NARUTO Paw Patrol | Numbers in KOREAN ARABIC FILIPINO with PAW PATROL Toys Jake Neverland Pirates

I will teach Arabic and I will teach
Korean I’m here to teach Filipino and Tick Tock Croc is about to chase me ha ha ha ha TOYS TIME DELIGHT finally I escaped from Tick Tock Croc he
bwahahaha ha ha
let’s dive in Zuma here I am here to teach another language
I heard you learn how to count 1 to 10 in Japanese and Spanish today we are
going to count in Arabic hi Naruto I was just telling the kids at home that I’m
going to teach them how to count once again in Arabic that’s really cool Zuma
I would like to learn that too Ready Set get wet
let’s begin waheed ithnean Thalata Arbaa Khamsa Sitta Sabaa Thamania Tisaa Ashra next is I want you to follow after me Wahid Wahid ethnean ethnean Thalata Thalata Arbaa Arbaa
Khamsa Khamsa Sitta Sitta Sabaa Sabaa Tamaniya Tamaniya Tisaa Tisaa Ashra Ashra you did great! Next is, I want you to count my
jumps in Arabic okay Wahid Ethnean Thalata Arbaa Khamsa Sitta Sabaa Tamaniya Tisaa Ashra that was amazing kids now you can show
your mom and dad that you know how to count 1 to 10 in Arabic congratulations
sweet since we’re all learning another language might as well add another one
what I want to teach you next is how to count in Korean do you know how to count
in Korean if you do join us but if you don’t you will know how to count at the
end of this lesson I think you got this Hana
dul set net daseot yeoseot ilgop yeodeol ahop yeol Great! Next is repeat after me Hana hana Dul duL Set set Net net
Daseot daseot Yeoseot yeoseot Ilgop ilgop yeodeol yeodeol
Ahop ahop Yeol yeol next is i need you to count my jumps in Korean okay
Hana Dul Set Net Daseot Yeoseot Ilgop Yeodeol AhopYeol great job kids you should be proud of yourselves
I’m so proud of you looks like rubble wants to tell me something
Hi Naruto I’m right here I also want to share something with the
kids I would like to teach them how to count 1 to 10 in Filipino are you all
ready yes I am isa dalawa tatlo apat lima anim pito walo siyam sampu you are awesome you’ve got super smart
kids in the house on the next part you follow after me isa (isa) dalawa (dalawa) tatlo (tatlo) apat (apat) lima (lima) anim (anim) pito (pito) walo (walo) siyam (siyam) sampu (sampu) sample next is I want you to count my
jumps in Filipino are you ready let’s begin
isa dalawa tatlo apat lima anim pito walo siyam sampu Wow kids
you guys just amaze me Wow we sure did learn a lot today
your parents will be so proud of you now it’s time for us to play we know the
game hide-and-seek come and join us I will be it I have a Filipino version
with a counting in it would you like to try it let’s begin Tagu-taguan maliwanag ang buwan Wala sa likod, wala sa harapan isa dalawa tatlo apat lima anim pito walo siyam sampu nanjan na ako! Uh-oh! Naruto is it! Can you help me find a hiding spot hurry Hurry! Let’s all get going! Mighty Rubble is ready for trouble! My name is Romeo, you can’t catch me! It’ time to do the waves! Owlet super Owl wings. Catboy Super Cat Speed. Gekko super Lizard Grip PJ Masks we’re on our way, into the night to save the day!
These mighty paws uphold the laws I’m ready for a ruff-ruff rescue
so one pup road crew is gonna make them take a wrong turn
Yey hey! No Way! I’m Izzy! Oh coconuts! I’m Cubby Yoho let’s go! Skye
the fly is ready to fly! SMEEEE! Yes Cap’n Squawk! Squawk! Captain Hook,
not too close to the water now Haha! I’ve got the best hiding spot Hey kids! Do you think Naruto will find me here? Squawk! I need to hide I need to hide!
(Ready or Not, here is come!) I see you Rubble! I gotcha
I see you Zuma! I got you too! PJ masks are right there Owlet Cat-boy and
Gekko and you to Romeo I gotcha I see you Chase and I see it too Marshall
kids do you see a Rocky somewhere oh this Izzy and Jake and I see Skye but
where is Cubby I thought I saw him here earlier can you find him for me can you
see him he sure is hiding really good I see you Mr. Smee Captain Hook keep your
hook down I see you Captain Hook not again me save me Smee
ah wow Cap’n Hook sure can squeal he’ll be back where there’s treasure there’s
captain hook if you learn something today press like share and subscribe thank you
for watching see you later bye


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