My Goals for 2019 | New Year’s Resolutions | PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT

Happy New Year! Pop that champagne
actually this is not champagne this is Welch’s sparkling grape juice and it
actually says it says clink but anyways Happy New Year I’m doing my 2019 goals I decided to create some goals this year and intentions every
year I usually choose a word for the year so I think last year my word was FOCUS or something like that this year my word for the year is
RELEASE and I recently published this Instagram post sharing some more details
so you can follow me on Instagram and check that out as well. Essentially some
of my goals I’ve got, just a couple of goals actually Ionly have really like
three main goals and usually what I do is I like to set goals that I feel like
I can jump on and accomplish at least the majority of it in January instead of
thinking of the entire year for goals I prefer doing a three month
sprint. What can I do in the next three months to make these things come to life?
And then sometimes I even shrink it down to say like what can I just get
accomplished in January and then usually when you start the year off right the
rest of the year sort of follows. So one of my goals for this year is number
one I want to start a new skincare routine and I’ve actually already
started this I’m really really excited at the results already I will have some
before and after pictures and I have makeup on right now so it’s probably
hard to see what my skin looks like clear but I do have some before pictures
I just started the routine so I’m going to be sharing some of the after pictures as
well after I have about 30 days into doing that. The reason that I wanted to
start a new face skin care routine is because I am getting a little bit older
and I feel like I haven’t been taking care of my skin the way that I’m
supposed to you know how like in the magazines they tell you at the age of 20
you should do this and then 25 and 30 and 35 I feel like nobody really pays
attention to that until they’re 30 or like 35 and that’s been the case for me
also so I decided to actually start paying attention I got a couple of
different of skin products so I’m gonna be sharing
that and those results as well if not in a full video maybe I’ll just share it on
Instagram so don’t forget to go and follow me over there. So that is goal
number one. My goal number two was to save an additional seven thousand
dollars and it’s funny because I actually had shared this with a friend
of mine and they said well why so little or you know they felt like it
wasn’t enough like I should be trying to save like a hundred thousand or
something like that and my response was well my goal is my goal your goal is
your goal so essentially I would like to save an additional seven thousand
dollars and put it aside in an account where there’s nothing else that that’s
needed for it’s just for additional cash so that’s the second goal that I have
and that’s not something that I can knock out in the month of January but
it’s definitely something that I could get a head start on and make that into
one of the three month’s sprints as I continue to bring in income from my
business and pay myself some of that will go into savings obviously. All right
goal number three is a little bit superficial but I wanted to do a 30-day
ab challenge I’ve done 30-day challenges in the past I’ve done a 30-day squat
challenge I’ve done a wall sit challenge and I think I also did a plank challenge
which was really cool because it was one of those things where you start off with
a 10-second plank and then you move into like 15 second and eventually you’re
doing like a three-minute plank and I remember thinking that I would never be
able to do a three-minute plank and same thing with the wall sit challenge and I
was actually able to do it. So this year I wanted to do a 30-day ab challenge
it’s something that I grabbed from Kari Pearce she has a program called
Power Abs and so I will link to her in the description box if you’d like to
check her out she’s a crossfitter. I’ve been doing that as well so that’s
one of my goals for the year is just to do that challenge every single day so
each of the 30 days to stick with it without quitting one of the things I
will say for the new year is that a lot of people hate on resolutions but I find
that is one of the best times to take advantage of the momentum because
you’re already in the mood of this is a new year new me who dis? “New me who dis?” You’re in the mood of you know something new and it
feels fresh and it feels exciting so why not take advantage of that? Even though I could start an ab challenge or a healthy skincare routine or start saving
more money at any point during the year whether it’s Tuesday or Friday or
December 1st but taking advantage of the new year when things are fresh it
makes it that much easier. So I’d love to hear more about your goals. Do you have
specific goals for the year? I always say make your goal SMART goals. So
obviously for the 30 day challenge that is something that I will finish by
January 31st for the 30 day ab challenge. For saving $7,000 the goal for that is
to complete that by December 31st 2019 and then finally for the facial skin
care routine that was something that I just wanted to start and I’ve actually
already started that so I’m pretty excited about that.
I haven’t created any business specific goals because I still have some business
specific goals that I created like a year ago that I still want to reach.
Namely I want to reach 250,000 dollars in business revenue and I’m still
working on that so that is essentially still a goal of mine I had made that
specific where I wanted to hit it that year but I didn’t hit it that year and
and that’s absolutely fine. I would love to hear more about your goals and also I
want to let you know that if for some reason you had a goal you didn’t hit it
you can still reach that goal. You don’t have to throw it in the trash I want to
encourage you to let you know that it really is okay. The worst thing that you
can do is to compare yourself to other people. Remember that you’re on your own
journey. It doesn’t matter whether you said you wanted to do this and then you
didn’t do it. Just pick it back up and do it if you still want to do it
you’re still gonna get it done okay so I wanted to definitely make sure to
include that as well don’t forget to like this video subscribe comment below
let me know your goals I’d love to hear them and I will see you guys in the next
one thanks for watching bye


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