New 10 Rampage The Movie Toys Compare to King Kong Skull Island Unboxing

guys I am super excited today thanks to
one of my awesome viewers who told me about they have RAM pitched the movie
toys that just came to Walmart so I took off this morning I went to Walmart and I
bought all 10 sets they had all of them in stock and they are awesome guys all
the sets remind me of the King Kong sets so they are very similar in packaging
how they look in everything so I am New 10 Rampage The Movie Toys Compare to King Kong Skull Island Unboxing I’m not gonna actually unbox anything
today but I will be unboxing the starting tomorrow so keep watching guys
ok guys just let me say I have not been this excited about a set of toys on what
the last time I was when the new King Kong toys came out and it’s been a while
guys so these toys are totally awesome they remind me so much in the King Kong
toys but they’re bigger and they’re cooler I actually used to play this game
when it first came out I believe it was on the original Nintendo and I love that
game so I hope they bring out some cool games for the movie so this is from
rampage the movie this is big city brawl genetic containment division and
jaw-dropping action this is a big like alligator like wild pork wild pig type
so it’s got JA chomping action spike attack action and it’s ready to destroy
and here is some info on the main character in the movie awesome so this
one is subjective Lizzie so this has to be is and then we have subject
big city brawl this guy’s got JA chomping action cool off action figure
it’s some type of a huge wolf creature so here we go this says JA chomping
action chomp the boss poseable lags ready do destroy and then here is some
info on the characters actually here’s a quick synopsis of the movie I’m gonna
read through this it’s on every package it says primatologist davis Okoye a man
who keeps people at a distance shares an unshakable bond with george
extraordinary intelligent silverback gorilla who’s been in his care since
birth but a rogue genetic experiment gone awry mutates the gentle ape into a
raging creature of enormous size to make matters worse as to discover there are
other similar altered animals as these new created alpha predators tear across
North America destroying everything in their path Okoye teams of the
discredited genetic engineer to secure an antidote fighting his way through an
ever-changing battlefield not only to halt a global catastrophe but to save
the fearsome creature and that was once mr. Brent okay so again big city brawl this one is
actually George with an action figure and a little helicopter says arms
smashing action so let’s go ahead and check it out here it says he’s got JA
chomping action arm smashing action he’s ready to destroy and the same info that
I just read you on the last box okay so guys are we seeing twins here so ah
Leonard is the same company that made the King Kong toys that’s what it looks
so similar this here on the right is the huge 18-inch King Kong boy and here is
mega George almost the same size a lot of similarities so that’s why I really
like these toys because they’re made by the same company so you got one of the
characters from the movie it almost looks like the rock I don’t I did not
see who the characters are so if that is the rock let me know I mean that would
be you know that’d be kind of cool okay so rampage the movie mega George we
have chump and claw action smash and chomp the bus ready to destroy
okay then here is our next one these the next three are smaller set but they
still look really cool this one is canister contact genetic
containment division ready to destroy this one subject Wow
so uh it’s gonna be the same three creatures they’re gonna re do but it’s
got a cool like missile system it’s got Ralph it’s got a soldier looks like a
bunch of barricades and stuff it says jaw chomping action ready to
destroy so this here is the same info that we read earlier so this are I
believe this is gonna be coming out soon it says it’s made by new lines okay and
then here is the next one subject Lizzy what I do review these I’m gonna show
you the similarities this boat here is pretty much the identical one that came
in one of the King Kong sets except they changed the color some I mean it looks
like the molds with the same and everything so this one has a cool Lizzy
character a bunch of weapons back there action figure boat that is loaded with
guns everywhere says jaw chomping action ready to destroy
okay then this next one is another canister contact this one’s subject
Jorge you note that is the rock I’m telling you I didn’t see the previews or
who the main character is but that is definitely the rock because it looks
exactly like with the lightness of it just like with the King Kong one they
did a really good job with the samuel l.jackson samuel l.jackson action figure
this says also here san diego wildlife sanctuary so that must be where george
is originally from so ah his point is you know to get his friend george back
to save him and bring him back to regular size okay then i guess three
super cool stretch characters so you got all three of them that you can stretch
out this is super stretch Lizzie and they make sound listen to this guy the
funny thing is when I was rolling these guys through Walmart every time the carp
shook or something all three of these guys we’re making like action noises
like that and it it was hilarious I mean it sounded like I was destroying
buildings in my shopping cart so Super Stretch body 10 unique sounds
cool it says connect collect them all so this one is Lizzie and then the next
one is super-stretch so this one’s the wolf character so let’s listen to some
of this says shake me it looks awesome and again a Super
Stretch body and then Super Stretch George so I got all three of those so
I’ve got the three bigger sets I got the three medium size sets and I got the
three stretch figures in the huge Gorge far as I could tell that’s all the toys
so I will be reviewing those the rest of this week and into thanks wow guys that
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