3: Alright… one translated the whole thing so….) *Dave reads the text above* Joel: “What kind of phone am I on, what OS?” Dave: “You have 30 seconds to send them before I destroy it” Joel: “You didn’t answer my que-” Dave: “I don’t need to” *Everyone laughs* Joel: “it’s been more than 30 sec- Dave: “Yup it’s getting destroyed” Joel: “You didn’t really plan ahea- Dave: “Yes, I just destroy it, you think I can’t?” Joel: “I’m still waiting on that”… “Look I’m gonna go get some lunch, you have fun with hacking my ph-” Dave: “Just copying all your content from it first” Joel: “Ok sure”… “You done yet?”… “I mean it can’t take that long, I only have like 4 pictures on my phone and they’re all of pigeons” Pewds: What the F*** Dave: What? Pewds: I wanna see the pigeons… Have you guys ever gotten anyone like that? Dave: Uhhh… I don’t think I’ve had anyone claiming to hack my phone through a DM Joel: I think- I think I’ve been that guy. Pewds: What?
Dave: What? Joel: Like, as a meme I thought it was funny Joel: Like, when facebook was new, You’d like, DM people and be like “it’s not me, it’s someone else”. Dave: You’d do that?! Pewds: You were an epic troll dude. *Everyone laughs* Joel: Have you told your story on your channel about when you used to steal sh*t? Joel: You have, right? Pewds: Next! *Everyone laughs* *Pewds is reading the text above.* *Joel is reading the comment* *Joel continues reading* “when I said hi to you at the carnival. Good times. lol. Dave:That “lol” is spectacular Pewds:”fat little F****** B**** *more giggles* What happened at the carnival? Dave: Which of those is the most offensive? Like… Pewds: “little” Dave: The little, I think, is what hits me the most… Pewds: You Just gotta spread positivity… Dave: Also… *reads the comment from “when”* Pewds: “Hey! How are you doing?” |・ω・)ノ “L I T T L E F * * * * * B * * * *” |ʘ‿ʘ)ノ You can’t….You can’t say that word… Dave: I thought that you said they (Brad and Brad 2) were gonna blur-blur- *quietly, with confusion* blur it? (CC person 3. out….maybe someone will continue translating that.) (CC person 5, *thumbs up*) *giggles* They’re gonna blur the word? Pewds: Are you tryna make it harder for my poor hardworking employees?! *maniacal laughter ensues* Joel: Hey, turn this around (???) Pewds: OK, so… *Pewds is reading the text above* *Dave sighs then reads the text* Pewds: Jesus Christ Joel: This is the wordiest thing ever Pewds: But, I do think it’s interesting though, like- Dave: Yeah, yeah. I- I love when people just pull that kind of thing out NASA is not that stupid Pewds: Right Dave: It’s freaken NASA There’s been several studies that show that NASA has made way more money than was invested into it Pewds: Really?
Dave: From all the things that have been invented from it Dave: *enthusiastically* Baby formula came from NASA Pewds: What’s baby formula? Dave: *incredulously* The stuff that they give to babies… Pewds: Why are they showing me a computer mouse? (instead of a picture of baby formula) Dave: *giggles* I don’t know Pewds: Oh, that’s number two…
Dave: Oh, okay Pewds: They invented the compu-(ter mouse)???
Dave: Oh, right Pewds: What?? Joel: That’s dope Dave: So NASA made the mouse? Pewds: *loudly* OHMAGAWD the shoes you’re wearing! Joel: OH MY- my comfortable running shoes!
*Everyone Laughs* Pewds: Thanks NASA! Dave: *mimics Pewds* Thanks NASA! Pewds: Your comfortable running shoes Dave: Cell phone cameras Pewds: Okay that’s pretty epic… I don’t know if I’m thankful for that, actually Dave: *does a big chuckle* Yeah NASA invented selfies, cheers Pewds: Safer highways!? There’s no way NASA did that, right- quit your bull**it *Everyone gives Pewds a pity laugh for the callback* Joel: *menacingly* QUIT YOUR BULL**IT Dave: Oh, we’ve got a nice little “Musk” one here Pewds: Alright… Musky one… Dave: You can play Elon Musk Pewds: Okay, thank you *Dave reads the headline* Pewds: WOW, this is false Dave: *sniff* that’s so on the nose Pewds: Complex, what are you doin’? *pewds reads the text the cursor is hovering over *sharp inhale* Yeah I don’t do that… *the gang has a hefty chuckle over that joke* *Joel reads the Reddit entry* Pewds: Ask me anything… *Dave reads the first reply on the thread* *Pewds reads the second reply* What a savage mom, Rory’s mom, like imagine being called out like that Joel: Yeah
Dave: Do ya reckon he just did that intentionally Joel: Yeah
Dave: To make a meme out of himself Detective Joel: How would the mom, like, see that immediately and then, like… Pewds: Yeah, I don’t see…
Joel: Yeah Dave: Quit your bull**it, “r/quityourbull**it” Joel: Yeah
Pewds: *chuckles* *Pewds reads the Twitter post* *Dave reads the reply* *another hefty chuckle emanates from everyone* Pewds: JUST GO Dave: Augh, that’s something that really bothers me The whole, “I need an excuse to post this selfie that makes me seem like I’m a victim” Pewds: Do you guys remember when selfies were frowned upon? *chuckles all around* Do you remember? Dave: *backwoods grandpa voice* Back in the day, when I was a ki-(trails off indecipherably) Joel: Do you remember when uploading videos was frowned upon? Pewds: Oh that was weird yeah…
Joel: Like, anything weird with your friends Like, that was like when, I think, you and I started Pewds: Yeah Dave: Really?
Joel: It was like- (new thought) and now like, I see all my friends like, uploading like, all this sh*t to like, Facebook and Instagram and stuff It’s like everyone is doing it Pewds: Yeah
Joel: It’s like, weird how it became so mainstream Pewds: We fought through the stigma *this garners a big chuckle from Dave*
Joel: YAASs
Pewds: And here we are Pewds: Two empowered Swedish boys Joel: Yee (???) Dave: *with aversion* Oh my GOd… *Joel reads the begnning of the Reddit thread in a Swedish accent(?)* Dave: That’s crazy… Pewds: *continues in Swedish accent, annunciating* Dam-neh… *huge outburst of laughter especially from Joel* *throat squeaking* Pewds: *continuing* glad you’re NOT still here OP. (contrary to the text on screen) Dave: Clearly, glad you’re STILL here… Joel: Yeah
Pewds: OH, glad you’re-
*uproarious laughter* Joel: Glad you’re dead OP!!!
Pewds: I can’t read… Dave: Is that what Swedish people are like??? Pewds: You-
Dave: I’m glad you’re dead!! *big laffs from the crew* Pewds: Yeah!
*laffs continue*
*inhale* *Pewds corrects himself and reads the reply flawlessly* *Dave reads next reply* *Joel reads the following reply* *Dave begins reading the next reply* *Pewds reads the next reply in a weird Swedish accent* *chuckles and inhales* *Dave reads this next reply like a rad surfer dude* Pewds: Yeah, quit your bull**it, man Joel: *thique Swedish accent* Quit your bull**it *Pewds and Joel saying “quit your bull**it” with varying degrees of Swedish and English* Pewds: Okay, this is a review from “Crepes And Cones” Dave: Okay what kind of voice do you think… This would be like…
Pewds: The voice of someone ordering a waffle *Dave proceeds to begin reading the review as if there is something lodged in his throat* *everyone does a quick giggle* *Dave restarts reading the review with the same funny voice* *Pewds and Joel giggle about how Dave reads the word “shocking”* *Joel starts reading the owner’s response in the same voice that Dave was using to read the review* Pewds: Why would you write that? Dave: Maybe it’s just someone who hates that person Pewds: Do you guys ever write reviews… *he trails off at the end* Dave: Oh right! Maybe we can check out some of your reviews! Joel: OOHHHHHH YES *clap* Dave: Yeah Felix (Pewds) is a guy who actually writes reviews for things Pewds: I dunno why you guys think that’s so weird! Joel: It’s hilarious
Dave: I don’t know anyone else who writes reviews Pewds: I’m doing them a favour!
Dave: I know!
Joel: It’s just that, like, you’re public like, you’re like, it’s just, you’re like a public online person And you’re doing reviews in your own name And like, it’s really funny “Felix Kjellberg thinks the pizza here is alright!” *everyone has a chuckle* Dave: It was harsh, some of it Joel: Oh yeah, some of it was really mean Pewds: If they’re sh*t they need to know! How can they improve *Dave reads this Pewds-Review* Joel: That’s so funny
Dave: Jesus What made you so angry at this place that that was your *pause* Pewds: hmm They were actually lovely in there! Dave: *chokes*
Pewds: To be frank (?) Dave: But that’s- that’s lovely?? Pewds: I- I almost, I almost wrote like “but the staff was good” but, I was like, eh, you know what… Dave: You reviewed Nando’s?! Joel: AHhhh-ha-ha
Dave: People don’t know what Nando’s is? Pewds: They need my review! The people need-
Dave: The small up-and-coming business Nando’s needs the endorsement of Pewdiepie™
Joel: That’s hilarious To get by-
Pewds: Hey I got free food at Nando’s once… because of it… Pewds: Hey another waffle one *reads the tweet* *Joel reads Waffle House’s reply* Pewds: DAMMNN x2 *chorus of weird noises from everyone, “AGH” “OH” “DAMN” “AH”* Pewds: Waffle House go away! Oh! (lol) Okay, hope you enjoyed this Reddit video, Check out Joel (RoomieOfficial) and Dave’s (Boyinaband) channel, link in description! They make videos once every, while… Dave: heh, it’s been like four months… Joel: I have a video out today! Dave: Oh? Joel: Yeah. Pewds: Check out the “daily” video *some chuckles from everyone present* Joel: It’s been two months, but I really(?) did it today Pewds: And that’s it. Goodbye. Alright, Dave, you can leave now Joel: Do you wanna get waffles? Pewds: Later, yeah let’s get some waffles, yeah, sounds good. subtitles by spider sim….ok bye 😀


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