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– Creating your very own digital products, no matter what niche or industry you’re in is one of the very most profitable things that you can do online. Hey, it’s LeahRae from, now are you creating your
own digital products? Because you should be. This whole world has gotten
drastically different in the last you know, month or so even. New software, new programs
have been released that make this way easier, I’ll tell you. We started offering our
very first digital products a year and a half ago-ish,
and it was a huge undertaking, we actually hired a
coach for an entire year to help us get set up, and there was a ton of integrations and
technical stuff involved. We had to move to Infusionsoft
and membership site stuff, and it was very very
complicated and very technical. Now that is why I typically
wouldn’t previously have recommended creating
your own digital products for the average Joe who
wants to make money online, but that has now changed. There is software available to you that makes this super super simple. So if you’re really passionate about dogs, then you could do a training
on how to potty train your dog, or how to do
obedience training at home. Or if you’re a homeschooling
mom who just rocks that world, you could do a training
series teaching moms and dads how to get
started with homeschooling. If you’re learning social media marketing, and you wanna share what
you’ve learned, that’s great. Teach people how to get
their very first followers on Instagram, how to
generate their first lead, how to grow their subscribers on YouTube, create content, whatever. But you can create these digital courses, and yes it takes time
upfront to set them up, to create the videos,
whatever the course is on, however it’s like printing
money after that point. It’s essentially almost 100% profit. You can sell it over and
over again through ads on Facebook, YouTube ads,
through your organic traffic on Facebook, Instagram,
YouTube, your blog. You can make a lot of money
with digital products. So what changed? What made it easier? Well let me dive into my
computer here and show you. Now on my screen I have
pulled up MyLeadSystemPRO, MyLeadSystemPRO, we are
huge fans of MyLeadSystemPRO before this even hit because
it has great training to teach you digital marketing, social media marketing, content marketing. It has done for you lead
magnets and giveaways, plus customizable capture pages. A CRM, customer management system which is like a database
that you can document with your leads and different things on, and it will host your blog. So anyone who’s building
an online business, a digital business, they’ve always been a really great option. Now what just was released
recently has changed the game because they are now allowing
you access to their software so that you can create your
very own digital products and membership sites through their system, and it’s not complicated at all. Now truth be told, Todd
did all of the setup for our business when we
launched our own products, right? He’s done all of it, I’ve
never touched it like once. He’d start talking, and
it’d go over my head. And I’m not a non-techy
person, I’m decent, right? But he handled it ’cause he’s super techy and he just ran with it. I have no idea how to do this stuff. I jumped in here this weekend
just over some free time, I created our very first course. It is super simple so that
someone who’s not super techy, but can navigate a computer
decent, you can do this, swear. You can do this. So I love what they’re doing here, I’m gonna show you a little
bit about how this works, but essentially if you
have their professional level membership, their
professional level membership, or above, you get access
to the business center. And with the business
center, you can now offer one-time purchase products so people could purchase you know, a $27,
a $297, $1000 course, whatever price point you
have your product at, you can offer that as a one time purchase. They also allow you to
setup payment plans. So say it is a $997 course, well you could break that
up into three payment plans, whatever you wanna do. So they allow for payment plans, they also allow for membership sites with ongoing subscriptions. So people get you know, ongoing access to you, or to your
training, or whatever it is for so much per month, that’s great. They allow you to do that
with this business center. This integrates with your
email autoresponder systems, it integrates with Zoom, it integrates with your
payment processor with Stripe, and it makes it so
simple, not even kidding. They’ve got basic tutorial stuff that’s actually easy to read. Like one thing that I hate
about going through and doing, when I have to do the tech
stuff and Todd doesn’t do it for me, it’s like they
speak a different language, and they expect you just to
understand what they’re saying. Well I found this not to be the case when I actually went
through their help documents just to make sure I
understood the terminology that was being used, it
was in layman’s terms, it was stuff that I could
actually understand, and that makes me excited
because that’s something that, this is something that
normal people can do. You don’t have to be a
tech marketing genius to set up your own course now. You can come in here,
create it, set it up, and you’re good to go. So let me break it down, there’s I think three
basic processes that you’re gonna go through when
you’re setting this up. First off, you want any
integrations that you wanna set up. So say you have a active campaign, it’s the email auto responder
system that we love, our links in the description
if you’re looking for one, they’re the best. So integrate your email auto responder. You set that up in your integrations, legal policies, return
policies, all that kinda stuff you do wanna set up as well, and connect your merchant processor. So if you wanna go to Stripe, it’s typically the easiest
one to get started with. Go to Stripe, and set up a
payment processor account with Stripe so that they can
like charge the credit cards for you essentially. Once you have those one
time fundamental stuff, when you have that done,
then you can go ahead and start making your course. So you click on this asset manager, and you go to the course manager, and here is where you can
start creating your course. So I have something that I’m
actually gonna be releasing this week, so stay tuned on our email list if you’re on it, so you
could see what’s happening. But this is awesome,
you go in, you can edit, and it’s just click, it’s
like just if you can click, and you can type, and you
can navigate a computer, you can set this up. So you’re gonna upload the
video to YouTube, Vimeo, wherever you’re hosting your videos, upload it to there, and
then you come in here, and you create the course. You’re just plugging in the video URLs, you’re embedding it
essentially into the website, and you’re good. When you have the course created, you can go over to product offer manager, and this is where you’re
actually gonna set up the payments, so you know, how
they’re gonna charge for it, what payment options you have. If it’s a two time payment
option, a single payment option, whatever you have, you
do that all right here. Once you have that, you go
to their checkout manager, and here you work on the actual
checkout funnel essentially. So the actual page where
they’re gonna put in their name, information, their credit card. That all you know, that’s the main page you’re gonna check out with,
but you can super easily create an order bump where
they could just check a box to add something to their cart. And then you can have an
upsell page after that to make even more sales. Another really cool thing
about what they’re offering is that they’re allowing you
to get your own affiliates. So what’s better than
making your own sales, and selling your own products? Getting other people to make your sales and sell your products for you. So you can do that, you can
offer whatever percentage, you know 30, 50%, whatever
you want for your affiliates, and so that they can go
promote your products, and you just sit home and
make money, it’s awesome. They allow you to set all of that up through their affiliate manager. So this is a super robust system that really puts it
down, it’s super simple, like very basic level,
that very non-techy people are able to come in here,
set it up, get rolling, and get started. I’ve only played with
this for a couple hours, and I’ve got a course that
I’m releasing, I’m launching this week, right, it’s set to
go, I just have to release it. This is very simple, and
a great introduction, a really just a great
way to open this door to creating your own digital products no matter how far you are
along in your journey. I’m gonna have the top
link in the description before our affiliate
link for MyLeadSystemPRO. If you are looking, if you’re serious about wanting
to create income online, you can easily throw
together a digital course even if you start with something simple like a $7 course, that’s okay. You can start with something simple and work your way upward,
but click that link, top link in the description to get access to MyLeadSystemPRO. You can try it out for $10 for 10 days before it goes through
the monthly subscription, and honestly we absolutely
love the program, I love what they’re doing
here allowing people to create their own membership sites, sell their own products, and really opening the
door to a whole new world of people who couldn’t have
managed all of the integrations and stuff previously. Now they also have a
lot of other great stuff in their system, and we
have been affiliates, the top affiliates for
them for over a year. We absolutely love them and
everything that they’re doing, and the heart and the soul of the company, and where they’re going. So you can click the link, top link in the
description to check it out more in detail and get
access to your $10 trial. Now please know that
we are rooting for you, we are here to help you
create the time freedom that you and your family deserve. So if this is the very first video you’re seeing of ours, guess what? You gotta subscribe, hit
that subscribe button so that we can help you
create that time freedom. Once again, this is LeahRae
from, head over to this next video, watch this one next,
and I’ll see you soon.


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