New Amazon Affiliate Program Review

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Even If You’ve Never Made A Penny Selling Digital Products!..
“Put Your Sorry Excuse For Digital Sales Aside And Start Bringing In The REAL Cash Like The
Heavy Hitters!” New 16-Part Video Series Reveals Exactly Step-By-Step
How To Set Yourself Up As An Amazon Affiliate And Start Selling Physical Products!
“Here’s What’ You’ll Get Access To Here Today!” Video #1 – An Introduction To The Amazon Affiliate
Program! You’ll learn the compensation schemes of various
top ranked websites as well as how to properly decide upon a product to promote.
Video #2 – Get The Right Keywords! By the end of the video you’ll understand
how to research specific keywords and phrases for any product, which will then be used to
boost your rankings on the top search engines. Video #3 – Signing For As An Affiliate!
Video three will take you step by step through the process of signing up for Amazon and other
companies affiliate marketing programs. Video #4 – Registering A Domain!
Video four will walk you through the process of registering a domain name!
Video #5 – Setting Up Web Hosting! shows you how to get through this process
without the headache as well as provides some great tips that will help choose a reliable
host and avoid purchasing unnecessary products. Video #6 – Pointing Your Domain Name To Your
Webhost! This can be a difficult step if you lack guidance,
but fortunately the video walks you through it in just a few easy steps that make it an
accomplishable task for anyone. After you’ve tied your domain to your host you’re ready
to develop your site. Video #7 – How To Install WordPress!
This video lays out this complex process in an easy to understand format that will help
you avoid long phone calls with your hosting companies technical support team. Once you
have this information setting up wordpress in the future will be a breeze.
Video #8 – WordPress Plugins For SEO Benefits! Will explain several different plugins that
will help make your site more search engine friendly and better your chances of coming
up on the first page of the top search engines. Video #9 – Optimizing Your WordPress Blog!
Will teach you how to change your wordpress theme and creating a professional looking
site with ease. Video #10 – Grab Your Links!
Here you’ll also learn which links are best suited for an affiliate page to keep it looking
professional and ensure anyone who visits your page feels compelled to follow the link
and purchase the product. Video #11 – Creating Your Money Post!
What this means is that you’ll be writing your first blog post promoting your chosen
product. If done correctly the post will compel people to follow the link to your affiliate
site and in turn generate a sale, which will put money in your pocket.
Video #12 – Tagging And Bookmarking For TRAFFIC! You’ll learn about a concept called social
bookmarking, which basically is a way of interacting and telling other sites that you’re here and
you’re offering a product. Video #13 – Writing A Press Release For TRAFFIC!
Another great promotional strategy that is a must in today’s competitive market is the
use of press releases. Video #14 – More TRAFFIC With Web 2.0 Properties!
You’ll learn another promotional strategy which utilizes a concept called web 2.0 properties.
Video #15 – Creating Videos For More TRAFFIC! You’ll learn how to utilize software on your
computer to create and edit a promotional video and then learn how to upload the video
to various social media sites for the world to see.
Video #16 – Extra Promotional Avenues! Will provide you with a few more tidbits before
you head down the affiliate marketing path including some more promotional avenues, as
well as some more suggestions of affiliate programs that have huge payouts.

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