(Pewds imitating jacksepticeye)
Top of the morning to ya laddies. Today, it’s the only sunny day that we would ever get in UK. So I decided I’m just gonna vlog it and take some time off from the COMPUTER I’m also wearing shorts. I know Very nice Marzia have been wanted to buy uhh one of those kiddie pools for a long time and I’m kind of like that’s a bit trashy, but it sounds fun Marzia: Excuse me?! So we’re gonna buy a pool today to really enjoy the British summer For those of you who don’t know. This is my temporary setup I’m a- are kind of like summer location and this is pretty much the same setup I have As I brought to Japan. It all fits in a- in a suitcase Setup tour~ This is the… this is the camera I got in Japan. uh- this one is 4k so which is why sometimes you see all my pores *giggles* In case anyone is curious this is for the sound. Usually you see every Youtuber ever have like the squares on the wall The thing is you have to spray those with like this is glue and I used to have that in my old setup They don’t go away from the wall If you ever put them on the wall once They’re gonna be there forever, and I’m like, I don’t want to do that again So you just get these babies Look who it is? (EDGAR!) How are you sleeping in this bed? Awwww


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