My Upwork Success Story

In today’s video I will be sharing my Upwork
story, and I hope to inspire you, so you too can become an e-lancing, freelancing superstar! Hi, my name is Sophie and I’m a virtual assistant. I work from home and home is beautiful Normandy
France. I’m originally from Belgium, I’ve lived and
worked there all my life. And me and my husband, we found this beautiful
home in the country in Normandy. We moved and we’ve been here for a year and
a half now. But I struggled to find a job. I looked for several months without any results,
even though I have a lot of experience. I’ve worked for 10 years with a Belgian bank. I also worked as a HR consultant for several
years. And I thought it would be a piece of cake
to find a job I loved when I moved here, but that wasn’t the case. So I started thinking what I could do cause
I didn’t wanna sit around all day doing nothing. I really wanted to work and I have to work,
I’m still young. I decided to take a look at Upwork. And so I went ahead and created my profile. In my career I’ve always worked in jobs where
I could combine my administrative and commercial skills, so I created my profile with Upwork
as a multilingual virtual assistant. Boy am I glad I did, cause I don’t know what
I would be doing if I wouldn’t have done that! So I created my Upwork profile almost a year
ago, now we’re talking juli 2017. I’m proud to say that today I am one of the
top rated freelancers on Upwork. I have a 98% job success score at the time. Hoping to reach 100% one day, don’t even know
if that’s possible but hey that’s my goal. And yeah. A first when I created my profile on Upwork
I didn’t get any jobs. Didn’t do anything with it, thought that people
would be finding me, would be looking at my profile, contacting me all the time. Hey Sophie, I have a job for you. That wasn’t the case. Yeah, I decided to look at what other people
were doing. I watched some videos, applied some best practices
and that’s when things changed for me. I was on there all the time, I checked the
job feed every hour. One of the best tips I can give you is to
be on there all the time, to check for new jobs. You have to act immediately, send out your
proposal as soon as you find a job that interests you. If you find anything, don’t hit the save button,
because when you do, you’ll be the 15th person to apply to that job and to send out your
proposal. Decided to apply a lower rate when I first
started. That would give me the opportunity to get
my first jobs and also my first ratings, which are very important on Upwork. Because it shows that you’re trustworthy and
that other clients were satisfied with the service you provided. And tat’s how I got my first few jobs. I received a lot of good reviews and I would
also, every time I finished a job, I would ask the client to leave a review when he was
satisfied with my work. Most of them are glad to do that, they will
give you a score from one to five, also give you a comment so that other clients can see
that you’re trustworthy. So yeah, that really helps to build up your
profile. And now I’m glad to say that I make a decent
living from Upwork. I’m really glad that I took that first step
and I hope to inspire you to do the same. Please check out my future videos, I’ll be
sharing all my tips to help you grow on Upwork, create your profile and get your first jobs
and earn good money too. So please subscribe, let me know in the comments
if you have some questions that you’d like me to answer and yeah. Like the video if you did and I hope to see
you soon. Bye!


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