My Ultimate Dirt Bike Shop!

What’s going on guys So I needed a little break from work Got some downtime to give you a little tour my place out here since a lot of you been asking for that So I’m in Spokane, Washington. I have a shop on 20 acres So let me take the camera off my ugly face and show you this cool spot I got so we’re walking out the back of the shop right now what I really want to show you guys is my grass Super green right now just mowed it. No, but honestly, I don’t think I could be in a better spot out here Got a nice view of the mountains It’s just flat land. No trees at all actually got one tree right there But this is the front of the shop Pit bike track is over here. You guys have seen that on the channel Let me take you out here. Since this is my favorite spot on the whole plot of land so much fun on this track So it’s pretty fresh right now Just rebuilt it a couple weeks ago. So it’s on a 150 by 150 foot square when I first built this track, I used a front end loader like a Kubota Took forever. He was like two weeks I think of moving dirt and shaping And the last time around to use that skid steer so that worked out really good and then out back I’ve got a big bug track in progress. I’m a big table here Another double right there Double out that way, so Yeah, that’ll be a fun track once it’s done You guys will see me building this on the channel as well another view of the shop house so how this is set up is about 2/3 of the square footage is shop space which I love and then the other third is Living space so a little apartment in there. So I bought this place about 4 years ago did a lot of cleanup around here obviously built the tracks and So I’ll give you a tour inside to give you a better idea of it. So my land goes pretty far up there It’s like a long skinny piece mostly all field Goes out back this way as well. So My ultimate plan is to have this pit back track, which is done already finish up the big bike track and then over on this side I left about 300 feet to the fence got a nice long strip here and you guys are going to call me crazy but what I want to do is Build a straight rhythm track so like a long probably quarter-mile Track of just whoops jumps rhythm sections all that no corners at all. So obviously to do all this I need a big dozer or some sort of big equipment so cat or John Deere or any other equipment manufacturer if you’re watching this Here’s your chance to sponsor the channel. I think we could do some really cool things together So I’m out here on the big track Thought I’d show you guys a little bit more of it since most you guys are probably moto guys Anyways, so a flatland you got to create your own elevation That’s kind of what I’m doing right here. Doug a big asshole can have some drainage on the side of it That is a single that drops into the hole. We’re standing on the second hill right here So it’s gonna be like gravity cabin. Anyway, maybe not quite as steep But anyways, this leads to Frick The heck is that just found that on the top of the second jump So essentially I’m using about ten acres of land out here for this track So pretty excited to finish this thing up someday now, I’m really curious how these got here I think I’m just gonna leave them right there. That’s pretty nasty. We’re walking into the back of the shop You guys have seen the inside this shop a million times. But while we’re out here thought I’d show you my little Subaru. It’s a 2016 WRX bought it all stock with 8,000 miles on it Absolutely. This car wouldn’t want anything else maybe a GTR something but my brother Devin went through and pimped it out pretty good when I Was going through cancer treatment just kind of a surprise Gift to me really cool video he did on that. So he went through and did the wheels suspension headlights foglights Bunch of cool stuff on it. Devin is one of the best car builders I know he does YouTube videos as well really good content. You guys have to go check him out I’ll have his channel link down below in the description. So that’s the car Can’t forget about the sick wall mower Inside the shop now. Alright, so this is where I spend most of my time inside the shop I actually don’t really spend much time in the house other than just sleep and eat. So start up front right here Just a bunch of equipment nothing special Got a 92 z50 gonna restore that on the channel at some point I don’t think you guys have seen this one on the channel yet. It’s a 19-9 B Weiss r50 it’s like a mini crotch rocket super cool bike actually How would I know haven’t written it yet. They look fun. It’s a 50 cc two-stroke need some work, so that’ll be on the channel as well a Little XR 80 project bike you guys have seen that one. Obviously a 250 that’s world famous the CR 125 Over here is my one 10k LX 110 l that’s what I’d ride on the pit bike track most of the time I Might do a little bit more work on that bike and then the super jet This is what I mostly ride during the summer time. Take it out to the lake and just go shred That thing is a good time now all the shelving holds the stuff you see on the website but shirts hats Scotch-brite cleaning pads for days Bunch of shipping boxes got my little office computer an office chair over here packaging table So yeah, pretty pretty modest setup. Nothing to do special Doesn’t really take much to run a an online business And now let’s go check out the inside of the house a little door that goes from the shop to the house Make sure you take your shoes off. I’m a clean freak Got a mudroom here and this goes into the bedroom living room bathroom So yeah, pretty cool place here. I Was pretty surprised when I walked in this place for the first time so I bought this place pretty much how it sits right here Maybe did a little bit of paint trim work. Nothing too crazy Kitchen nice white cabinets. I love that clean. Look Through that and Then this is where all of the video editing takes place this computer here Living room pretty small set up smaller the better less the clean and the sketchy set of stairs Goes up into a loft. I’ve got some workout equipment up there mostly storage Bathroom not really going to show you that nothing too cool and This is where all the business transactions take place. So yeah the bedroom So that is the house Let’s go back out to the shop where I belong. So that is the pad. Hope you guys enjoyed it No, I know I’m gonna get the question. How did I afford a place like this in my opinion? It’s pretty modest Nothing too special. I mean, it’s got great location got a shop to work in It’s got the bare essentials of what I need I absolutely love the place, but it’s no mansion by any means but to answer the question just been working under bikes my whole life since I was 12 I started a business parting out dirt bikes So I take pull bikes sell them all in parts these kind of echo in here. Let me move a little bit part about bikes sold all the parts on eBay and that’s pretty much what funded most of this and Then now my main source of income is what you guys see here on YouTube And so I’ve pretty much shut down the partying out business and put all my focus here on content creation and building bikes Helping you guys out. And so yeah, I just pretty much been busting my butt since the day I was 12 or 13 and Honestly, this is like my dream a dream place. That’s why I have it like I’ve thought about Owning a place like this for a long time when I was a kid. I was like honing it. I want a shop house I want a shower, you know a Place to work a small place to live so nothing to extract Extravagant can’t say that word. Anyways, that’s the tour I appreciate you guys joining me for it and I will catch up with you all soon. Later


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